Assemble Huge Animatronic Dinosaur as Outdoor Decorations

On 1th May 2013 (Golden Holiday Week in China), 7 units of Huge Animatronic Dinosaur brought big shock to Jingzhou’s visitors. When people saw the huge guys, surprised by handcraft miracle. To be more surprising, huge dinosaur models had lifelike roaring sound and movements. Seemingly real dinosaur came back from grand jurassic period. Countless cameras were focused on the 7 huge animatronic dinosaurs.
Assemble Huge Animatronic Dinosaur
The 7 units of animatronic dinosaur all belong to Omeisaurus catalog, which once lived in Omei China. The biggest diosaur had 15m high and 35m long, that difinitely was biggest artificial dinosaur model in China. Like this dinosaur, we manufactured 3 units for our client. Other 4 units is 15m long dinosaur. We sent 7 project staffs and cost closely one week to assemble them well. It was really big project to us.
We install Huge Animatronic Dinosaur
All dinsaours were placed in outdoor as EXPO Decorations. Surely, our animatronic dinosaur decorations preserve rain, snow and strong sunlight etc. So, do not worry its using time in outdoor. If you were touring in Shenyang China, should visit Jingzhou EXPO, where own the most excellent exhibits. The huge animatronic dinosaurs difinitely gave much joy and surprise to you!!!
Animatronic Dinosaur as Outdoor Decorations

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