5 Reasons to Do Dinosaur Costume Rental Business with Only Dinosaurs

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For all sorts of convenience, people tend to make dinosaur costume rental for their events or parties. If you want to engage in dinosaur rental services, but lack a qualified dinosaur costume supplier, we can solve this problem for you. 

Only Dinosaurs, a leading realistic dinosaur costume manufacturer in China, has cooperated with a lot of companies who offer the service to hire a dinosaur costume.

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  • Where will dinosaur costume rental appear?

Dinosaur costume rental is a must at a dinosaur-themed birthday party. Where else can you bring the thrill of prehistoric dinosaurs to life? Parks, playgrounds, museums, educational institutions, shopping malls, and many other business places will need dinosaur costume rental. Those raptors will be helpful because they are able to reach the greatest point of activity. Young and old alike will be attracted by realistic dinosaur costumes, so hiring a dinosaur costume becomes necessary.

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  • What did Only Dinosaurs bring to the dinosaur costume rental business?

  1. Supplying durable dinosaur costumes
  2. Allowing you to unravel the mysteries of Jurassic World
  3. Ensuring you highly restored customization
  4. Immersing you in the world of dinosaurs
  5. Designing a top influencer to promote your business

The following  5 reasons are why our clients with dinosaur suit rental services choose Only Dinosaurs.

1. Supplying durable dinosaur costumes

Most clients who are engaged in the dinosaur costume rental business might care about the lifespan of our dinosaur costumes. We would like to tell you that If maintained properly, our realistic dinosaur costumes work for at least 5 years.

For this question, we believe one of our clients, Jurassic Extreme, who has forged a strong bond with Only Dinosaurs will give you a better answer.

Our partnerStarting time of our cooperationHow many dinosaurs we've delivered
Jurassic Extreme (Houston, USA)201420

Jurassic Extreme is a large-scale dinosaur costume rental company. They rent dinsoaur costumes made by Only Dinosaurs to local clients for a variety of large-scale events.

Jurassic Extreme requires different sorts of dinosaur costumes for different occasions each week, and the dinosaur performers have to wear the costumes frequently. Therefore, the degree of wear and durability of dinosaur costumes has become a source of concern for them.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

We are experts in this area, providing you with durable dinosaur costumes for repeat dinosaur rental. This realistic triceratops costume in the picture is one of the dinosaur costumes we made for Jurassic Extreme. Look how amazing it is!

For our durable dinosaur costumes, we have established a close relationship. See the pictures below, and you will know how close we are.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

We have been able to successfully conduct a number of projects together for people to rent a dinosaur, and have become good partners and friends. We look forward to working together in the future as well.

Only Dinosaurs would be your finest pick if you are like Jurassic Extreme who wants sturdy dinosaur costumes for your dinosaur suit rental services.

2. Allowing you to unravel the mysteries of Jurassic World

Do you want your dinosaur hirer to feel like they are in Jurassic Park? You must know how to build a Jurassic world.

Hiring a dinosaur costume is key to creating a Jurassic world, and Prehistoric Events knows this point deeply. In this case, they ordered a realistic animatronic T-Rex head for building decoration from Only Dinosaurs.

Our partnerStarting time of our cooperationHow many dinosaurs we've delivered
Prehistoric Events (Virginia, USA)20172

Only Dinosaurs made a customized product with colorful embellishments for Prehistoric Events. We paid special attention to its eyes and fangs to give it a lifelike appearance, much like a live dinosaur putting its head out the window. 

These big, ancient animals may easily produce exciting dinosaur encounters, transporting visitors to Jurassic World and allowing them to engage closely with these mimicked dinosaurs.

Source by: Prehistoric Events

Only Dinosaurs’ Animatronic T-Rex Head for building decoration can be hung in coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc. In these settings, the Animatronic T-Rex Head may heighten the sense of adventure. You may even make your own Jurassic Garden with them.

Do you also want your dinosaur suit rental to appear in these places? Come to Only Dinosaurs to find the most suitable dinosaur decoration for your business.

3. Ensuring you highly restored customization

Our partnerStarting time of our cooperationHow many dinosaurs we've delivered
Dinosaur Party (Orange County, USA)201710+

Dinosaur costume rental from Dinosaur Party is frequently seen in heavily populated areas, capturing the attention of every passerby and allowing everyone to take selfies. They wanted the custom dinosaur costumes to look as close to the Jurassic Velociraptor as possible, and we’re glad we finally got to meet their expectations.

The most convincing proof is the following positive response from Dinosaur Party.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

The unique design of the realistic velociraptor costume required is quite similar to the appearance of the raptor in Jurassic Park, and it allows performers to actually move around like the real velociraptor. So, as it moves among the people, it is certain to create something spectacular.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

Not only can performers wear this amazing dinosaur costume with ease, but they can also enjoy hours of chasing and pretending to eat tourists, leaving a deep and novel experience for everyone.

This raptor costume is able to handle any situation, whether it’s a museum, a themed party, or a business occasion. Isn’t it exciting to catch a customer’s attention with this lifelike costume? It can also move, run, shake its head quickly, and yell brutally at the spectators.

Almost every dinosaur costume of Only Dinosaurs is tailored for customers, so we have rich experience in making them. If you want to customize your own unique, realistic dinosaur costume, please feel free to contact Only Dinosaurs.

4. Immerseing you in the world of dinosaurs

Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex hopes to provide the audience with an immersive interactive experience, so lifelike dinosaur costumes might give further inspiration for them to employ in tale development and real-world settings.

Our partnerStarting time of our cooperationHow many dinosaurs we've delivered
Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex (Evansville Indiana, USA)20196

Because Only Dinosaurs’ triceratops dinosaur costume for show is so enormous, it requires two people to control it inside. In this case, this triceratops dinosaur costume can more accurately mimic the scale of true dinosaurs in Jurassic World. The audience may be able to stand with these gigantic triceratops, which may frighten the children in the crowd to tears.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

Most importantly, do you hope your dinosaurs greatly increase the interactive experience of the audience? This two-person triceratops dinosaur costume enables two performers to control the triceratops’ actions, such as walking, sprinting, raising and lowering their heads, and even opening their mouths to yell. So putting it for a street performance will result in a very exciting experience.

Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex has extremely high standards for dinosaur design, and we are delighted to be able to meet them.  Only Dinosaurs not only provide with them realistic dinosaur costumes but also dinosaur puppets. Take a look at what they’ve said about our products.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

You may also contact us if you’re interested in knowing more about this dinosaur for your dinosaur costume rental business.

5. Designing a top influencer to promote your business

Our partnerStarting time of our cooperationHow many dinosaurs we've delivered
Floridadinosaur (Florida, USA)20151

Floridadinosaur gave our dinosaur a new name, Priscilla. For an extremely interesting coffee mate advertisement, Priscilla becomes a hot influencer to obtain a significant amount of online traffic.

In the advertisement, Priscilla enters a café and just wants a cup of coffee with a coffee mate, and everyone in the café freaks out. We are wondering if Priscilla receives advertising money as an internet star.

In the picture below, you can find a cute T-Rex who is obsessed with coffee.

Source by: Floridadinosaur

In fact, dinosaurs in advertising are more likely to make people remember and desire to buy. Dinosaur is also a hot commodity in the cinema and television industries, appearing in a wide range of prehistoric, adventure, and technological films.

If you are a prop rental company for realistic dinosaur costumes, and you want to dominate this market, place your order for your dinosaur star as soon as possible. Most importantly, if someone wants to hire a dinosaur costume for a film or advertising prop, this fantastic dinosaur will help you stand out.

If you want to know more about lifelike dinosaur costumes, you are welcome to contact us at any time.


Only Dinosaurs has its own huge manufacturing plant and a large number of process design professionals, ensuring that you receive the best pricing and the best design. Only Dinosaurs can provide a broad range of dinosaurs, and customer customization is always welcome.

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