20 Amazing Summer Party Themes That You Will Love

a group of friends casually dressed and clinking glasses at a white and green themed summer party

Source by: rh2010

Planning a simple get-together or a celebration? We’ve got you with these classic summer party ideas (with inspiration boards) you can pull off anytime.

Who says you can’t party like it’s still summer even in November, right? Just tweek it up a bit to match the season you’re in when hosting a summery theme.

So let’s get the summer vibes going with fun decor, good food, and the people we love.

Summer Themes That Feel Like A Vacation

two brown dogs buried in sand wearing red sunglasses while holding a watermelon and an ice cream

Source by: Javier Brosch

The best thing about summer is going on a get-away to rest, relax, and recharge. For some, it’s a dream trip to a tropical destination. For others, it’s the experience of getting to know culture and people.

What kind of vacation would you love to go on in summer?

Here are summer themes you can recreate that’ll make you feel like you’re going on a vacation.

#1 Around the World Summer Party Theme

brightly colored hot air balloons floating under the blue sky

Source by: ian dooley

Treat your guests to exclusive plane tickets to your summer party. Ask them for travel destinations they’d all love to go to and pick the ones with the most votes.

London? Paris? Japan? Morocco? The sky’s the limit!

picture collage of red telephone booths a woman in a blue denim jacket pointing at the Eiffel Tower and white sakura hanging beside yellow Japanese lanterns 1

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Decorate the areas around your venue that represent those travel hotspots. Serving food you can only find in those destinations will need extra effort but it will make the feels even more realistic!

You can also have them dress up as if they’re visiting those places. That way, you can bring the whole experience together.

#2 Hawaiian Luau Summer Party

a Hawaiian party food table with pink letter balloons, pineapples, fruit drinks, and utensils on a straw-covered table

Source by: Lee Vue

Think calm waves, beautiful beaches, and easy-going music as you say aloha to this summer party theme. Key summer party decor to cop the look would be these:

  • flower leis
  • pineapple lanterns
  • flip-flops
  • hula skirts
  • coconuts
  • tiki torches
  • tropical plants (monstera-like and hibiscus shapes)
picture collage of pink surfboards a smiling woman with a pink flower in her hair and bright yellow pineapples 2

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Now, what can kind of food do you serve at a Hawaiian luau? Here are a few ideas you can try:

  • tropical fruit kebabs – place watermelons, pineapples, kiwis, and the like on a barbecue stick
  • pineapple/coconut fruit bowls – carve out a pineapple and fill it up with fruits and layered with very light cream or condensed milk
  • fruit shakes (and of course, water)
  • grilled beef, seafood, or vegetable kebabs
  • pork sliders
  • Small grab and go sandwiches

#3 Olympics Summer Party

Olympic rings on a white flag

Source by: DavidRockDesign

You may be wondering how the Olympics can feel like a vacation. Remember how it’s always held in different countries every time? Imagine being in the host country and touring around before or after the games.

Choose your favorite summer Olympic destination from the upcoming or from the ones already held. You can mix up the decoration with the host country’s Olympic design or travel hotspots to make it easy.

photo collage of Olympic rings signage gold medal and women running on a track 3

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Most of all, let guests have fun through games! Split the guests into teams and award them medals from gold, silver, to bronze so everyone feels good and goes home a winner.

Check out these games you can play at your Olympics summer party:

  • Bounce ping pong balls into big cans (like a mini basketball)
  • One-legged race
  • Pass the pineapple or whatever small food item you have on hand
  • Frisbee
  • Balancing books on your head relay race
  • Ring toss Olympics-colored hoops onto a bottle

#4 Mexican Fiesta Summer Party Ideas

woman in an orange dress sitting beside a colorful table with sunflowers

Source by: RODNAE Productions

Nothing says festive like a Mexican fiesta. There’s just something bright and cheerful about Mexican culture.

Set up the party with colorful bandanas lining your walls and Mexican sombreros for guests if you’re eating outside. You can play lively music while serving delicious salsas, tacos, and ice-cold drinks to guests.

photo collage of a pink and blue flat layout, an orange green dress beside a brown sombrero, and food on a dark red table

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

You can even add dainty succulents around the venue to complete the look. Bring these little details together and you’ve got a fun summer fiesta.

#5 Tropical Flamingo Summer Theme

some bottles on the desk

Source by: Jonatan Volker

Want something chic but with a pop of color? A tropical flamingo summer party theme would be a good choice.

These popular birds have been a summer fixture for decades. Did you know the first flamingo lawn ornament was made in 1957? It was first made by visual artist Donald Featherstone which grew in popularity since then. And the rest is history.

photo collage of pink skies and thin green leaves, a pink flamingo float in a blue pool, and a mural of a flock of flamingos

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

People just love the tropical vibe flamingos bring. Take your guests’ thoughts to exotic destinations like the Caribbean and Africa as you dress up your celebration with different shades of pink and green.

You can use pink balloons, rose gold flamingo table decor, and lush plants. Fruit trays, salads, punch, and yummy finger food are great food ideas that’ll make your guests have fun.

Summer Party Ideas That Feel Like the Movies

black and white board on top of pink and silver balloons

Source by: lan deng

Movie-themed parties are always a great idea. Especially so when they’re your favorite films.

What movie titles popped in your head just now? List them down so you won’t forget.

In the meantime, check out these movie-inspired summer party ideas that’ll be fun to celebrate with.

#6 Cozy Backyard Movie Summer Party

backyard with a movie projected on a white cloth with wooden chairs and barrels in front 1 4

Source by: Shaiith

Netflix and chill on a cozy evening with friends and family with a backyard movie summer party. Simply decorate the area with fairy lights and small lanterns then you’re good to go for decor.

photo collage of fairy lights, a screen with a movie playing set in a backyard, and popcorn

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

As for the movie, setting up a movie screen meant for the outdoors, a projector, and speakers would be good ideas. Serve s’mores, popcorn, chips, and hot chocolate for a cozy night out. You can also order food for takeout to make food arrangements easier.

#7 Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Summer Party Theme

a Jurassic Park gate surrounded by green trees

Source by: Dave Harwood

Little kids will have fun playing with cute dinosaur puppets as they get on-theme for a Jurassic Park summer party. Even Jurassic World will be equally fun as adults can dress up in realistic dinosaur costumes for a roar-some celebration.

photo collage of kids in dinosaur costumes, a T. rex from a side mirror, and dark green leavesphoto collage of kids in dinosaur costumes, a T. rex from a side mirror, and dark green leaves

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Awesome summer party decor for this would be:

  • a Jurassic Park/World logo printed out and tacked on a green backdrop
  • balloons in different shades of green, orange, and brown
  • a table designed like the Jurassic Park jeep
  • dinosaur eggs
  • plants with long or fern-like leaves
  • the venue’s entrance decorated like the Jurassic Park gate

#8 Marvel Summer Theme

mural of a superhero in a blue and red costume scaled 5

Source by: Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

Get ready to assemble the avengers with a Marvel-themed summer party! Friends and family can suit up as their favorite Avenger and save the day by making sure they have a blast at your party.

Make your get-together different with a fun photo booth all the superheroes can take pictures in. Place different masks and cut-outs of lines from the films to really get them going.

photo collage of Iron Man, Groot, and Spiderman

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Superheroes need to expend their energy too. You can host a few minute-to-win-it games with a superhero theme for the party’s activities:

  • Knock out as many soda cans assembled in a pyramid using an Avenger action figure
  • Trivia about each Marvel character
  • Archery but with a bow and arrow like Hawkeye’s
  • Smash as many balloons possible with Hulk gloves

#9 Rustic Dinosaur Summer Party Ideas

two orange dinosaur toys below a green plant scaled 6

Source by: Cup of Couple

Want to have a dinosaur-themed summer party but a little chicer? Try a rustic take on this ferocious classic by using more neutral shades and minimalist decor.

photo collage of pink and white flowers, brown dinosaur puppet in a crate, and a rustic table with food and drinks

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Here are a few ideas for food and decoration:

  • light brown dinosaur eggs, just a few adorable dinosaur puppets in cratesfor the kids (and to add pops of color too)
  • gold dinosaur toppers
  • cut-outs of aesthetic plants and jungle foliage
  • succulents
  • light pink, dark green, white, and gold balloons
  • a minimalist cake with a simple dinosaur cake topper
  • dark chocolate cupcakes with light-green frosting (You can also refer to the cake in the blog 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy
  • Chips, small sandwiches, and light fried finger food

#10 Cowboy/Western Summer Party Theme

a man and a woman riding on the horses

Source by: Jonathan Borba

A great theme that’ll help folks loosen up is a cowboy or western-themed summer party. Think classic saloon doors, wooden barrels, cowboy hats, and bandanas.

Guests can simply wear an accessory or go all out in a cowboy or cowgirl outfit as they come to the party. Have a few lively dances too for an energetic atmosphere.

photo collage of an old wooden building, a couple wearing cowboy hats, and cowgirl boots

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Delicious food like baby back ribs, southern fried chicken, grilled corn, and steaks will perfectly complement the event. And don’t forget the ice cream!

Summer Party Themes That'll Give You Vitamin Sea

four pineapples wearing shades on the beach

Source by: Olesya Kuprina

Surf’s up! Or would you rather go nautical? How about swimming under the sea with the mermaids? Here’s a list of summer party ideas for some much-needed vitamin sea!

#11 Beach Summer Party

a pineapple on the beach

Source by: Evi Radauscher

What’s summer without the beach? Enjoy each other’s company with a beach-themed party by accessorizing your home or venue with surfboards, waves, and palm trees.

collage of coconut trees, women in multicolored bathing suits, and sunglasses with yellow drinks on a table

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Enjoy your surf party with these food ideas:

  • Island fruits like pineapples, watermelons, and mangoes will make refreshing juices.
  • Submarine sandwiches
  • Grilled chicken tenders or barbecued chicken

#12 Nautical Summer Theme

a yellow glass on a blue and white cloth scaled 7

Source by: Charlotte Harrison

A nautical summer party is all about the wind, the sail, and the seas. Go on your own nautical adventure with family and friends with a nautical theme.

You can choose from a rustic kind of style where the colors are more muted, lean toward wood, and have textures that are rough. These could be fishnets, ropes, plank, and wooden barrels.

photo collage of a boats steering wheel a man standing on a yacht and an aerial view of a boat 8

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Another choice would be bright crisp colors that remind you of majestic ships. These are your bright blues, reds, and whites. Brass, chrome, and wood are good accents too.

The last option has a coastal style. These are island accents like trees, seagulls, and sand that line the shore. Soft colors characterize this too with mint green, cream white, and soft blue.

#13 Under the Sea Summer Party

a little boy wearing snorkeling goggles holding up a starfish

Source by: Claude Piché

An under the sea summer party is particularly great for kids. This lets them have fun with ocean creatures they’re just starting to know. The bright-colored animals and bubbles are entertaining and will easily add life to the party.

Here are party decorations you can style your event with:

  • Silver fish scales backdrop using shimmery paper plates
  • Glittery starfish styrofoam
  • Neon-colored jellyfish hanging from the ceiling using curling ribbon and clear plastic bowls
  • Seashells
  • Children’s snorkeling equipment
photo collage of underwater pictures of a turtle, a little boy, and brightly-colored fish

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Fun food items you can serve are:

  • cupcakes with sea turtle shell designs
  • goldfish crackers
  • bright blue jello
  • clam-shaped cookies with sweet cream filling
  • octopus cake pops
  • a Baby Shark cake

Summer Party Themes That Feel Like Home

Mixed-races happy family at party dinner outdoor in yard smiling and posing to smartphone camera while small boy taking selfie photo. Multi ethnic people making photos together at barbeque Celebration

Source by: VAKSMANV

Remember family picnics or a chill day out with your closest friends and some good barbecue on the grill? How about the adventure-filled days at summer camp with the coziest nights and songs by the bonfire?

Here are summer party themes that remind you of memories close to your heart and the people you call home.

#14 Backyard Cookout Summer Party

A steak and some peppers

Source by: Denys Gromov

Fresh air, freshly grilled meat, and fresh new memories made with the ones you hold dear are some of the best things at a backyard cookout. It’s one summer party theme that simply can’t be missed.

photo collage of meat on a grill, a family eating at a wooden table outdoors, and vegetable kebabs

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Try these food and decor ideas at the next barbecue you’ll be hosting:

  • let the little ones help you out by letting them serve tasty fruits to friends and family
  • a lemonade stand that the kids can run for fun
  • repurpose the gardening bench into a refreshment table. leave your plants on the bench as design
  • a grazing board and a dessert spread with tarts, pies, and s’mores
  • use melamine plates that stay stylish while still being sturdy
  • food station for your freshly grilled sausages, burgers, and steaks with toppings and sauces on the side
  • give your watermelon a twist by transforming

#15 Camping-Inspired Summer Party Ideas

small white tent with a little boy sitting inside on a red carpet

Source by: Tatiana Syrikova

Fun, cozy, and perfect even for the evening. A camping-inspired summer party theme is an awesome idea for those looking for a party that can be easily enjoyed by both adults and kids.

photo collage of an orange tent under hanging lights, a campfire with people cooking s’mores, and marshmallows in a pan

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Here are a few ways you can make it happen:

  • bars of s’mores – prepare them with graham, marshmallows, and your favorite milk chocolate or peanut butter cups
  • campfire-themed cupcakes
  • hotdogs in rolled bread
  • grilled potatoes with ranch dressing
  • lemonade
  • utensils in galvanized tin cans
  • tents and wooden tables
  • camping-themed printables and invitations
  • activities: friendship bracelets, water balloon toss, sack race, charades, scavenger hunt, and songs around the bonfire

#16 Cottagecore Summer Party Theme

a woman reading on a white blanket beside bread, water, and a watering can with flowers

Source by: Leah Kelley

Think about dried flowers, cream white blankets, and freshly baked sourdough with the season’s freshest fruits. That’s what makes up cottagecore.

It’s an adorable aesthetic that’s great for simple get-togethers with family or a relaxing afternoon with friends. You get an experience that’s a hint of nostalgia and the simplicity of the countryside in this summer party theme.

photo collage of cherries on a black plate, a woman in a brown gingham dress holding strawberries, and apples with wine in a basket

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Guests will love summer party decor and food like:

  • faux greens and fruits as table decor
  • citrus colors and elements to balance the monotony and keep it summery
  • dainty white flowers
  • lace table runners
  • vintage mugs for coffee or drinks
  • honey cake topped with berries
  • blueberry tarts
  • freshly baked sourdough or herb bread
  • roasted Tuscan chicken
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • lemonade or iced mint tea

Summer Party Ideas That'll Give You A Rush

a man in a white long-sleeved shirt and a woman in a yellow dress dancing together

Source by: Long Truong

More than the aesthetics and the delicious menu, summer themes are also about reminding ourselves of the good times we’ve shared with our closest relationships. Or even the best moments we’ve had in life that give us a rush every time we look back.

Memories like when you had your first crush, singing out loud with friends at a karaoke or road trip. Or that time when you made this year’s resolutions.

Check out our final list of themes that embody just that in this list of summer party ideas.

#17 Karaoke Summer Party Theme

three men performing a song on stage in grayscale

Source by: Chris Zhang

Karaoke nights are a great way to just have a good time whether it be with a few close friends or with the family. Sing your favorite songs from road trips, your first date, your first heartbreak, or what have you at this summer party.

photo collage of yellow lights on a blue wall, two women smiling and singing, and red curtains on a stage

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Spruce it up by creating a stage where people can sing and feel like pop stars. Additionally, you can decorate your venue using musical genres or favorite singing competition shows. You can try a The Voice theme, The Masked Singer, Glee, or even K-Pop! Go all out and have a good time.

Guests will appreciate food that’s easy to eat while waiting for their turn to sing. Cupcakes with microphone prints, pizza, chips, salsa, chicken tenders, and kebabs will do the trick.

#18 Color of the Year by Pantone Summer Party Ideas

man wearing a yellow collared polo on top of a white shirt

Source by: VAZHNIK

Colors are a great way to express oneself. And especially so at parties. To take a break from our wardrobe’s everyday colors, try Pantone’s Color of the Year as a summer party theme.

List down colors that have been Color of the Year as far back as you like. Pick five (to make it easier for guests to dress up) and send them out to your guests as the party’s color themes.

photo collage of colors on flash cards lying on brown plants and a grayscale picture of a woman in a dress

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

You can give it a little more meaning by giving guests tips beforehand on how to choose a color. It can be the color for that year when they made New Year’s resolutions they were successful at.

Or the color that reminds them of their life’s favorite things. These simple tips will help make the summer party more meaningful as memories and happy feelings rush back.

#19 Prom Summer Party Theme

feet of a woman in a green formal dress wearing silver shoes beside a man in a tux wearing black leather shoes

Source by: Qualivity

This is a great excuse for everyone to don a tux and an elegant dress. Gather everyone’s past prom themes then have them vote on the prom theme they’ll most enjoy.

Did they have the Roaring 20s? Fire & Ice? Disco Fever? Get a rush dressing up for the night and enjoying each other’s company like it’s prom again.

photo collage of a man with a red bow tie, women in formal dresses, and a woman wearing a blue formal dress and white flowers

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

You can serve pre-prom food as appetizers like shrimp cocktails, chicken skewers, and cheese puffs. Set up a photo booth with fun headbands, eyeglasses, and printed call-outs so guests can take home memories of the summer party.

#20 Derby Day Summer Party Theme

roses in shades of red, pink, and white

Source by: Nick Fewings

While this may not be nostalgic, derby days remind one of the rushes you get when watching which horse and jockey will win the race. Let everyone “Run for the Roses” in a Kentucky Derby theme by dressing in wide-brimmed hats, suits made of linen, and classy dresses.

photo collage of red roses, horses, jockeys, and rose cupcakes

Source by: Onlydinosaurs

Guests can have fun with outdoor games like horseshoes. Those who’d rather relax with a mint julep in hand can enjoy the silverware and roses adorning the tables. Watch them racing for the last bite on your Kentucky chocolate pie with walnuts in this summer party theme!

Summer Party Themes: One For Every Season & Every Mood

two men and women holding watermelons while sitting on a bench

Source by: rh2010

What’s awesome about summer themes is how flexible they can be. You can simply host the party indoors when the season’s cold or rainy. You can also choose whatever theme fits your mood the most.

And most of all, how there are plenty of creative party themes for adults that embody summer. Most are kid-friendly too with a little adjustment to the menu and decor.

Which one would you try first? Have fun and enjoy!

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