7 Best Selling Animatronic Dinosaurs In The US

Usually, it takes 60 days to order an animatronic dinosaurs overseas to reach your hands. (30 days for production + 30 days for sea shipping).

Don’t wanna wait 60 days? You are in the right place. Now we have 7 best selling dinosaurs in the US – North Carolina Warehouse.

Order now, and reach your hands within 2 weeks. 

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Ridiculously Awesome Animatronic Dinosaurs In The US

There is no doubt that Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs. Now we have the following three T-rex animatronic dinosaurs  and other four extremely realistic animatronic dinosaurs in the US for sale. Their movements include mouth opening and closing, head movement, tail movement, etc., and lifelike roars. Three layers of silicone on the skin enables its outdoor display all year long.

6m Brown Animatronic T-rex AD-01

US $10,175.00

3m Brown Animatronic T-rex AD-02

US $5,550.00

Awsome Green Animatronic T-rex Head AD-03

US $5,180.00

Light Brown Animatronic Velociraptor AD-04

US $6,600.00

Blue Animatronic Feathered Velociraptor AD-05

US $6,600.00

Yellow Animatronic Triceratops AD-06

US $8,510.00

Animatronic Stegosaurus AD-07

US $8000.00