Amazing Christmas Tree Ideas to Ring in This Yuletide Season

With the festive season drawing near, Christmas plans are surely in everyone’s mind. Gone are the days of traditional holiday decorations. Now, there are fresh ways of decking up your home, specifically the Christmas tree. Think of handmade craft items to DIY tree lights, toppers and sounds, like pre-fitted speakers; and you will know how these impart a total makeover to the home.

Regardless of the talking Christmas tree you got, the purpose is to think out-of-the-box. After all, Yuletide cheer brings the family closer and renews fresh vigour in our lives. So let the Christmas tree be the talking point. And nothing gets better than ringing in the festive time with fun ideas.

Pristine in white

A slight departure from the ‘green centrepiece’, the talking Christmas tree is a good bet. An all-white spruce tree cuts a tranquil picture. Besides, it’s unmatched to the traditional decked up avatar. Additionally, you can throw in some snowflakes, cute ice-skate toppers and pastel baubles for added effect. In order to keep the spark alive, how about infusing some glitter on the decor? This will certainly be eye-catching and classy, all at the same time.

The sugary effect of candies galore

Talking Christmas Tree 1

Now this is bound to take the attention of the little kiddos! You can keep the traditional form of the Christmas tree intact and hang those candies all around. Apart from the balls, stars and bells that take the lion’s share of the decorative items on the tree, keep your sugar coated sticks, lollipops, peppermint lozenges handy. You can also garnish the colourful tree using rose cookies, chocolates, gingerbread house decor and much more.

With beach waves for company

So this time you intend to celebrate Christmas with your family by the seashore. Well, that’s a great thing to do! It makes total sense to bring the beach beauty inland by allowing the talking Christmas tree to reflect that. In sharp contrast to your regular crafting, bring on some shells, turquoise ornaments and starfish toppers. Away from the chaos of the city, this one will definitely stay memorable for a long time.

Up-cycling and Re-cycling is always in vogue

Animatronic Christmas Tree 1

If you ever talk to the gypsies and hippies, they will tell you about outfitting the tree with left over products. But how does it matter when you recycle those and make wonderful accessories? Try utilizing worn out shoe laces, socks and ear danglers, and via some effective DIY hacks. You can also fashion your Christmas tree stand using old bass drums or some junk items. And maybe a baby reindeer puppet?

Let there be light!

Imagine the tree shining with all its might, just because you took care in attaching few fairy lights. A Christmas tree illuminated from top to bottom requires no add-ons. Such will be the glow and shine using varied shades of gold, white and silver that it’s bound to make heads turn! To make a bolder impact, hang stockings using thick twines and tying them with coloured ribbons.

So this year, let the Yuletide be of a different type, thanks to some amazing talking Christmas tree ideas. Contact Only Dinosaurs to own one.

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