Realistic Dinosaur Costume Video (visible legs)

Meet our popular realistic dinosaur costume

The dinosaur costume can walk and run. Even more, their tail swings, head moves, mouth opens and closes and roars.

Yep, you can see the human legs. But trust me. When you are close to a very realistic dinosaur, you are shocked and won’t be looking at his legs.

Realistic T-Rex Costume BA-01

Realistic Dinosaur T-Rex Costume BA-02

Real Dinosaur T-Rex Costume DC-01

Realistic Dinosaur Velociraptor Suit DC-02

Adult Dinosaur Velociraptor Suit DC-03

Lifelike Dinosaur Dilophosaurus Suit DC-04

Velociraptor Costume DC-05

Velociraptor Costume DC-06

Realistic Dinosaur Raptor Costume DC-07

Velociraptor suit DC-08

Spinosaurus suit custom color DC-09

Realistic Dinosaur T-Rex Costume DC-10