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New Dinosaur Costume – VelociRaptor with Feathers is Coming!

Discussing Raptor Sculpting

New Dinosaur Costume – VelociRaptor with Feathers is Coming! Do you remember the vote started by Only Dinosaurs Production weeks ago — Whether all dinosaurs have feathers or not? After we got the statistics of the vote from both facebook and our official website, 67% of fans

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Velociraptor Costume-A new design never seen before

USA clients discuss dinosaur costume with feathers

Velociraptor Costume-A new design never seen before On May 6th, USA friends Cardona & Andrew visited our factory again. The friendship between us started from their last visit in 2016, looking for special Customized Dinosaur Costume. But this time, they came as clients. After one year preparation,

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Dinosaur with feathers, Really?

Dinosaur with Feathers

Dinosaur with feathers, Really? From the discovery of dinosaur fossil in China during the past 20 years, it is said that there are at least 5 kinds of dinosaur have feathers. But all of them are velociraptors with feathers. Recently more complete fossil found in Siberia shows

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Dinosaur Manufacturer in Zigong, China

Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

Dinosaur Manufacturer in Zigong, China Only Dinosaurs Production was founded in 2003 — Zigong, China. We are specialized in creating Animatronic Dinosaurs, Walking Dinosaur Costume as well as Animatronic Animals. Our team are passionate about helping clients establish world-class exhibition & dinopark in more than 10 countries

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Walking Dinosaur Costume Prank

Walking Dinosaur Costume Prank

Walking Dinosaur Costume Prank According to the feedback from OnlyDinosaurs’ fans, we figured out top 2 popular events, which involved our Dinosaur Costume. First one is dinosaur themed birthday party for kids. The other one is the most popular Dinosaur Costume Prank. Normally, our naughty dinosaurs would

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Dinosaur Costumes for Birthday Party

Dinosaur Costumes for Birthday Party

There is a group of living “Dinosaur Costumes” in Houston, United States. They like playing with kids in birthday party and eating delicious birthday cake. Their shining eyes, smooth movement and lifelike roaring sound make it real. Our lifelike dinosaur costume love racing, dancing and playing soccer

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Newest Walking Adult Triceratops Costume

Walking Triceratops Costume

OnlyDinosaurs is familiar with two-legs dinosaur costume. As a creative company in Dinosaur Costume Industry, we have to do something new. Our designers were engaged in developing four-legs dinosaur costume in the past few months. It’s based on Chinese traditional “lion dance” which requires two performers cooperated

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Fine Work of Dinosaur Skull Replica

T-Rex Skull Surface Handling

Today we’ll show you our museum quality Skulls of T-Rex & Triceratops. Look at the texture, cracked lines, dark brown colors. It seems transcending millions of years…These significant fossil characteristics surprised paleontologists. Only Dinosaurs Production is a creative team who can reproduce dinosaur skeleton in life size

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Hire Dinosaur Costume in Slovakia

Hire T-Rex Costume in Slovakia

We now have a Walking Dinosaur Costume Rent Option in Slovakia — DINOSAURUS S.R.O Due to lack of dinosaur entertainment in Slovakia, the T-Rex would be attractive for party, public holiday, private event etc….. On the first day arriving, T-Rex rushed to downtown without waiting. Children were

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Singapore Zoorassic Park Visiting

Animatronic Iguanodon Zoorassic Park

On March 2017, our team engaged in Animatronic Dinosaur Installation in Singapore. In the meantime, we were invited to visit Singapore Zoo, where our dinosaur-products were exhibiting from May 2016. 9th March, we arrived at Singapore Zoo at noon. After a big Chinese lunch, we were lead

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