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Animatronic Dinosaur Suit for Sale

From 2012 to 2013, walking Animatronic Dinosaur suit becomes hot sale(entertainment dinosaur prop). The walking dinosaur suit almost is available for any public place such as Supermarket, Subway Station, School Playground, Shopping Mall…… By the entertainment dinosaur prop, the public must be surprised and shocked. As one

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Full Size Animatronic Animal and Digging Site in Zoo

Chongqing Zoo is established in 1958, that the most old Zoo in China. In 2010, the Zoo need to be re-decorated according to approvement of cultural depart. In order to express new attraction to the public, Full Size Animatronic Animal is considered in the decoration. Through careful

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Educational Animatronic Dinosaur Prop

As good Science Museum Exhibits, our Animatronic Dinosaur surely is available in Science Museum of Guangxi University. The museum is built by Guangxi Educational Department depend on educational capital of year. Mainly, it shows physical scientific and biological exhibits to visitors. Educational Animatronic Dinosaur Prop surely is

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Animatronic Dinosaur Facility for Amusement Park

Animatronic Dinosaur listed top ten amusement park attraction on China Amusement Park, which is famous weekly about amusement park. The lifelike jurassic dinosaur equipment breaks traditional exhibits as Carousel, Pirate Ship, Roller Coaster etc. It is lifelike attractions that bring personal touching. Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur not

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Test Our Animatronic Productions Before Send

Because we have serious work for our animatronic creatures, and get long term orders from our clients. To Animatronic Dinosaur or other animal etc. products, steady running is the most important. Driven Engine (motor) is easy to have indisposition in the run-in period, so that needs us

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Rainforest Animatronic Animal as Cafe Decorations

As professional Animatronic Animal Supplier, we have cooperated with directors of Rainforest Cafe in the world for years. Depend on the requirement, we have customized over dozens of Rainforest Animatronic Animal as regular lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe, snake…… Cafe style with real size animal model is very

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Jurasssic Dinosaur Alive Exhibition in Beijing

Beijing Shijingshan Park is the most famous theme park of them in China. In July 2012, one great Dinosaur Alive Exhibition with Jurassic Animatronic Dinosaurs was hold there. The Dinosaur Theme Event was created for Summer Camp of school juniors in Beijing is to achieve union of

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Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur for Sale

How to operate Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur for Sale? To us, animatronic business not only face domestic market, but also oversea one. Normally, domestic operations is relatively simple. Domestic client inquiry concerned information of animatronic dinosaur, and formulate what they want. After that, we agree to manufacturing

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Real Size Animatronic Dinosaur as Theme Park Equipment

Real size Animatronic Dinosaur always attract lots of visitors out of curiousness as thrill theme park equipment. In 1993, Jurassic Park directed by Spielberg surely shocked audience in the world. By the movie, people really experience Dinosaur Come Back! From then on, life size animatronic dinosaur‘s researching and

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Life Size Animatronic Animal for Sale

As high-class life size Animatronic Animal Supplier, we provide service of customized function. Except for regular moving function of animatronic, we can design rated function according to customer’s requirement. Before we manufacture custom animatronic animal, hand over design drawing to our senior technicians as discussion. After they

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