9 Interesting Facts About Apatosaurus No One Told You About!

An apatosaurus is drinking water beside a river

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For centuries dinosaurs have been some of the most fascinating creatures. They have tried to intimidate us in one way or another somehow. From fossils and other evidence, we have pictured how these giant creatures used to manage their lives.

However, apatosaurus dinosaurs were the ones that didn’t have much evidence left behind to explore until now! Recently scientists unearthed some of the rarest apatosaurus fossils that explained what apatosaurus dinosaurs used to look like.

Thankfully, this will also let us know how the dinosaur apatosaurus lived in the Jurassic period. Keep reading this article until the end to learn 9 of the most interesting facts about the apatosaurus dinosaur.

First, let’s get to know how to identify dinosaur apatosaurus.

What did the Apatosaurus Fossils Look Like?

Several Apatosaurus with Small Dinosaurs

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Apatosaurus dinosaurs used to live some 50 million years ago in the late Jurassic period. Their fossils had this long necks, long tails, and weighed up to 36,000 kg. At first, apatosaurus fossils were mixed with brontosaurus fossils.

Scientists called apatosaurus brontosaurus (thunder lizard in Greek words) and were from the same genus. Later, Othniel Charles Marsh revealed that the fossils belonged to a different genus. He named the incomplete apatosaurus fossil collection apatosaurus ajax.

After finding many other fossils, Marsh reexamined his collection and gave it the name brontosaurus excelsus. Further, scientists thought that this Brontosaurus should be named apatosaurus excelsus.

William Holland governed the discovery of finding a complete apatosaurus skeleton and later named it apatosaurus louisae. By the end, two species of apatosaurus dinosaurs were recognized, namely, apatosaurus ajax and apatosaurus louisae.

This deceptive lizard, the apatosaurus dinosaur, had some of the most unusual facts and figures. Below we have compiled 9 intriguing apatosaurus facts for kids and adults that will resolve all your queries regarding these dinosaurs.

9 Interesting Facts About Dinosaur Apatosaurus

close-up photo of a huge brown Apatosaurus with green trees at the back

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Scientists have showcased fossils of the apatosaurus at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Finding genuine fossils can be a hassle at times. If you are struggling to find the authentic apatosaurus dinosaur fossil, click here!

For now, let’s dive into these interesting facts relating to the apatosaurus.

One lesser-known fact of apatosaurus is that they belonged to the largest dinosaur group, the Sauropod group. Sauropods, at one point, were some of the largest animals that roamed on planet earth.

Male and Female Apatosaurus

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Even though apatosaurus were not the biggest land animals still, their huge size made it obvious that they were sauropods. Like most sauropods, the apatosaurus’ first three toes had hind limbs with claws arranged, whereas the forelimbs lacked claws. This was one apatosaurus fact that made them different from other dinosaurs.

Because apatosaurus belonged to the sauropod group, they had these small heads and huge bodies. One unknown apatosaurus fact was that they were not the wisest dinosaurs because of their small head size.

fossil of an adult Apatosaurus on display behind a glass casing

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Apatosaurus tail was very long and resembled a whip. Scientists believe that the apatosaurus used its tail to whip predators. Their tail was their most powerful tool to get rid of their foe. It might have made a loud noise by cracking its tail like a whip to frighten away predators.

Apatosaurus had this long neck, just like sauropods. It had this flexible neck that they used to knock down trees for food. Scientists also believe that apatosaurus had to hold their neck horizontally most of the time to make it easier to pump blood.

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Brontosaurus or apatosaurus used to live on earth in the late Jurassic period some 50 million years ago. Among the many incredible apatosaurus facts, one is that they could live up to 100 years.

Scientists have formulated that the apatosaurus bones resembled modern-day birds. These dinosaurs had hollow bones that helped them to balance their weight equally.


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Like other sauropods, apatosaurus ate plants and were herbivores. So, what kind of plants did apatosaurus eat? To maintain their huge size, they ate a lot of low-lying plants without chewing and used to eat stones to swallow food and ease digestion.

Apatosaurus eggs were about a foot long, most probably the size of a basketball. From the remains of an apatosaurus egg, it was found that a baby apatosaurus was born fully formed, much like a miniature apatosaurus.

Even though the apatosaurus egg was very tiny compared to a fully formed dinosaur, it still grew very fast. By sheltering the young in the heart of the herd, the group shields its young from predators like Allosaurus.

Dinosaur Apatosaurus Pictures


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Bottom Line

Even if the apatosaurus used to reign the planet some 50 million years ago, they are still discussed and treasured to this day. These dinosaurs used to walk on four legs and were initially mixed with the Brontosaurus. If you want to learn more about long-necked dinosaurs like it, you can read the blog A Fun Guide to Long Neck Dinosaurs [With 10 Dino Names].

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