Costume Shipping Options

Two main means to transport Realistic Dinosaur Costume


Sea Freight

Normally, it takes around 30 days from our factory to destination port. 

Sea freight carry some damage risk. Due to this reason, we always recommend buyers purchase insurance before shipping to cover against any damage during the long-distance delivery. Insurance is generally charged at 3% of the total of the goods being shipped. We would be more than happy to arrange insurance for you.

Load Flight Case for Sea Delivery
Dinosaur Costume Sea Shipping

Air Freight

Air Freight is the fastest and most expensive means of shipment. The price is depends on destination airport. Usually, within one week, it could reach destination.

Load Flight Case for Air Delivery
Dinosaur Costume by Air Freight


Package Size for Dinosaur Suit

Total Weight: 150KG (Dinosaur suit 22KG; Accessories 28KG; Flight Case 100KG)
Such a heavy case avoid damage during long-distance delivery by sea or air
Flight Case Size

Custom Crate for Custom Suit

Size: Depend on custom suit shape
Total Weight: Depend on custom suit size

Custom Laminate Wooden Case

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