Top 8 Dinosaur Water Parks You Can’t Miss This Summer 2021


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We’re so excited that summer’s just around the corner and there’s no better way to have fun than in a dinosaur water park! Imagine beating the heat in thrilling slides and lazy rivers with your favorite dinosaurs.

Because we couldn’t wait for summertime, we already scouted for the top 8 dinosaur water parks around the globe you can’t miss! You’ll find a dinosaur water park nearby wherever you are in the world. So here’s a list where you can have the best family vacations with the dinos this year.

Ready to have some fun? Let’s go!

Dinosaur Water Park #1: The Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art Village, CT, USA

The kids will be giggling, splashing, and running around all day in this dinosaur water park in CT. Nature’s Art Village is home to The Dinosaur Place where over 50 realistic dinosaurs live in trails and waters.

The spacious 60-acre park in Connecticut has a huge splash pad where some of those dinosaurs live. It’s the largest splash pad of its kind in New England! It’s so big that it has waterfalls shaped like a dinosaur’s rib cage, water cannons shaped like a T. rex, and even a flying Pteranodon!


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The Dinosaur Place‘s splash pad is also safe for children as young as toddlers because the playground is zero-depth. Kids can run, sit, and laugh all day without fear of the water being too deep. You can be at ease knowing your child is safely having fun.

Here’s another fun fact about The Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Village. The tickets you purchase for admission also give your kids access to the splash pad. No additional fees! 

How about that? You get two prehistoric attractions in one! You get to swim at a dinosaur water park and walk along the dinosaur trails too. Now, that’s a place you definitely can’t miss!

Dinosaur Water Park #2: Jurassic Park River Adventure, Universal Studios, Florida, USA ext Here

Calling all fans of Jurassic Park! This dinosaur water park for you. But Jurassic Park Adventure Ride isn’t the traditional swim and splash experience because this one is going to be the ride of your life! So prep yourself for a thrilling adventure like no other!

This dino attraction starts off with an easy cruise along the river. You’ll meet gentle animatronic dinosaurs like a stegosaurus with its little one.  You’ll also see a parasaurolophus blowing water and other dinos just living their everyday lives. Then, the Jurassic Park theme song playing in the background completes the whole experience.

But suddenly, the raft is thrown off course and rerouted to the dinosaur water park’s restricted section! It’s where the dangerous dinosaurs are kept. And they’re on the loose as security controls are breached.

Scary, isn’t it? What’s more thrilling is that the only escape path is to finish the ride. Your raft courses through the river and into a dark tunnel filled with roaring dinosaurs.


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Finally, towards the end, an unbelievably realistic T. rex roars. It’s ready to take riders up for lunch! But before you know it, an 85-foot water drop becomes your path of escape and you’ll live to tell the tale of your great adventure!


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Dinosaur Water Park #3: Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, England, United KingdomHeading Text Here

Welcome to the United Kingdom where the fun at their dinosaur water park will greet you with a mighty roarr! Roarr Dinosaur Adventure is a sprawling theme park in England that’s full of exciting activities which include a dinosaur water park called Dippy’s Splash Zone.

It’s a huge splash pad that’s made for the little ones’ fun and safety. It’s even the biggest one in the East Anglia area! It’s so big that Dippy’s Splash Pad is filled with everything you can imagine to make a kid’s day.


Source by: @roarr_dinosauradventure

With what kind of stuff, you ask? Dippy’s Splash Pad has friendly dinosaurs that kids get to play with while enjoying a cool pour of water from the gigantic bucket! Water cannons and fountains are also around for additional fun. Water slides are part of the thrill as well!

This dinosaur water park was made with safety in mind too. Dippy’s Splash Pad is a zero-depth playground where kids can enjoy getting wet without deep waters to trouble them. So it’s nothing but fun and great sun here at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure

Dinosaur Water Park #4: Water Park Dino Park, HL Paradise Island Hotel, Lanzarote, Spaineading Text Here

Water Park Dino Park at HL Paradise Island Hotel is for you if you’re looking for a two-in-one experience. A summer holiday at this hotel in Spain will treat you to a 4-star accommodation and free tickets to their dinosaur water park.

Kids get to have fun at Dino Park on the slides, the playground, and the tubes too! Lifeguards are around the area to keep your kids safe as they play. A giant bucket, a dino beside the slides, and other sea creatures add fun to the place!


 Source by: @hoteleslopez

Some guests have found the slides to need a little more water sometimes. So make sure it’s slippery enough to slide on before your kids go. It’s also advisable to dip a toe in the play areas before really going in as the waters may be a bit cold.

And when you’re done playing with the dinos at the water park, head on up to the hotel’s restaurant for some tasty food. It’s a great way to end a fun day and your summer holiday.

  • Location: Paradise Island Hotel, Lanzarote, Spain
  • Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM
  • Ticket Prices: free for guests of the hotel; walk-in prices are $23.78 (adults) and $16.65 (kids)


Dinosaur Water Park #5: Dino-Valley Hot Spring, China Dinosaur Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China


Source by:  Dino-Valley Hot Spring at

Have you ever heard of a dinosaur water park in the form of hot springs? If you’ve never heard of it and never been to one, you can’t miss out on Dino-Valley Hot Spring! It’s a great place both for kids and adults who’d love a unique summer holiday away from crowded noisy water parks.

In this dinosaur water park, you can relax in the many pools around the facility while enjoying the prehistoric theme. You can get a good soak at hot springs with essential oils, petals, fishes, and warm jade beds. There are also pools that are kid-friendly too.


Source by:  Dino-Valley Hot Spring at

It’s a dinosaur water park that’s open in all seasons as well. So this place can be your winter holiday destination too!

Another win for visiting Dino-Valley Hot Spring is that it’s part of a bigger dinosaur theme park — China Dinosaurs Park! A good idea would be to spend the day at the China Dinosaurs Park and then relax at the hotsprings later in the evening.

You can also check-in for the night at Dino-Valley Hot Spring and call it a day. With this experience, your family will definitely have a unique summer vacation on this side of the globe.

  • Location: China Dinosaur Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Opening Hours: 1PM – 10:30PM
  • Tickets: $16.49 (kids), $33.28 (adults)


Dinosaur Water Park #6: Dino Beach, Shanghai, China


Source by: SmartShanghai 

In another dynamic city in China is a dinosaur water park that’s sure to make summer fun! Head on over to Dino Beach at Shanghai for a water park that’s filled with fun activities. Dino Beach has slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools as far as the eye can see.

This amazing dinosaur water park is the largest one in Asia spanning over 85,000 square meters. Try out the 6,000-square meter wave pool called Storm Beach or exciting water sports like jet skiing and banana boats at the Blue Sea.

Kids enjoy three different types of swimming pools where they can wade or splash around. Or bring the whole family together and cruise on a lazy river ride as long as a mile!

Your prehistoric experience will be graced by dinosaurs and other amazing creatures at the park. With all these in sight, a visit here will be nothing short of a great summer vacation.

  • Location: Minhang, Shanghai, China
  • Opening Hours: 9AM – 8PM
  • Tickets: $30.54


Dinosaur Water Park #7: Dinosaurs Alive Water Theme Park, Johor, Malaysia

You can enjoy a fun dinosaur water park right in the country where you can experience something that’s truly Asia. Malaysia will give you an experience that’s truly Asia from food to culture and even water parks like Dinosaurs Alive.

It’s a budget-friendly dinosaur water park that has dino sculptures around pools for that prehistoric experience. Giant T. rexes and a Brachiosaurus as tall as 85 feet will be your kids’ summer playmates!

Water slides, splash pads, and kiddie pools make up the Jurassic playground. Giant buckets and water cannons add to the fun experience kids can get at this dinosaur water park in Malaysia. Adults can also cool off in these pools for a bonding moment with the kids.

Don’t forget to take pictures with the realistic dinosaur sculptures before you go! A visit to Dinosaurs Alive is a must if you’re planning a vacation in this part of Asia.

Dinosaur Water Park #8: Dino Water Park, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Did you know this dinosaur water park in Thailand already has 23M views on YouTube? Influencer Gezen Adam rode all the attractions at Dino Water Park, filmed each one, and compiled it in one awesome video.

What exactly did he ride and had fun on? Gezen slid on a fast tube, an exciting drop, a space boat, and a slide bowl among many. And just like him, you can get on these rides this summer too!

There are countless water rides you can enjoy in North East Thailand’s biggest water park on top of what we just shared. There’s a family raft, an aqua tower, and the essential wave pool and a lazy river. A water park isn’t a water park without a wave pool and a lazy river, right?

There are also kids pools and splash pads for the little ones on vacation with you. This dinosaur water park has something for both the young and young at heart.

The dinosaur theme of the park just makes it all the more fun as you enjoy the facilities. And after a day of fun, you’ll realize that Thailand truly is the land of smiles and Dino Water Park is the cherry on top.

Fun Times, Laugh Lines, and The Best Memories Ever at Dinosaur Water Parks


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What do you think about the exciting and family-friendly dinosaur water parks we just covered? We hope those places got you excitedly planning your vacation itinerary.

Why? Because there’s nothing better than a vacation at an awesome water park with our families. And most of all, a summer vacation with realistic dinosaurs!

If you noticed, it was those animatronic dinosaurs and realistic dino props that really brought the Jurassic atmosphere to those places. Without them, it would just be another water park.

But because they’re there, you can be sure to have a unique vacation with your Jurassic buddies. Have fun making waves this summer!

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