4 Best Dinosaur Games for Kids – How to Play Them?

With the endless list of dinosaur games, it helps kids decide what best fits them. Apart from app games, board games, and video games, here are the top 4 dinosaur games for kids, which your child will adore.

It’s very uncommon and thrilling for kids to be quite obsessed with creatures that vanished years ago. Thus, to bring old tales to life, toy manufacturers have hooked up the kid’s joy by providing interactive, educational toys that offer meaningful communication with our kids.

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1. Dinosaur Race

The game requires a spinner, 16 twin-sided dinosaur cards, two dozen medal cards (4-gold, 4-silver, and 4-bronze), a jigged sporting track board, 4-dinosaur players, 4-character stands, and lastly, a winner’s podium.

Dinosaur Games for Kids dinosaur race

Game Set-up

  1. Gather the sporting track board and have it at the centre position of the table.
  2. Escort the podium to the centre of the board.
  3. Put the dinosaur characters in the matching stands. Each player picks a character stand and puts it on the stand colored pointer on the running track.
  4. Spread the shuffled circular cards in the table.
  5. Have the medal cards on one side.

Game Objective

  • To run around the track and be the first to cross the finishing line.

How to play?

  1. Firstly, the young player starts by spinning the spinner.
  2. Every player pays attention to the spinner and marks which dinosaur the colored pointer is pointing at. Each player then picks the pointed cards and counts them. After that, they transfer their dinosaurs to that number of spaces around the track board.
  3. All players turn over the dinosaur cards and return them to the table.
  4. Then the spinner passes to the next player and the process repeats.
  5. If the cards on the table are exhausted at the spot pointed by the colored pointer, then the player shouldn’t move on such turn.

Who wins?

  • The winner would be the one who crosses the finishing line .

2. Dinosaur Escape

Dinosaur Games for Kids Dinosaur escape

The players ought to save the three dinosaurs and secure them before the volcano erupts. However, if you pick the dreaded T-Rex card, your dinosaurs are set to run. Each time someone draws a volcano card, the volcano continues to grow. So, hurry and get your dinos quickly.

3. Dinosaur Tail

This game involves one player starting the game as ‘it’. All players continue to run after another and tag other players. Every time a player is tagged, they all should hold hands and continue to tag others. The resulting chain forms the dinosaur chain. The objective is to keep the tagging process until the last person who becomes the next ‘it’ is tagged.

4. Ark Survival Evolved

For older kids, this is among the most exciting dinosaur games. Involving less violence, the controllers are stuck on a desert island. They should feed their stomachs, find shelter; whether by hunting or growing crops. Besides, to add thrill to the game, you have to fight the many dinosaurs that come across. The dinosaurs can either be peaceful or violent. However, you need to escape them, hunt them, or tame them. Lastly, taming the most massive dinosaur rewards you with a dinosaur ride.

Final Thoughts!

Dinosaur Scooter DTC 07

With such competitive dinosaur games, your kid could transfer the same motivation to his studies. Moreover, playing dinosaur games offers a more realistic encounter and interaction with these vanished creatures. It feels fantastic to rule such a terrifying monster.

Do you want to explore some of the other dinosaur games that you can play with kids? You can try a simple dinosaur ride. Besides this, a dinosaur scooter ride is also another excellent option.


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