How We Work

Simple Steps to make an Animatronic Dinosaur

(1).Prepare the Dinosaur Diagram, Marking Engine Locations
T-Rex Draft

(2).Fabricate Dinosaur Metal Frame, install driven engine and paint anti-rust
Make a Completed T-Rex Metal Frame
Anti-Rust Handling for Animatronic Frames

(3).Doing Sculpture and Texture Work
Make T-Rex Sculpture Work
Texture Work of Animatronic Dinosaurs

(4).Silicone on Dinosaur Skin, which enable animatronic dinosaur Waterproof, Sunproof, even Snowproof……
Skin-Grafting of Animatronic T-Rex
Refine Skin-Grafting Work

(5).Painting, then a life size Animatronic Dinosaur Finished!
Painting Color for Animatronics Dinosaur

(6).Factory Acceptance Test! Promise good quality product to our client hands!
Check Animatronics

Way we Pack our Animatronic Products

  • Air Bubble Film on the innermost layer, in order to keep them away from any damage during long way transportation.
  • Plastic wrap on the second layer, preventing them away from dust. To make sure, after oversea’s delivery, it’s still NEW when arrive!

Packing Animatronics Dinosaurs
Wooden Box for Animatronic Accessories

 Way we Deliver Animatronic Products

  • For small one, we use forklift. For big one, crane is a must!

Packing Work for Animatronic DinosaurAnimatronic Dinosaurs Transportation

How we Install Animatronic Products successfully

Installation of Large Animatronics
On Installation Site Large Animatronics
Dinosaur Exhibition on Site

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