Dinosaur Costume Pranks – Funny Ideas for Public Places


Pulling off a prank takes a lot of preparation and planning! The challenges increase multi-fold when you decide to play the prank in public. Pulling off a prank in public also requires a lot of nerve. Whether you are planning a prank for Halloween or April Fool’s day, you simply cannot start at random. You need to properly analyze your prank idea, check whether it is feasible or not, does it seem fun, and then check what you need to do for the prank. To create the maximum effect of pranks, you should target high footfall areas like malls, subways and train stations, and more.

Would people expect to see a dinosaur in the parking lot? Of course not! Thus, a realistic dinosaur costume makes an awesome prank idea. The main motive is to create a few light moments for people who become targets of the prank. It is also very important to have unique and out-of-the-box prank ideas. To develop a prank idea, you need to have a good sense of humor, witty thinking, and creative ideas. The main objective is to do something that people won’t expect at all; the objective is to create a feeling of surprise or shock with things like dinosaur suits.

  • Hidden statue ­– It is common to find statues at most public places like parks, street corners, and more. Usually, these statues do not gather a lot of attention. Try hiding the statue with a long cloth or paper. It will surely catch the interest of people, and everyone passing around will want to know why the statue is covered.
  • Statue coming to life – Ever expect a statue to start walking or moving their neck and hands out of the blue? Well, nobody expects a statue to move, and it will surely scare people badly. This is one of the best pranks you can pull off in public places like a park. But, to execute this prank, you need to have a person willing to pose as a statue and cover himself with paint.
  • Dinosaur Costume Pranks – Though extinct, the curiosity surrounding dinosaurs never wears away. Imagine the way people will react if they come across a dinosaur in their parking lot. It will surely bring shrieks and screams. There are several different ways in which dinosaurs can be used for pranks.

You can make the dinosaur costume person hide in a corner in a parking lot. Whenever a person comes into the parking, the dinosaur can slide in silently from the other side and stand in front of the person. He will surely receive the shock of his life.

Imagine being chased down the path by a dinosaur! Well, it will surely be a scene right from a Jurassic Park movie. When you search for dinosaur pranks online, you will find a video of a man running through the forest in the morning. He is suddenly chased by a dinosaur, and he falls. After getting up, he jumps into a river to escape. A prank with a simple puppeteer in a realistic dinosaur costume was enough to create this panic among the people.

You can easily find dinosaur costumes for pranks for dinosaur species like T-RexDilophosaurusVelociraptor, and more. You can also add a touch of life to the prank with animatronic dinosaur costumes. Lifelike and lifesize, animatronic dinosaurs can move their heads, make sounds like roars, and more.

Realistic Velociraptor Costume Prank 400x300 1
Dont Scare 400x300 1
  • Hold stranger’s hands – Just imagine you are walking down the train station, and suddenly someone holds your hand. It will be shocking, right? Well, this is one of the pranks that do not require any setup or props. The expression of the person whose hand is held is invaluable. They will realize the humor of the situation once they come out of the shocking state.
  • Pretend to be superman – A person pretending to be superman on a busy street can surely attract a lot of attention. In this prank, a person needs to dress like a superman and run across streets like he is flying. They can also pretend they are saving people from some disaster like fire or accident.
Velociraptor Costume Scared a Boy 400x300 1
Boy Crying when he meet our dinosaur 400x300 1

Out of all the pranks mentioned above, pranks involving dinosaurs invoke the best feelings of humor, shock, fear, and surprise.  Dinosaur costume pranks can be easily managed and executed. Shop for dinosaur costumes online with Only Dinosaurs. They offer a wide variety and types of dinosaur costumes. Different types of realistic costumes are available these days – visible leg realistic costumeshidden legs realistic costumesriding dinosaur costumes, dinosaur puppets, and dinosaur hoodies for kids and pets. All of these are different in mechanism and activities but the basic features are almost the same. They specialize in the making of dinosaur costumes and provide them for hire globally.

You can choose a dinosaur costume online and place your order. The costume will be delivered by air or ship, depending on your choice. Several matters are involved while deciding the cost of a realistic dinosaur costume for adults. So, it’s not possible to declare a specific cost for a specific dinosaur suit. The cost of a dinosaur costume will depend on the customization and shipping method. Only Dinosaurs have been supplying dinosaur Costumes for Pranks since 2013. They have shipped over hundreds of dinosaur costumes globally since inception. They provide dinosaur costumes for any event & occasions like Birthday Parties, Comic Cons, Schools, Sports, etc.

The true fun of any prank is when it is done on an unsuspecting public. It is important to consider the prank carefully, and its potential reactions from the public. The prank should be humorous and fun. It should not make people bitter; feel insulted or taken in the wrong way. So, carefully plan your prank to ensure it is taken in the right spirit. Sometimes, the way a prank is executed also influences how people react to it. Even a good prank can become challenging if it is not executed properly. Pull off these pranks and see which prank strikes the best reactions!

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