7 Coolest Animatronic Dinosaurs In Stock For Sale

Usually, it takes 60 days to order the animatronic dinosaurs overseas to reach your hands. (30 days for production + 30 days for sea shipping). 

Now we have 7 coolest animatronic dinosaurs in stock for sale, ready to ship out NOW, without waiting for 30 days production time.

We can ship directly from China to your address and guarantee quality after-sales service.

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4 Popular Animatronic Dinosaurs In Stock For Sale

Animatronic dinosaur is a great option for outdoor and indoor displays, and the following animatronic T-rex and animatronic Triceratops have three layers of silicone on their skin, allowing them to be displayed outdoors year-round. Their movements include head movements, tail movements, etc., as well as realistic roars.

Green And Yellow Animatronic T-rex AD-01

6.00*1.00*3.00 Meters

US $5000

Gray Animatronic Triceratops AD-02

4.60*1.00*1.60 Meters

US $4600

Brown Animatronic Ankylosaurus AD-03

4.60*1.10*1.60 Meters

US $4600

Green Animatronic Stegosaurus AD-04

6.00*1.10*2.30 Meters

US $6000

Brown Skin Blue Stripes Velociraptor AD-05

3.00* 0.60*1.40 Meters

US $4200

Brown Animatronic Allosaurus AD-06

6.00*1.00*3.00 Meters

US $6000

Orange Animatronic Carnotaurus AD-07

6 Meters Long * 2 Meters Tall

US $7200

Animatronic T-Rex with slide rails  AD-08

7 Meters Long * 2 Meters Tall

US $8200

2 Realistic Fiberglass Dinosaur Replicas In Stock For Sale

Fiberglass statue Velociraptor head and Parasaurolophus is for mounting to the wall of the cafe, restaurant, or any indoor or outdoor decoration. ​They are made of high-quality fiberglass, so they are water-resistant and sun-resistant, which, if well protected, can increase their expected lifespan by up to five years.

Fiberglass Statue Velociraptor Head DP-01

US $750

Fiberglass Statue Parasaurolophus Head DP-02

US $750

Kirin Ride In Stock For Sale

Blue Kirin Ride CP-01

US $3500

In addition to all the above animatronic dinosaurs in stock for sale. We have 70+  life size Jurassic dinosaurs in the US – North Carolina Warehouse. Order now, and reach your hands within 2 weeks. Of course, if you want to customize a special dinosaur costume, contact us by mail info@onlydinosaurs.com. Only Dinosaurs Team will meet your personalized requirements.