How to Attract Visitors to Theme Park With Ice Age Animals?

Ice Age Animals in WMSP

Thanks to movies like Ice Age, Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, etc. as they have developed a keen public interest in the ice age animals of the Lost World. These movies have popularized dinosaur theme parks across the globe. From ice age animals to dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures, it is always interesting to know more about their lives and what they like and dislike. However, in recent times, theme parks across the globe have experienced a sudden loss in visitors. The reason is simple. People are bored seeing the same old unrealistic dinosaur dummies that  don’t excite children aren’t afraid of. People need thrill and want to experience the realistic versions of these prehistoric creatures because of which they are bored of the older approaches.

Well, you might be thinking about how you can bring thrill and excitement to your theme park. The answer is simple – animatronic animal.

Animatronic Animals – the key to make your theme park alive

Ice Age Mammoth 1

If you want to attract more visitors to your theme park, now is the best time to invest in animated figures. These pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric figures best serve the purpose of creating thrill and excitement in both adults and children. There have been great progressions in the movement architecture, control systems, and programming. From ultra-realistic woolly mammoths to sabertooth lions, and t-rexes, animatronic animals are sure to increase the ticket sales of your theme park

Why you need ultra- realistic animatronic animals?

Truth to be told, people are bored seeing animal statues that don’t move. And nowadays, they are looking to enhance their park experience with something exciting and electrifying. And, animatronic animals provide the authenticity of a real animal with the same movements, noise, etc. This helps you to stand true to the expectations of the audience.

You can create unique enclosures for different animals that resemble their natural habitat. The more realistic it is, the more fun it will be for the visitors.

Seeing an animatronic woolly mammoth roaming in the wild and interacting will make visitors awe-inspired by your theme park. choose animals that are popular with visitors. And to seek inspiration, you can look into animated movies. Put in the sabertooth at the entrance from the Ice Age movie. There are no limitations when adding animated animals to ultra-realistic settings.

Woolly Mammoth

What’s more, all your ice age animals don’t have to be scary looking. Since animated animals boast a sturdy structure, they can be designed to give little kids a small ride. You can have a giant woolly mammoth placed in the wild and let children climb on them and take pictures. It is all about the experience. If the children love the animals at your theme park, you can expect them to visit more often.

Moreover, adults will be more intrigued to see a small Ice Age enclosure with the ultra-realistic animated Ice Age Animals. They would love to know how these animals existed in the wild because of the realistic experience they provide. Giving your visitors a tour of the ice age world will be more enthralling.

How ultra-realistic animatronic animals will attract more visitors?

Running a theme park takes a lot of investment, and you need to keep up with trends to survive the competition. Seek inspiration from Disney as they have gone completely animatronic. They have replaced dummies and statues of the beloved characters.

Ice Age Animals in Theme Park

The reason animatronic animals are loved is that they have great graphics, so they look scary. To enchant your visitors, you can provide them with different kinds of rides. So that they can tour the entire park without any difficulties.

You can invest in a guide just like a jungle safari.  You can assign the groups with guides who know everything about these prehistoric creatures. During the ride, the guide can educate visitors and make their trip more intriguing. The guide could talk about animals so that visitors are more invested. So it will be more of an educational tour for school children as well as adults.

Apart from animated Ice Age Animals, you will want to set up a Jurassic environment. The goal is to create a diversity of nature. The visitors should not feel like the park is boring to walk around. You need to redesign the landscape so that your visitors look at the environment with utmost amazement. This is why think of the settings where Ice Age animals and dinosaurs once roamed the earth.

Hell Pig

If you can find the right animatronic animals company, then it will be easier to plan the whole thing.

Only Dinosaurs is one such company that creates these breathtaking ice age animals and other animals.  These animals not only looks realistic but can scare the life out of you, so you are in for a great treat.

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