Dilophosaurus Spitting Water Outfit

Do you remember Spitting Water Dilophosaurus in JURASSIC PARK? It spits on one fat-boy’s face and makes him blind. In dinosaur world, dilophosaurus spits venom to make enemies blind when in danger. According to its nature, we think about using one spitting device inside dinosaur suit.

Dilophosaurus Spitting Water Outfit Sculpture

Through the spitting water device, the suit-performer presses the button to make dinosaur spit water. Simple and Easy!

Spitting Water Dilophosaurus Outfit

It is a cool and creative Dinosaur Spitting Water Outfit, right? We not only make dilophosaurus outfit, but also any other dinosaur you can imagine. Which one do you want?

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It is a Colorful VelociRaptor Costume! The costume and above Dilophosaurus Costume are all purchased by our Ukrainian client. The client will have dinosaur-theme event in Ukraine, June 2016. We are looking forward the event.