Dinosaur costume: ultimate guide of types, price and how to DIY

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Dinosaur costumes come in a variety of materials, textures, colors, and forms to suit different preferences, usages, or purposes. Are you still undecided about which one is suitable for you or your company?

This article will provide you with a thorough grasp of the characteristics and costs of different dinosaur costumes. Furthermore, this post is also ideal for dinosaur handicraft enthusiasts who want to acquire some DIY skills. Let’s learn more about dinosaur costumes and how to make them!

Take a look at what you’re going to read:

  1. Different types of dinosaur costumes
  2. How much does a dinosaur costume cost?
  3. How to make a dinosaur costume?

1. Different types of dinosaur costumes

● Normal Dinosaur Costume: suitable for all ages

Wearing the normal dinosaur costume is as comfortable as wearing your normal clothes, so you can wear it for any activity.

If your family is all dinosaur fans, this type is perfect for your family. For example, you could play as a dinosaur family and watch the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion at the cinema. There is also a dinosaur costume for dogs or pets, so they can also play as a member of a dinosaur family.

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Most importantly, it may also be used in the suits of baby photography. You can record a newborn dinosaur’s growth this way! The cotton fabric used in it is very friendly to children’s skin. Therefore, both adults and children can sleep in this comfortable dinosaur costume.

However, this type is more like pajama and doesn’t look realistic. Therefore, You can never get the experience of acting like a real dinosaur.

● Inflatable Dinosaur Costume: become a funny dinosaur to make laugh

Inflatable dinosaur costume will be the most eye-catching attire on your channel if you want to be a YouTuber. Imagine how funny it would be for an inflatable dinosaur to walk the dog, go grocery shopping, and attend art exhibits. A blow-up dinosaur costume will be the key to gaining a large number of followers.

Of course, it is also very suitable for individuals because it is very interesting in itself. You can wear it to parties, carnivals, and Halloween events, where you will stand out and leave a great impression on others.

Source by: Chicago T-Rex

If you’re on a budget or just want to pretend to be an adorable dinosaur for a short time, an inflatable dinosaur costume is a cost-effective option for dressing up as a dinosaur. 

Unfortunately, owing to their low cost, the lifespan of this kind is likewise limited. You’ll have to make multiple purchases. In order to make it easier for you to observe the outside world from inside the inflatable dinosaur, the underside of the dinosaur’s head is transparent. Your face will be exposed. In addition, this type is mainly made of plastic, so it is also not eco-friendly

● Realistic Dinosaur Costume: the best dinosaur costume

Compared to the above two, prices for realistic dinosaur costumes might not be so competitive. However, if you are looking for a more lifelike and versatile one, this realistic dinosaur costume’s ultimate guide will be useful!

When the performers wear life-size dinosaur costumes, it really looks like dinosaurs were roaming around. this type is a full-body suit that has been designed to look like the ancient reptiles of Jurassic World. The performer can roar the same roar as the dinosaurs, wiggle your neck and even eat meat just like a real dinosaur.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Life-size dinosaur costumes are perfect for live performances because their huge size will make any occasion teeming with people. On this foundation, there are many different sorts of them to choose from. Only Dinosaurs offers four distinct types, including visible legs, hidden legs, two-person, and stilts dinosaur costumes.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

On top of that,  this walking dinosaur costume features high-density foam and fabric skin. On the one hand, our team has successfully reduced the weight of the giant dinosaur costume by 15 kg. Therefore, it will minimize the burden on performers and allow the thrill of dinosaurs to last longer. On the other hand, the high-density foam will bring out the most realistic skin texture, which gives the audience a big shock.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Someone of you might be wondering how can the performers in dinosaur costumes can see the world outside. Our camera and HD monitor will be the best eyes for performers to see the world outside, ensuring they can interact with the audience. Only Dinosaurs also added high-definition night vision so that dinosaur shows can also be performed at night.

If buying a whole animatronic giant walking dinosaur is not so affordable, renting a dinosaur is also a great way to go. Only Dinosaurs is experienced and professional because we have cooperated with a lot of clients in the dinosaur costume rental business.

● Ride-on Dinosaur Costume: be a professional Dino-Wrangler

Isn’t it fantastic to become a Dino-wrangler? Put on the ride-on dinosaur costume and get ready to conquer a terrifying dinosaur right away.

Dinosaurs will become your most loyal mounts in this giant dinosaur costume, and you will be quite imposing among huge crowds. This animatronic giant walking dinosaur is perfect for you to take part in cosplay parties, Halloween, and any dinosaur-themed event.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

This hungry beast’s massive legs are essentially stilts that you walk on. The upper half of your body is exposed, with false legs straddling over the sides, as if you were riding on top. With a ride-on dinosaur costume, you can be a real Dino-wrangler. The dinosaur will obey your commands. For instance, you can control its movement like walking, eyes blinking, and mouth opening.

● Dinosaur Mascot Costume: a dinosaur friend for kids

The adorable dinosaur mascot costume will be a popular target for children. It has a sweet and soft look, which is very friendly to children. It will get along with the children and become their best buddy in less than 10 minutes.

Source by: Google Image

The adorable dinosaur mascot costume is presented along with a top-quality, cleanable fur fabric body system in a cushioned design. The gloves with short fingers and the large dinosaur feet with toes both have rubber soles. The interior shaper that offers him his wonderful design is detachable. These items facilitate the adorable appearance of the superior dinosaur mascot costume.

2. How much does a dinosaur costume cost?

Normal dinosaur costume$20~70Comfortable for all ages, Affordable priceNot realistic
Inflatable dinosaur costume$30~100Versatile , Affordable priceShort life-span, Not realistic, Not eco-friendly
Realistic dinosaur costume$3000~6000Suit for different occasions, More realistic, Long life-spanGenerally more expensive
Ride-on dinosaur costume$2000~5000Dino-wrangler experience, More realistic, Long life-spanGenerally more expensive
Dinosaur mascot costume$2000~5000Child-friendlyNot realistic, Not cost-effective

3. How to make a dinosaur costume?

Isn’t it wonderful to see all of the dinosaur costumes shown above? I’m guessing you’re also interested in learning how to make a dinosaur costume? Several basic DIY approaches will be shown in the following sections. 

● DIY dinosaur costume with paper

It is great for teaching children, which will greatly improve their hands-on ability. Come on, let’s try it together!

The following items are needed :

  • Scissors
  • Cardstock in color (color depends on the color of the dinosaur you want to make)
  • A stick of glue

Source by: ArtsyCraftsyMom

Step 1:

Cut a triangle out of colored cardstock.

Step 2:

Fold the triangle in half along the center line and fix the bottom using a glue stick.

Step 3:

Change the cardstock to a different color and cut out several triangles for the dinosaur’s back and circles for the dinosaur’s skin adornment.

The above is the simplest one, which is ideal for you to do with your kids.

● DIY dinosaur costume with cardboard

For children who have been able to walk, a paper dinosaur costume can no longer be satisfactory. Therefore, a DIY dinosaur costume made of cardboard will become their favorite.

The following items are needed:

  • Corrugated box
  • Hand knife
  • Color pigment
  • Brush
  • Hot-melt adhesive

Source by:  Mini Mad Things

Step 1:

Turn your corrugated paper inside out, as the inside is easier to color.

Step 2:

Make a dinosaur head. Cut out two symmetrical triangles from a cuboid-shaped corrugated box as the big mouth of the dinosaur. Then glue it with triangular fangs

Step 3:

Make a dinosaur body. Cut out two holes on the sides of a larger box so that your child’s arms can stick out.

Step 4:

Make the dinosaur head and body together with hot glue.

Step 5:

Add a tail and a triangle-shaped spine to your dinosaur

Step 6:

To make dinosaur eyes, you need to wrap the cardboard into a cylinder. Then stick two small discs on one end of the cylinder respectively. Finally,  glue the eyes to the top of the dinosaur’s head.

Step 7:

Paint it in the colors of your choice!

Little ones will be crazy about this one and be eager to roar and run with it.

● DIY dinosaur costume with T-shirt

Do you have any old T-shirts lying around the house? They’re also an excellent choice for DIY. Next, let’s take a look at how to make a dinosaur costume with a T-shirt!

The following items are needed:

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Hot-melt adhesive
  • baseball cap

Source by: Sew Woodsy

Step 1:

Make a dinosaur head. Cut out different shapes of cloth pieces from the t-shirt to make the pieces of dinosaur eyes, teeth, and back, and stick them on the baseball cap.

Step 2:

Make a dinosaur body. Choose a good-colored T-shirt, fold it in half, and glue several triangles to the back’s midline.

Step 3:

Make a dinosaur tail. Cut out a triangle with a tee and glue some triangles at the midline.

Step 4:

Make dinosaur feet. Cut the appropriate size of the dinosaur foot according to the shoe size the child wears, and remember to cut out a circle for easy wearing. Also, stick white triangles on the front as dinosaur claws.

You’ll have a lovely dinosaur if you finish this DIY for your kids to wear.

● DIY realistic dinosaur costume

Do you want to become a real handicraft artist? Then making a walking dinosaur costume must be the next challenge you have to overcome. Only Dinosaurs will let you know how to  DIY realistic dinosaur costume. Get hands-on with us!

The following items are needed

  • Board marker
  • Knife
  • Soldering iron
  • Scraper
  • Spray gun
  • Air compressor
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silicone
  • High-density foam
  • Silk stocking
  • Gasoline
  • Oil colors

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Step 1: Making the Frame

Electrical engineers weld the stainless steel frame of the dinosaur according to the dinosaur’s size and shape, so the dinosaur can flexibly turn its neck and blink its eyes. They will continue to install the electronic components required to perform the functions you requested.

Electronic components include speakers, soundbox, air fan, battery, camera, monitor, etc.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Step 2: Molding & Sculpting

The artist utilized our high-density foam to cover the dinosaur frame’s surface, then carved the dinosaur’s main outline with a sharp knife.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Step 3: Texture

Our team will use a soldering iron to draw the dinosaur texture, which is the key to making you a giant dinosaur costume.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Step 4: Skin Work

This procedure entails covering the surface of the dinosaur skin with silicone, scraping it off, and then applying a layer of stockings to replicate the intricate skin of the original dinosaur as much as possible.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Step 5: Painting

Mix oil paint, silicone, and oil together first. The combined paint is then loaded into the spray gun. Our skilled painters will utilize the spray as a magic brush to create the most lifelike dinosaur skin.

Because of a large number of materials and tools, the preceding five processes may appear difficult and abstract to you. Purchasing an animatronic giant walking dinosaur may be a more convenient option.

Not sure where to buy a realistic dinosaur costume? Only Dinosaurs will help you!

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