Awesome Game Ideas for Dinosaur Theme Parties

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Dinosaur theme parties are among the hottest trending ideas for theme celebrations! Whether you are organizing a kid’s birthday party or a simple costume party, you will surely come across the idea dinosaur theme. With the availability of real looking dinosaur suit, planning a party with different dinosaur activity is possible. Furthermore, you can hire professional to dress in dinosaur costumes and roam around the party and roar like a real dinosaur. Stay assured that the dinosaur will become highlight of your party and your guests will be excited to click pictures with it. What else can you do to make your dinosaur theme part memorable and fun? Well, organizing games on the same theme is a good way of keeping the guests engaged and entertained.

There are several game ideas available for dinosaur theme parties. Your choice of games will mostly depend on who your guests are. If you are organizing a kid’s birthday party, you need to plan a dinosaur activity that will suit them. Here are few popular game ideas you can consider for a dinosaur theme party –

  • Excavating Dinosaur Skeleton – This is a fun, treasure hunt kind of game. It can be executed if you have a sand pit or yard in your home. If you don’t have a yard or sand pit, you can use buckets filled with sand. You need to arrange some dinosaur bones made from plaster or cheap dinosaur skeletons. In this dinosaur activity, give the kids plastic shovels to excavate bones from the sand. Also give them tooth brushes or paint brushes. The moment they come across a skeleton using the plastic shovel, they need to use the brush to excavate the skeleton delicately. Finally, the person who excavates most bones can be rewarded.
Dinosaur Costume Activity with Kids

Pin the Dinosaur – Print an enlarged picture or poster of dinosaur and pin it to a wall. Try to use a dinosaur picture whose teeth are visible. Now, cut out paper teeth of similar sizes, attach a double side tape on back and distribute it among the guests. Besides, make sure every guest writes their name on their paper teeth. Now, one by one, blind fold each guest and spin them round. Finally, let them go and pin the teeth on the dinosaur. At last, the person who places the tooth closest wins a prize.

Best Dinosaur Activity
  • Dinosaur Treasure Track – This is a fun dinosaur activity that can be played in teams. Cut large dinosaur footprints and create different paths in the house. Further, hide little treasures at several different places across the home. Divide the guests into groups and give them clues they need to use to find treasures. Moreover, set a time limit for the search. The team with most treasures gets the prize. Instead of different treasures, you can also make it a dinosaur egg hunt. For this, you need to create colorful dinosaur eggs and hide them across the home and yard.

These simple dinosaur theme games will make your party fun! Some options such as realistic dinosaur costumebaby dinosaur puppet and fossil digs are also there. So go ahead and; use your dinosaur theme party to take your guests to the world of dinosaurs.

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