Realistic Animatronic Animal

Lifelike appearance, color and movements.

What is Animatronic Animal?

Animatronic animal is a type of animal model that consists of mechanicals, sculptures, furs, and painting. With the help of robotic devices, they become lifelike animals. It is driven by electrics or pneumatics. Animatronic Animal is typically used to attract visitors or audiences for educational purpose, in Museum, Zoo, Theme Park, Exhibition, Shopping Malls, and more.

Animatronic Animal Features

We can fabricate different kinds of animatronic animals alive or extinct. It is based on the latest biological knowledge and real fossil evidence.

They have vivid movements of heads shaking, eyes blinking, mouths opening and closing, roaring, and even spitting water.

Made from high-density foam and silicone. they can be waterproof, sunproof and snowproof. If well maintained, you can use them for at least 5 years.

A snake is spitting water to the people on the tree

How We Make Animal Animatronics?

There are six production steps, such as frame, electric system, sculpture, texture, skin and painting work. After that, a realistic animatronic animal with vivid movements and roars comes to life.

Weld the steel frame as per the Animal posture. After welding completion, paint anti-rust on the frame.

Install motors at the specific location in accordance with movements design. After connecting the electronic components, we will repeatedly test the movements.

Cover the frame with foam after movement test. Then experienced sculptors draw and sculpt the animal outline. Most importantly, the outline is created scientifically based on the data of paleontological knowledge.

Draw the animal texture with soldering iron as per scientific paleontology data or clients’ requirement.

A:Put one layer of silk stockings and another layer of fur.

B: Coat and scrape the silicone on the foam. Glue silk stockings on the foam and press on it until the texture is shown. Finally glue hair on the skin.

The fur can be artificial or realistic.

Make the color mixture with oil colors, silicone and gasoline. Spray the mixture on the animal as per pattern of the animatronic animal design.

Custom Animal Animatronics

If you need something special, we also provide other custom animatronic animals. Such as mermaid, parrot, mosquito, beetle, mantis, etc…

Just tell us the design and sketch, and we can make it happen.

A brown animatronic glyptodon on the ground

Ice Age Animals

Travel back to the ice age. Let’s explore mammoth, smilodon, megaloceros, etc. Moreover, their lifelike roar and movement make your hairs stand up.

A long neck giraffe on the ground

Take a trip to the rainforest or jungle to spark safari excitement! Here you can find crocodiles, monkeys, hippos, rhinoceros, tigers, lions, etc. Furthermore, you can play with them.

Our Projects

Our realistic animatronic animals are suitable for the commercial center square, trade stand entertainment, retail store openings, town & city events, and many more! And you can find these lifelike animatronic animals at Tayto ParkCity Centre BeirutSnow World, etc…

Animatronic Elephant in Shopping Mall 1

Centre La Galerie de Pessac – France

It offers not only Ice Age Animal, but also the opportunity for all ages to encounter and understand a world long since extinct! Explore the Indoor Ice Age animal Exhibit at Pessac of France.

Animatronic Animal in Snow World

Snow World – South Africa

Exploring Ice Age animal is enabling the audience to reveal the creatures’ looks, roaring, and movements in their interaction. Don’t miss out on this special educational and thrilling Ice Age Exhibit at Snow World of Grandwest in South Africa.

Animatronic Animal in Tayto Park

Tayto Park – Ireland

Travel back in time to the Ice Age and watch the magnificent and mighty megafauna come to life, with a spectacular display of Ice Age Animatronic Animals. Discover mammoth, cave bear, saber-toothed tiger, and much more at the Ice Age Exhibit in Tayto Park of Ireland!

Animatronic Animal in City Centre Beirut

City Centre Beirut – Lebanon

15+ real-sized sound and motion animals introduce children to the wildlife of the forest. And it is shown in an educational and entertaining way. What’s more, the Exhibit provides an unforgettable journey where these mighty beasts roamed. Let’s explore the blockbuster animals at City Centre Beirut of Lebanon.


Both “Sea Freight” and “Air Freight” are available. What’s more, we can ship to any destination in the world.

How to Use

We have the manual book. And it guides you on how to operate our animatronic animal step by step.

The Most Lifelike Animatronic Animal

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