Baby T-Rex Puppets You Can Gift Your Child on This Christmas

Christmas is a time of Santa Claus, presents, and merriment! If your kid is 3-4 years old or up, you can buy such gifts to help him build his cognitive abilities. These educational gifts can help him with some words even before he is in his first school. Many Baby T-Rex puppets make the life of a toddler very entertaining while teaching him some good stuff that goes straight into his tender brain. Also, these Baby T Rex puppets would give them an insight into the world that existed millions of years ago.

So, here is a list of Baby Dinosaurs that would gladden your little one’s heart on this Christmas!


1. Baby T-Rex

DP 37 Baby T Rex

It is an excellent dinosaur that interacts with your child to give a real feeling of a living dinosaur! This pre-historic interactive toy makes a roaring sound, moves its  eyes. For older kids of 6 and above years, buy a battery-operated dinosaur puppet.

Also, if your kid is a toddler, a simple plaything that assists with the motor skill development should be preferred. This beautiful gift is made of quality, non-plastic material that works perfectly for your child.


2. Hatched Baby T-Rex

DP 19 Baby T Rex

How cute is it to watch any animal hatch out of their eggshell? You can teach your tiny tots something about Tyrannosaurus Rex, that dwelled in the earth millions of years ago. It features the hatching process completely.

When you activate the baby T-Rex, a crack shows up, and a baby dinosaur peeps out from inside. After a few days, the whole egg cracks up, and the baby comes out ultimately. When you touch the baby dinosaur, the crack starts to appear. There are so many dinosaur species with some unique features that you can teach your kid.


3. Baby T-Rex in the Crate

DP 23 Baby T Rex

This dinosaur appears to be alive because it blinks its eyes just like us, and moves its head screaming aloud. It is a beautiful gift that can adorn any theme parties. Of course, it can be a great secret Santa gift to make the children cry out of joy during this Christmas.


4. Shoulder Puppets

DP 13 Realistic Velociraptor Dinosaur Puppet

Realistic Velociraptor Dinosaur Puppet

It is exclusively made with a safe rubber material. So, it would be fun to carry puppet dinosaur toys on your shoulders! It is an excellent option for Christmas and Halloween parties. The kids can control this puppet by opening or closing their eyes that appear as if they have come back to life after a long sleep.


5. Dragon Puppets

DP 06 Cartoon Fire Dragon 1

This a wonderful gift with which the kids can grow into his or her adulthood. Moreover, it would be a great night time puppet to make your child sleep. Your kid can cuddle up with a dragon puppet, and fall into a peaceful sleep.


Should You Buy Baby T-Rex Puppets?

DP 14 Baby Trex Dinosaur puppet 1

Baby Trex Dinosaur puppet

Of course, yes! These T-Rex puppets can take us back to antediluvian age, and shed light upon some information about dinosaurs to our kids. Besides, they can be an excellent addition for Christmas as well as Birthday parties!

As your child can control the motion of these puppets, they can make sound, blink, and play along with your toddler. These baby dinosaurs develop the cognitive as well as motor skills of your children.


Final Thoughts!

In short, childhood won’t be complete without baby dinosaurs smiling around! There are so many functional and educational puppets in the market. You can try buying any of them for your toddler or an 8-year-old child. You can also order one of these baby T-Rex puppets from Only Dinosaurs. So, check our exclusive Baby T-Rex Puppet Catalogue now!

DP 36 Baby T Rex 400x300 1
DP 39 Baby T Rex
DP 41 Baby T Rex
DP 44 T Rex puppet
DP 45 Baby T Rex
DP 57 Baby T Rex

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