AMC Global: Bringing Dream Aquariums & More To Reality

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Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the mysterious ocean from the comforts of home, office, or exhibit? Make it happen with AMC Global’s incredible aquariums.

This expert builder of aquatic and acrylic exhibits is also able to bring the enchanting ocean to hotels and theme parks among many others. That’s on top of being South Africa’s sole distributor of big brands like Only Dinosaurs, DOF Robotics, and VR Coaster.

AMC Global’s got the expertise to bring your production dreams to reality whatever they may be. Even NBA star Shaquille O’Neil trusts this skillful team.

Let’s get to know them better.

Expert Visionaries For Over 100 Years: The AMC Global Team

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Staying power and hard-earned expertise through the years are the marks of a vetted industry leader just like AMC Global. They’ve been serving numerous clients for more than 100 hundred years.

It’s this valuable experience passed on from generations and present experience that they bring to you. It’s how they turn awesome aquarium systems and more into reality.

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This KwaZulu, South Africa-based business has more achievements than you can imagine. Here are some of their impressive works to inspire your imagination:

  • created a 1-million gallon stadium for dolphins at Gulf World Marine Park, Florida
  • manufactured and installed a shark exhibit for Downtown Disney, Florida.
  • built a walk-through aquarium for the Inspiring Body of Christ, Texas.

Skills That Make Dreams Happen: AMC Global's Services

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It’s easy to dream but it’s another story of bringing them to life. AMC Global takes the challenge out of the execution with the right skills channeled into their efficient services.

Take a look at the ways this international team of experts can serve you with prices depending on the size and scope of your project:

  • Ideation of customized designsfor pools and aquariums
  • Acrylic fabricationthat turns valuable materials into the designs you visualize
  • Acrylic bondingto create mesmerizing transparencies in swimming pools
  • Designing customized pool windowsthat are able to resist high pressure
  • Acrylic panel installationby masterful staff
  • Conceptualizing LED, Virtual & Artificial Reality, Projection, and Hologram projects
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Did you know they’re experts in other kinds of exhibits too? AMC Global has made animal and prehistoric exhibits just like the ones we help create with our lifelike dinosaur costumes and fossils. Two examples are:

  • T-Rex Downtown Disney’s dinosaur restaurant fossil exhibit
  • Six Flags Marine World’s penguin exhibit

Stars, Giants, & More: AMC Global's Clients

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Big names, organizations, and businesses from all over the world have worked with the AMC Global team. They all came home raving and satisfied with how well their projects have turned out.

Shaquille O’Neil to Disney and Palms Casino Resort are just some of the few famous clients they’ve worked with. Private homes, marine and science parks, and commercial complexes have also benefitted from this global expert’s services.

Check out this video to see their craftsmanship up close and the camaraderie you’ll enjoy:

Play Video about amc global shaq o neil

AMC Global: Your Dream Aquatic Exhibits & Productions In Good Hands

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Source by: AMC Global

Awesome, aren’t they? AMC Global just goes above and beyond what they’re asked in every project.

It’s no wonder so many clients and business partners have entrusted them with amazing projects. We’re sure we glad we did too.

Now, how about you? Will your project be their next amazing feat? Whatever you have in mind, AMC Global’s got you in good hands.

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