Customs Costumes

Will you have any cartoon or movie figures that impress you so much deep in mind? Yeti? Chocobo? Lucario? Or other figures?

As a professional custom costume maker, we love and are proud to help your wishes into reality. Get in touch with us and send us your requirement, we will try our best to make your dream cosplay custom costumes.

All You Want to Know About Custom Costume

Innovative thinkers and market experts from Only Dinosaurs gathered to show you all about custom Halloween costumes. Missed it? We’ve got you covered.

What is the Custom Costume Made From

Our customized costumes are made from stainless steel, foam, fabric or artificial fur.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Costume Material Fabric


Animal Puppet Material Fur

Artificial Fur

Size & Weight

Only Dinosaurs has different types of custom costumes, such Lucario Halloween costume, Qilin costume, gorilla costume, etc…

Lucario Halloween Costume

Features: Realistic Appearance & For Cosplay Party

Full Size: 1.90 Meters (6.20 Feet) Tall

Crate Size: 1.20*0.50*0.75 Meters (3.90*1.60*2.50 Feet)

Costume Weight: 7KG

Gorilla Animal Costume

Features: Lifelike Appearance & Hidden Legs

Full Size: 1.90 Meters (6.20 Feet) Tall

Crate Size: 0.95*0.83*0.43 Meters (3.10*2.70*1.40 Feet)

Costume Weight: 4.5KG

Custom Qilin Costume

Features: For Two People & Spray Smoke Function

Full Size: 4.00*1.00*2.60 Meters (13.0*3.30*8.50 Feet)

Crate Size: 4.80*1.00*1.90 Meters (16.0*3.30*6.20 Feet)

Costume Weight: 50KG

Yeti Costume

Features: Lifelike Appearance & Hidden Legs

Full Size: 1.90 Meters (6.20 Feet) Tall

Crate Size: 1.20*0.50*0.75 Meters (3.90*1.60*2.50 Feet)

Costume Weight: 6KG

What's Inside of the Custom Costume


Camera, Monitor, Air Fan, Loud Speaker, Battery, Speaker Box

The devices of realistic dinosaur costume


8 sound files in TF card. 4 for eyes sound. 4 for mouth sound. Check video below:

8 Different Sounds System on Dinosaur Costume
Play Video about 8 Different Sounds System on Dinosaur Costume

Extra Accessories



Artificial Fur

Artificial Fur

Dinosaur Teeth


Dinosaur Costume Brake Cable

Brake Cable



Safety Belt

Safety Belt

Dinosaur Costume Zipper


Steering Engine

Steering Engine

Power Adapter

Power Adapter



Universal Glue

Universal Glue

Handle Bar

Handle Bar

What Does the Custom Costume Do Exactly

Custom Costume Head Move

Head Move

Custom Costume Eyes Blink

Eyes Blink

Custom Costume Mouth Open and Close

Mouth Open and Close

Custom Costume Run


Custom Costume Walk


Custom Costume Arm Move

Arm Move

Custom Costume Roar


Spray Smoke

Spray Smoke

What Custom Option Can We Choose

Only Dinosaurs provides the product custom service. If you need something unique, please tell us your design, and we make it happen.


We offer custom solutions that are tailored to your desired movie figure's appearance.


There are 8 sounds for your choice. Load your favorite dino sound into the SD card.


Pick the color from our catalog, or send us your preferred color image.


Our custom Halloween costume is suitable for performers between 165cm - 180cm. Besides, the size can be customized.

How to Purchase

Step 1

Choose your wished cosplay custom costumes on our website and then ask for a quote. We will send you the total cost and delivery time.

Step 2

If everything is fine, we will send you the contract. Pay 50% deposit, we start production. Each week, we will send the making process images.

Step 3

After the custom costume is complete, the finished images and videos will be provided for your approval.

Step 4

If you are happy with everything, pay the rest 50% payment. Then we shall book the shipment.

Our Service

Payment Methods

Both wire transfer and PayPal are acceptable. 50% upfront, 50% before delivery.

Lead Time

Normally, 3 weeks’ manufacturing and 4 weeks’ sea shipping.

Shipment Method

We have two main shipment methods: Air Shipment or Ocean Shipment.


24 months: during the warranty period, if any unartificial damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Shipment Processes

A ship in the sea with a plane in the sky

Step 1

After all products are completed and ready to ship. We need to know Consignee & Notify Party information. Then we can book the shipment to the destination port.

Step 2

After the vessel departs, all customs clearance documents will be sent, such as bills of lading, invoice, and packing list.

A person is checking the clearance documents
Customs fees

Step 3

Usually, one week ahead of arrival, the local shipping company will contact you. And you will need to provide the customs clearance documents and pay the customs fees.

Step 4

Finally, the cargo will be released. Then you can pick it up at the warehouse or hire a logistic company for the transportation to your door. If you are new about the customs issues, we would recommend you hire a customs broker to do this job.

Two men are carrying the freight on a truck

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does someone have to be able to control the costume?

Our customized costumes are suitable for 1.6m -- 1.8m high performers. If more than 1.8m high or lower than 1.6m, need to customize the costume to meet the height.

What special function can your costumes do?

The most popular feature is SMOKE, plus LED Light from its throat. Just like it's breathing fire.

If you have any new ideas, contact us. Our talent team will make it happen.

How long can an operator wear the custom Halloween costume?

Well, it depends on many factors. The main factor is weather temperature. Normally, 30-40 minutes.

Can you make custom products?

Absolutely yes! You can customize the shape, color, movement, and sound as you like. Please send us your design, and we will evaluate it, then let you know if we can do it or not.

Click to view some of our custom work.

What if I'm not happy with my products? Can I return it?

At each production process, we will send you pictures and videos for confirmation. If you are happy, we will move to the next step. If not, we will modify it until you are satisfied.

Before delivery, we will provide as many details as possible, such as pictures, videos, etc… After we receive your approval, then the delivery will be arranged.

If you are not satisfied before delivery, we can provide a FULL payment refund without a reason.

Can I repair or maintain the costumes myself?

The custom costumes can be maintained by the buyer, which doesn’t require professional knowledge.

Our costumes and products include maintenance and parts manuals. Assistance is always available by phone from technicians at Only Dinosaurs.

Does your price include shipping?

NO, the price is NOT including shipping.

Our clients are worldwide.

We have to know the destination, then figure out the shipping rate for you.

Do you deliver outside of the United States?

Yes, we provide global shipment service.

Still Looking for More Answers? Only Dinosaurs Can Help!