Animatronic Penguin for Sale

Last week, we finished six Animatronic Penguins, including Four Adult & Two Baby Penguin Models. The adult is one meters high; The Baby Penguin Models is 0.6 meters high. Six cute penguin models compose a family, and will be shipped to India.

1). Materials: inner well-treated steel tube and CE certificated motors & outside artificial fur
2). Movements: Mouth open and close, head left to right, wings moving
3). Power: 110/220v, 50/60hz
4). Usage: Shopping Mall Attraction

Animatronic Metal Frame

Animatronic Penguin Metal Frame

Sculpture Work

Penguin Model Sculpture Work

Finished Work

Animatronic Penguin for Sale
We can customize different type PENGUIN MODEL. If you are interested in South Pole Animal Model, feel free to contact us.


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