Could Old Dinosaurs Ever Return to Life? Super Exciting!

Could Old Dinosaurs Ever Return to Life? It is exciting to see how these old dinosaurs make many scientists scratch their heads. With numerous unclear theories of their behavior, adaptations, evolution, and how they lived, each day brings out a new challenge while solving such mysterious questions.

However, is it possible to bring these vanished creatures back to life? Or should we only embrace the blinking animatronic dinosaurs that give credits to our imagination?

Could Old Dinosaurs Ever Return to Life? Brontosaurs-old-dinosaur

Old Dinosaurs and DNA

If we consider these giant creatures, then it is clear that there are a few conditions and features that made them survive the environment. But, it is not the case with all dinosaurs that went evolving gradually and became more adaptable to the available conditions.

Amber, a tree resin that has grown as a result of high temperature and pressure experienced while hitting a thousand years covered by sediment layers. With time, the resin toughens to form gemstones that have been desired by human beings for many years.

The DNA of these creatures can be adequately secured inside amber-buried blood-sucking mites. It is exhilarating because the DNA includes the genetic strings for the development and functioning of each living creature. However, could this DNA from amber be of use in reviving the ancient animals?

Could Old Dinosaurs Ever Return to Life

Blood does not preserve DNA. So, even with the old dinosaur’s blood, we cannot guarantee to bring this creature back to life. However, having the DNA of old dinosaurs may be a great jerk up for the research and studies. The limiting factor is that DNA tends to be susceptible, and therefore, breaks down quickly. Exposure to sunlight and water accelerates deterioration; hence it may end up being of no use.

The old dinosaur’s DNA has fortunately been found in permafrost. Also, scientists can collect it from sub fossils body parts and bones which have not entirely decayed. The dinosaur skeleton rarely holds even a small portion of its DNA.

Does having the DNA of old dinosaurs close the case? Nevertheless, in case the DNA is fragmented, it poses another challenge. You can easily mix it with a frog’s DNA but unsure of where the DNA holes are if you don’t have the complete genome. Without it, it would be hard to understand the DNA parts. Furthermore, it would create some additional challenges fill the voids to recreate the old dinosaur.

With a complete genome, you would also won’t need the amphibian to fill the fragmented DNA. You would then consider a bird because of being the shared ancestor with the old dinosaur.

Possible Challenges

Considering it has been ages since the old dinosaurs got extinct, it would be a struggle to find its DNA. By doing a fossil dig, it mostly yields the old dinosaur’s bones but not the DNA. Considering the curiosity and determination of scientists, it may bring out positive results one day.

Could Old Dinosaurs Ever Return to Life? old-dinosaurs-possible-challenges-600x537

Such determinations conclude that the idea of cloning the ancient creature has been swiped off the table. It leaves most of us with the alternative of reverse-engineering. As the name suggests, it involves using a living being and working it opposite way to ancient reptiles in an attempt to bring back the old creatures.

However, even if you succeed in this process, it would still not result in the old dinosaurs. That’s because it has just been reverse-engineered.

Over to You!

Could Old Dinosaurs Ever Return to Life? MDZ-02-Animatronic-Dinosaur-trex-1

The attempt to resurface the old dinosaurs raises various dilemmas and questions. Reviving them, for example, does not guarantee that it will acknowledge a thing in the modern world. We can’t also be sure if it will positively fit and adapt to current conditions. If they return to Life, are you curious about how long did they live?

With many attempts, the old dinosaurs can be artificially rebirthed. However, it is not all about the DNA. You can also enjoy watching animatronic dinosaurs.

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