San Antonio


Jurassic Promos offers realistic dinosaur costumes that are people operated from inside, along with two, handlers, for safety and crowd control. We at Jurassic Promos hope that we can work together at your next party or function.

Contact Person: Jerry Cardona
Phone:(210) 780-1600


These lifelike dinosaur costumes are hand crafted from scratch and are as individual as a fingerprint. The dinosaur’s eyes blink, mouth opens and closes as well as roaring sounds and waging tail. The Dino’s stand at just a little over 6 ft, tall and is approximately 14 ft, long. Needless to say they are Jurassic in size.

Chacha Dinosaur Costume
Chacha Raptor Costume
Chacha Dinosaur Suit
Chacha Raptor Suit
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