How to Troubleshoot If the Costume Has No Sounds

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Before troubleshooting:

  • Make sure the volume is not turned to the minimum.
  • The sound knob is not in the silent position.

Step 1: When the power is turned on, a “bang” noise comes from the speaker, which means the speaker works fine.

If not, the speaker is broken and needs to be replaced.

Step 2-1: Check if the soundbox indicator turns green. The green light means the sound box is in good condition.

If not, which means the wires are loose OR the sound box is broken.

Step 2-2: If the sound box indicator is not on:

  • Slightly pull the wires to ensure they are all well connected.
  • If the wires are not loose, it means the sound box is broken, please replace a new one.

Step 3: Use a 3mm screwdriver to open the sound box, to check whether the internal memory card is loose.

It is loose: Insert the memory card back into the slot.

If it is not loose: Please contact us and report a problem with your test details.

If you followed the above steps, still no luck. Please take a detailed video which describle the problem. Our enginners will look into this. And get back to you with a solution.