Custom Dinosaur Costume — Dilophosaurus

Custom Dinosaur Costume — Dilophosaurus

As the new order for our regular customer Jurassic Extreme, Only Dinosaurs Production fabricated a special Custom Dilophosaurus Costume – with pink and purple!!!

Pink Purple Dilophosaurus Suit in factory
Custom Dilophosaurus Costume ordered by our client
Custom Dilophosaurus Suit ordered by USA client
Pink Purple Dilophosaurus Costume

Color with avant-garde is always Jurassic Extreme dinosaurs’ most unique style. Prior to this Custom Dinosaur Costume, they have Green and Orange dinosaur costume for birthday parties, school events, parades…

Lifelike Velociraptor Suit
Custom Triceratops Costume
Custom Raptor Suit
Green T-Rex Suit

The Dinosaur Costume Hire Business is in short supply in Houston. That’s the reason they ordered this custom dilophosaurus costume to meet the needs of the market.

Cartoon Triceratops Costume in festival
Real Raptor Costume
Velociraptor Costume for Birthday Parties
Realistic Spinosaurus Costume for Birthday Party
Real Dinosaur Costumes for Kids Playing
Real Spinosaurus Costume interact with kids

The custom dilophosaurs costume will be the 8th member of Jurassic Extreme. She will be a new star in Children’s birthday party. Are you expecting her coming?

Realistic Dinosaur Costumes of Jurassic Extreme
Add Dilophosaurus Costume as Jurassic Extreme's Member

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