Crate Dinosaur Puppet

Crate Dinosaur Puppet is a baby dinosaur in a crate, you can put your right hand in puppet to perform while the other hand holding it. Kids always dream to raise their own dinosaur baby, which may be a surprise for Christmas or Birthday Gift.

Our dinosaurs in the crate are made from silicone and foam, so the performer can control them to do some movements easily. Such as blinking eyes, moving heads, opening and closing mouths, even making roars to the viewers. Besides, if well protected, they can have 5+ years expected life.

We are trying our best to make our customers satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and tell us your wish!

Find the Cutest Dinosaur Puppet in Crate

The perfect puppet for playing with triceratops, t-rex, velociraptor, or any other dinosaurs you can think of!

How to Operate the Dinosaur Puppet

Simple Guidance

It’s simple to operate. Hence check out the video for further details.

Stunning Dinosaur Crate Puppet

Move over, puppets — the dinosaurs have arrived. Sitting in the crate, our cute baby dinosaurs can’t wait to be your newest best friend!

Bright Blue Triceratops Crate Puppet

Bright Triceratops Crate Puppet

The triceratops crate puppet is the perfect puppet for anyone who loves dinosaurs. It will make playing imaginative adventures with your kids more fun and engaging.

Made from high-quality silicone and foam, this puppet has been designed to be durable and long-lasting.

The mouth can move and the eyes can blink, making it perfect for a range of different activities. It’s a great toy for dinosaur fans everywhere.

Velociraptor Dinosaur Puppet in Crate

If you want to be a dinosaur trainer, you’re going to need a baby dinosaur puppet. And if it’s for kids, it needs to be a crate baby velociraptor puppet that has vivid movements.

Here is a wooden crate under the baby raptor, just like the raptor is sitting in the crate. Interesting, right?

Our baby raptor can blink its eyes, shake its head, and make roars to surprise the crowds.

When you’re looking for a plaything to take your imagination back to the time of the dinosaurs, look no further than this crate raptor puppet. So, what are you waiting for?

The Head of a Green Baby Raptor in the Crate

Stygimoloch Dinosaur Crate Puppet

What kid doesn’t love the baby dinosaurs? And what playset isn’t complete without a baby dinosaur puppet?

This hand-made, high-quality stygimoloch baby dinosaur puppet in crate is the perfect combination of both. Watch it come to life as your kids become the lead in a new Jurassic dinosaur adventure!

Maintain it well, and it can stay with you for more than 5 years.

A wise decision for birthday gifts or dinosaur parties!

Baby T-Rex Crate Dinosaur Puppet

This T-Rex crate baby dinosaur puppet from Only Dinosaurs is made from high-quality materials and will bring you and your child hours of joy.

With easy-to-control buttons that move the mouth, head, and eyes for a realistic movement. Let their imagination run wild as they play with this adorable dinosaur puppet.

Suitable for birthday parties, puppet shows, educational activities, and even cosplay events. This crate T-Rex baby dinosaur puppet will catch the eyes of all the viewers.

Such a great puppet, don’t you have a try?


Meet Crate Baby Dinosaur Puppet

Is it a dinosaur? Is it a puppet? The Only Dinosaurs crate baby dinosaur puppet is a great way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of puppetry and costuming. Made from high-quality, durable materials, these puppets are built to last. You’ll be hard-pressed not to make them your new best friend!

Dinosaur Stygimoloch Crate Puppet: Do you like baby dinosaurs? If so, then we have the perfect gift for you. The crate stygimoloch baby dinosaur puppet is a high-quality prehistoric creature and will bring your imagination to life. With the cute puppet, you can guide it through the forest or play with it in the sand. Sounds great, right?

Baby Protoceratop Dinosaur Puppet in Crate: The protoceratop baby dinosaur puppet is now available in a special crate edition! A perfect gift for any dinosaur enthusiast. This fun puppet comes in a wooden crate, just like a baby protoceratop is sitting in the crate and greeting you.

Crate Baby Dinosaur T-Rex Hand Puppet: For you dinosaur lovers out there, this is the perfect gift. The T-Rex baby dinosaur puppet comes in a crate puppet and is easy to carry around. It will be a great toy for both adults and children. And don’t worry, it won’t break if you throw it against the wall when you get angry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers you want to know

What is the minimum size of your baby dinosaur puppets?

So far, the minimum size we have done is 0.6 meters / 2 feet long.

The biggest size we can do is 30 meters / 100 feet long or 10 meters / 33 feet tall.

What is the weight of the baby dinosaur?

It depends on the size. Generally, from 1kgs / 2.2 lbs to 4kgs / 9 lbs.

What special function can your baby dinosaurs do?

Due to its small body size, there is not much empty space to utilize.

We usually add Spitting Water Function.

Can a kid operate the baby dinosaur?

Yes, a 4 years old child can do it.

All kids love our adorable baby dinosaurs.

How long do they take to build?

Depending what type puppet, complexity, level of details, have we done it before? The lead-time can vary greatly from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. We are very experienced in our craft and can produce the costumes very quickly.

But with a greater allowance of time, our product will naturally reflect a greater level of details.

If you need it in a hurry, contact our sales.

We may have some stock baby puppets, which are ready to ship out NOW.

What are the realistic baby dinosaur puppets made of?

Internal: stainless steel

External: foam & silicone

Can you make custom puppets?

Absolutely yes!

Our talented team can make all kinds of animal puppets, such as sea lions, reindeers, black bear, owl, sloth, baby mammoth, baby rhinoceros, baby hippo, baby polar bear, etc...

Are baby puppets reliable?

Our baby puppets are built with the finest, time-proven components available.

And we pride ourselves in our designs and workmanship.

At least 4-5 years if well maintained.

Can you add a false arm & glove?

Yes, we can.

After we add false arm & glove, the baby puppets look more realistic.

Does it make sounds?

Yes, all our baby puppets have a speaker to roar.

So it looks more realistic.

Typically, there are four different sound options to switch.

How long does the shipment take?

We usually ship via DHL, FedEx, UPS, which provide worldwide shipment.

It usually takes 7-10 days, door to door.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, 24 months.

During the warranty period, any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Meantime, we will send a tutorial video to guide you on how to fix, step by step.