A Nifty List of 7 Awesome Dragon-Type Pokemon, Move, & FAQs

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When we hear the word “dragons” – especially “dragon-type Pokemon” – powerful legendary creatures immediately come to mind. And that’s no surprise when encountering the likes of Reshiram and Kommo-o in the Pokemon games.

If you’d notice, many of them have a second type in addition to being dragon-type Pokemon too. Reshiram’s fire/dragon-type while Kommo-o is fighting/dragon. This makes the dragon type even more effective in battle on top of having high HPs and special attacks. Any trainer with a dragon by his side would have the upper hand.

Awesome, right? Here’s a list of dragon-type Pokemon, their signature moves, & FAQs to help you get to know them better. So come on and let’s catch ’em all!

I. List of Dragon-Type Pokemon

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Did you know dragon types are very weak against ice-type Pokemon? But that doesn’t stop the over 73 Dragon-type Pokemon in existence to dominate the battlefield!

Most of them are even legendary or pseudo-legendary, as all Dragon-type Pokemon use awesome stats, attacks, and moves to back them up every time. So here’s each one from the games that are worth knowing.

#1 Reshiram

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Reshiram’s the only dragon Pokemon that’s both fire-type and dragon-type. This legendary Pokemon is exclusively found in Pokemon Black and is the game’s official mascot. One of its dragon-type moves is Dragon Pulse where foes are blasted by the shock wave generated by the user’s gaping mouth. Legends say that this Pokemon can control fire.

#2 Eternatus

Play Video about Zaciant and zamazenta VS eternatus

Did you know the poison/dragon-type Eternatus is one of the dragon Pokemon that’s shiny-locked? While you can’t get a more awesome-looking Eternatus, you can still enjoy its equally awesome dragon-type moves like Dynamax Cannon and Eternabeam.

Dynamax Cannon is where Eternatus hits enemies with its core’s powerful beam that hits with twice the damage if the opponent is Dynamaxed. Eternabeam is the most powerful attack in Eternatus’ original form.

#3 Haxorus

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Haxorus is a pure dragon-type Pokemon. It’s the final evolution stage of the cute and tusked Pokemon, Axew. The Pokedex entry for Haxorus in Pokemon Sword and Shield is, “Its resilient tusks are its pride and joy. It licks up dirt to take in the minerals it needs to keep its tusks in top condition.”

It’s got a cool dragon-type attack called Scale Shot where the user attacks by shooting scales two to five consecutive times. Scale Shot increases the user’s Speed stat but decreases the Defense stat.

#4 Kommo-o

A kommo-o with a black background

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Say aloha to the Scaly Pokemon from Alola — Kommo-o! Kommo-o’s a fighting and dragon-type Pokemon that has two signature dragon-type moves called Clangorous Soul and Clanging Scales.

Is Kommo-o a dinosaur in disguise or simply a dragon-type Pokemon? This unique Pokemon sure looks like the feathered T. rexes we have at our roster of realistic dino costumes.

#5 Dragonite

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Dragonite’s known as the “Dragon Pokemon” and is both a flying and dragon-type Pokemon. Catch this Pokemon by encountering Dratini and evolving it to Dragonite at Pokemon Sword & Shield. Meet one at Crown Tundra’s Ballimere Lake.

#6 Zekrom

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If Reshiram’s the Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Black, Zekrom’s the one exclusive to Pokemon White. This legendary electric/dragon type Pokemon has power over thunder and flies the Unova region’s skies while concealed in lightning clouds.

#7 Mega Charizard X

The black mega charizard x with blue fire

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Charizard becomes a true dragon-type Pokemon when gets ahold of a Mega Stone (Charizardite X) and Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X. It turns into a fire/dragon-type Pokemon and its body changes to black-blue with blue flames burning from its mouth and tail.

Give this dragon-type Pokemon a high-five during playtime with a lifelike Charizard puppet just like this.

An orange charizard puppet in a woman's arm

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II. List of Dragon-Type Moves in Pokemon

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As powerful as they are, did you know the dragon type’s biggest weakness is their type? On the brighter side, that just means they’re super effective against other dragon Pokemon in battle!

They even have ghost-type moves to back them up like Giratina and Dragapult. They’re also resistant to fire, water, electric, and grass-type Pokemon.

So just be careful when battling other types they’re weak towards like ice and fairy-types. All dragon-type Pokemon moves worth highlighting are in the list below.

  • Breaking Swipe -The user sweeps its tough tail wildly and attacks opposing Pokemon. This also decreases their Attack stats.
  • Clanging Scales – Kommo-o rubs the scales on its entire body and creates a loud noise to attack the opposing Pokemon. The user’s Defense stat decreases after the attack.
  • Clangorous Soul – one of Kommo-o’s signature moves where it increases all its stats.
  • Core Enforcer – the effect of the target’s Ability is removed by Zygarde if it previously made a move.
  • Devastating Drake – the Pokemon’s Z-Power materializes its aura then charges at the foe forcefully. This move’s power varies though as it depends on the dragon-type moves first used. 
  • Dragon Claw – the Pokemon uses its huge sharp claws to slash at enemies.
  • Dragon Rage – This strong attack hits opponents with a shock wave of pure rage.
  • Dragon Rush – opponents cower in fear as the user rushes toward them while exhibiting overwhelming menace. This dragon-type move will make the target flinch too.
  • Dragon Tail – the opponent gets knocked away and its teammate is dragged into play. The battle also ends when Dragon Tail deals a blow to a single Pokemon in the wild.
  • Max Wyrmwind – it’s a dragon-type attack that Dynamax Pokemon use exclusively. This attack lowers the enemy’s own attack stat.
  • Spacial Rend – The Pokemon tears the opponent together with the space around it. Critical hits land more efficiently.
  • Twister – opposing Pokemon get torn and whipped up in a vicious tornado made by the user. This move may make the opponent flinch.

III. Frequently Asked Questions About Dragon-Type Pokemon

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Check out this short FAQ section about the games’ dragon-type Pokemon. Who knows, you might find your own burning question answered here too.

1. What is the best dragon-type Pokemon?

The best dragon-type Pokemon are those with a high arsenal of moves and flexible secondary types. Favorites are Dragonite, Salamence, and Haxorus.

2. How many Dragon Pokemon are there?

There are 61-74 different Pokemon that are dragon type so far.

3. Which is the strongest Dragon Pokemon?

The strongest ones can be any of them as they’re all pretty powerful. Dragonite, Kyurem, and Rayquaza are good candidates.

4. When did dragon become a type in Pokemon?

Dragon-type was first introduced in Pokemon games Red and Green.

5. What are all the legendary dragon types?

The legendary dragons in the Nintendo Pokemon games are the Eon Duo, Weather Trio, Creation Trio, Tao Trio, Zygarde, Eternatus, and Regidrago.

An eternatus is flying on the dark sky

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We hope you enjoyed learning about dragon-type Pokemon as much as we did! So which one will you try first? Will it be something like this cute baby Charizard puppet?

We look forward to you becoming a Pokemon master soon!

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