A Fun Dinosaur Bedtime Story For Every Dino-Lover (10 Stories!)

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Nothing makes a kid’s dreams sweeter than dinosaur stories. Imagine tucking them into bed with a collection of short bedtime stories, filled with funny adventures starring colorful dinosaurs. Their giggles will lull them right to sleep!

You and your little one will be giggling your way into slumberland with stories like that. You can even use dinosaur puppets and listen to read-aloud videos on YouTube to make storytelling more dynamic.

10 awesome bedtime stories are in this article for your kids’ reading pleasure.  Let’s check the dinosaur bedtime story out together.

#1 Dinosaur VS Bedtime by Bob Shea

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Dinosaur vs Bedtime is a short and action-filled dinosaur bedtime story about a dinosaur who always wins. Leaves, grown-ups, and slides are no match for this roarsome red dinosaur.

But when it comes to bedtime, this little dude is no match to a cozy pillow. Your little dinosaurs will like following the hero of this book.

#2 Dinosaur Sleepover by Pamela Duncan Edwards

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Have you ever read about dinosaurs going to a sleepover and feeling nervous about it? Thisdinosaur bedtime story will help young children get over the jitters in going on their first sleepover.

What’s special about this is the one reassuring the anxious dinosaur is a young boy. Let the kids role-play with you when reading this together. Little ones will love playing the grown-up in this one!

#3 Dinosnores by Sandra Boynton

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Any kid would love to have this cute picture book. It’s got big dinosaurs getting ready for bed in colorful pajamas as the stars come out. But guess what happens later? They start to make the loudest snores ever!

 You’ll like reading this “Dinosnores” to the kids as you make funny dinosaur snores. Pretty soon, your little ones will be dozing off too.

#4 Have You Seen My Dinosaur? by Jon Surgal

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - have you seen my dinosaur

Did you know this dinosaur story for kids was originally made by the famous Dr. Seuss? Written with a storyline inspired by the famous author, expect nothing less than the best fun and laughter with dinosaur bedtime story!

The search for the big green dinosaur is a fun experience here because of the story’s rhymes and brightly-colored pictures. Children will love helping the story’s little boy find his prehistoric friend.

#5 How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - how do dinosaurs go to sleep

Have you ever wondered what bedtime is like for dinosaurs? It’s not that different from what you experience with your own little dinosaurs.

 They’d probably be laughing and giggling as they relate to dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus, and Pterodactyls in this short tale. It’s also a short and sweet way to teach kids how to prepare themselves for bed.

#6 How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - how do dinosaurs say goodnight

Here’s another fun piece your kids will enjoy. “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?” is similar to the playful storytelling of “How Do Dinosaurs Go To Sleep?”.

 What your tots will like about this are the different ways each dinosaur says good night around the house. Expect funny antics from them as they relate to the dinosaurs in this dinosaur bedtime story!

 Additionally, the average rating on Amazon for this book is five stars. So you would be making a good choice in reading this one for bedtime.

#7 Captain Flinn And The Pirate Dinosaurs by Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - captain flinn and the pirate dinosaurs

Two things that capture a child’s imagination are adventurous pirates and fearsome dinosaurs. Bedtime can’t be more exciting as you save the day and help Captain Flinn search for a ship taken by pirate dinosaurs!

 The antagonist of this short piece is a Tyrannosaurus rex who battles it out with Captain Flinn for the stolen ship. Bring the dinosaur bedtime story alive with a realistic dinosaur hand puppet for action scenes like these!

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#8 Little Dinosaur (Ten Minutes To Bed)

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - little dinosaur

Run across the jungle with a little dinosaur named Rumble in this adorable tale. This isn’t like any typical adventure because it’s a countdown to bedtime with glowing volcanoes and tropical dinosaurs. Then it closes endearingly with a dino mom who reminds Rumble that he’s never alone.

 Tuck your kids in bed with this dinosaur bedtime story that may just remind your tot of himself/herself. Your little dinosaur will surely love the story’s heartwarming adventure.

#9 Night Night Dino-Snores by Nicola Edwards

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - night night dino snores

Falling asleep under twinkling stars, snuggling up in warm hugs, and a dinosaur husband and wife snoring beneath the sky. This charming dinosaur story for kids shows how these reptiles like ending their day and begin resting up for the whole night.

Toddlers will like the touch-and-feel features of the book’s pages as they turn each page. And as the T. rexes and Diplodocuses dinosaurs curl up for the night, they’ll drift off to dreamland too.

#10 Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur? by Bonnie Worth

Play Video about dinosaur bedtime story - oh say can you say dinosaur

This Dr.Seuss-inspired tale by author Bonnie Worth is an Amazon bestseller. And it’s no wonder people like it. The plot’s made up of everything you need to know about dinosaurs shared in a fun way.

 Children new to these prehistoric creatures will love learning about T. rexes, Triceratops, and Brachiosauruses with the Cat in the Hat.

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