Back to the Future With the Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits

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Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits

Would you like to visit Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits and go back to that gigantic wild world once again? Then get back to the normal daily routine life? Well, sometimes even the adults love to do that and the kids. They really enjoy the dinosaurs. They might be frightening, but that mysterious wild creatures still create amusement to even today’s high-tech kids. But, yeah, today’s kids are smarter, so the dinos should be the life-like dinosaurs and the life-size dinosaurs, or else the kids will find them dubious.

What Are the Animatronic Dinosaurs?

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No one of us has seen real dinosaurs in our life. We are not going to see one of those huge monster-like creatures. They are extinct. But the fossils we have found through which can imagine the structure of various types of dinosaurs. Accordingly, People have designed the angry tyrannosaurus Rex, triceratops, pterodactyls, or velociraptors. These miniatures are an exact replica of those scary animals, the life-like dinosaurs which move, roar, blink, and look the same as the real ones. These electronic dino models, we have named as animatronic dinosaurs.

Which Are the Places to Keep These Life-Like Dinosaurs?

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The amusement parks, museums, wide play arena, shopping malls, water parks, and the safari parks are ideal for keeping these life-size dinosaurs. Imagine your kids in a water park getting amazed at these enormous animatronic dinosaurs and crying with joy. Will you get this feeling anywhere else? Nothing else in this world can surprise them more than a friendly dino whom they can even touch! They won’t harm anybody. They’ll just roar, scare you, make you feel special, and do all that a real dinosaur will do, except harming you. Who doesn’t want to explore a friendly, dinosaur life-like model like that?

How Do We Make Such Huge Electronic Dino Models?

Stegosaurus in Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits

We at Only Dinosaurs have the top experts from around the world who have experimented and implemented their ideas along with a team of dedicated professionals. We believe in quality products and produce the most innovative realistic dinosaurs which bringing them into the real world in front of the people. Our electronic dinosaurs can be seen in various world-class theme parks and museums across the world in countries like Croatia, Korea, USA, Thailand, Slovenia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Poland, Chile, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, UK, Latvia, etc. Tayto Park, Ireland, Lake Compounce, USA, Dannoc in Thailand, West Midland Safari & Leisure Park, UK are some of our famous projects among many.

Apart from the animatronic dinosaur exhibits, we also manufacture other wild such as the mammoth elephants, dragons, Ice Age Smilodons, etc. We have successfully completed 30+ world-class projects which have made us more efficient. That is why we can pompously say that we can provide you with the best quality animatronic dinosaurs for your purposes.

Are These Real-Looking Dinosaurs Waterproof?

Pterosaur in Dinosaur Park

These dinosaurs are completely waterproof, scratchproof, and can resist any kind of temperature (about a 100-degree centigrade. It will melt at that kind of temperature) when you keep them for demonstrations at any safari parks, museums, or water parks. Regular cleaning and maintenance from your side are also required from your side as it will keep them as it is for years.

Will You Provide Any Guarantee?

Triceratops and Baby

We have special offers going on for the animatronic dinosaur exhibits for two years after you purchase the life-like dinosaurs will be provided with free repairing services. In case of any minor damages happening to the life-size dinosaur model. Our team of expert professionals can explain you better on this. Kindly get in touch with them through the email services. Your mail will be answered shortly soon we receive that.

Can I Know A Bit More About the Dino Making Part?

Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits

The entire modelling of the animatronic dinosaurs incorporates five different stages. It includes framing, i.e. making the dino skeleton exactly the same as the real ones. We have got to know from the fossils and bones found by the archaeologists. Then comes electronic wire and other electronic parts fixing, texture designing, skin fixing and also the painting work.

The Framing

This doesn’t take much time unless the dino is customized according to the client. We have the provisions that a client can customize and order the dino model according to their wishes. Our expert scientists will design the model accordingly, and you will get your customized animatronic dinosaur at your theme park.

Electronic Fixes

Our life-like dinosaurs not only stand at one place like a statue, but they also move, roar and scare people. So we need to fix accurate electronic devices and fix them with wiring then they can move their hands, legs, blink the eyes, and make sound the same as the real ones. So, if it is a customized dino model to be kept in an animatronic dinosaur exhibit, it takes time of few weeks or even a month.


Once the previous two processes are over, it’s time to make the texturing ready for the dinosaur model. We make the fine textures, exactly the same texture as the original dinosaurs. Our experts working on this process, who have a vast experience working with the dinosaur concepts and have worked earlier in various dinosaur projects. Our scientists work along with the highly qualified designers to make accurate life-like dinosaur models. The animatronic dinosaurs look exactly the same as those Jurassic creatures you have seen in the movies.

Skin Fixing

Fixing the skin of the life-size dinosaur is another
time-consuming work which requires a lot of perfection. It’s not just fixing a cover over the skeleton; it should produce a real architecture and bring life to the animatronic dinosaur. So that you can showcase it in the animatronic dinosaur exhibits. Our dedicated team constantly works through all these processes to make the project successful.

Painting Work

After the skin is fit on the frame and the texturing is done, your animatronic dinosaur is all ready to rock your museum, it just needs to be painted carefully. Through the years of experience of working on the same field, we have gathered all the expertise to make the animatronic dinosaurs look like the real dinosaurs. When finally, the all work gets done, the dinos look awesome. They don’t look scary but extremely adorable. But when they start functioning with that fierce roaring, it can frighten any brave explorers!

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