Animatronic Mammoth Family

Animatronic Mammoth Family

Who is the most famous Ice Age Animal? The answer is definitely the woolly elephant—MAMMOTH. These giant ice age mammals are about to come into being in the Only Dinosaurs’ factory. They are a mammoth family including mom & baby.

Animatronic Mammoth Model for Sale

Animatronic Mammoth Replica


It took 7 days to plant hairs on both Adult & Baby Animatronic Mammoths. It seems that real mammoths come from the ice age after we see their thick, natural and flowing hair. These products owe to our fabricated technicians’ magical hands, planting real yak hair piece by piece on the mammoths and giving real life to them.

Hair-Grafting for Mammoth Model

Hair-Grafting for Mammoth Replica

The animatronic mammoths family will be exhibited in a snowy place. They will greet every visitor in the Ice Age Exhibition. Let’s wait for their dream journey in France.

Baby Mammoth Animatronics

Baby Animatronic Mammoth

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