Carousel Horse: A Must-Have For Party Enthusiasts

Are you planning a party and looking to make it a memorable event? Look no further than carousel horses! We previously customized a stunning antique carousel horse for a client’s party. Not only a carousel horse visually stunning, but they also provide endless entertainment. From gentle rocking to interactive music, these horses offer a unique and interactive experience for party-goers of all ages.

The Original Carousel Horse


The original carousel horses came from Europe you know? Here is a quote I found (Jennifer Waller):

The origin of the carousel dates back to the 11th century, when Spanish Crusaders observed Turks playing a game on horseback.  The word carousel comes from the Spanish word carosella, which means “little war.”  The Spanish Crusaders brought this game with them when they returned from Turkey.  The game quickly traveled to France where it became known as the carousel, a game of elaborate horsemanship.

Different types of our carousel horses

Carousels come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your party. Here are some of the different types of carousels available:

It used to take as much time and effort to make a truly carved carousel horse as we can imagine. Making a hand carved wood carousel horse takes a long time and requires a lot of effort, so the price isn’t friendly to everyone. But our carousel uses 3D printing technology, which can shorten the production time while ensuring its realistic appearance.

Classic Carousel Horses

These are the traditional carousel horses that we all know and love. They feature intricate hand-painted designs, ornate saddles, and beautiful detailing. Classic antique carousel horses are timeless and add a touch of nostalgia to any event.

Miniature Carousel Horses

If space is limited or you’re hosting a party for younger children, miniature carousels are a great option. These smaller versions of carousel horses are just as beautiful and captivating, but more suitable for smaller venues or younger riders.

Themed Carousel Horses

To match the theme of your party, you can opt for carousels that are customized to fit a specific theme. Whether it’s a princess party, a circus-themed event, or a winter wonderland celebration, themed carousel horses can be tailored to suit your party’s ambiance, you can even replace the horse with an animal if you want.

brown wood carousel horse

Our customized carousel horse for sale

​Based on reference images provided by customers, we combined classic carousels with themed carousels.

The carousel retains the shape and decorative texture of a classic carousel. At the same time, to better match the client’s party theme, we designed the carousel.

The colors are well thought out. In the end, the client is presented with perfect results.​

It would be a very crazy but innovative thing to place a wooden horse at the door of the party to welcome all the friends who come to the party. You just place the wooden horses at the door and they will rock up and down and play cheerful music. certainly. You can also set it to your favorite music. If you are interested, please click to obtain relevant photos, descriptions, prices, etc.

two white carousels standing outdoor

How to decorate with carousel horses at your party

In addition to the joy they bring during rides, carousels can also be used as decorative elements at your party. Here are some creative ways to incorporate carousel horses into your party decor:


Make a carousel horse the centerpiece of your party by placing it on a raised platform or pedestal. Surround it with floral arrangements or other themed decorations to create a visually striking focal point.

Tabletop Displays

Use miniature carousel horses as table centerpieces or place them on dessert tables. Pair them with colorful balloons, ribbons, or fairy lights to create an eye-catching display.

tabletop centerpiece carousel horse
outdoordecor carousel gorse

Photo Booth Props

Set up a photo booth area with carousels as props. Guests can pose with the horses and capture memorable photos. Provide fun accessories like hats, masks, and signs to enhance the photo booth experience.

Outdoor Decor

If you’re hosting an outdoor party, consider placing carousels around the venue to create a whimsical atmosphere. You can position them near the entrance, on pathways, or in designated seating areas.

Remember to coordinate the colors and theme of your carousel horses with the overall party decor to create a cohesive and magical ambiance.

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