35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy


Source by: Only Dinosaurs

Did you know dinosaur cake ideas are the secret ingredients to dino-mite parties? Yes, they are! Well, next to dinosaur costumes that are. 

Any dinosaur-loving fan will tell you so. And we’re sure Ross Geller of Friends would agree too!

So here’s a list of the best dinosaur cake ideas yet! And there are pictures of dinosaur cakes and information below. You can use it as a dinosaur cake template when you are preparing cakes for your parties.

  • Jurassic Park Cakes
  • The Good Dinosaur Cake Ideas
  • Dinosaur Cake Ideas for Boys
  • Dinosaur Birthday Cakes for Girls
  • Simple Dinosaur Cakes
  • Dinosaur Cupcake Cakes

We’ll be helping answer two important questions too for those looking to DIY their dino cake. Questions like:

  • How Do You Make an Easy Dinosaur Cake?
  • How Do You Decorate a Dinosaur-Shaped Cake?

Sounds awesome? Scroll down the fondant, icing, and awesome dinosaurs below!

Jurassic Park Cakes


Source by:  Amanda Johnson on Pinterest

Jurassic Park cakes are always the best bet for dinosaur fans. Especially kids 3-year-old cake! They’ll think it’s the best birthday ever if you’ll get them a dinosaur 1st birthday cake like any one of the ideas below. Want something like that? Then check these out.

1. Exciting T. rex Dinosaur Cake with Dinosaur Eye


Source by: Andreza Galrao on Pinterest

This T.rex cool cake is watching you have fun at your dinosaur-themed birthday party!

2. Fierce Jurassic Park Dinosaur Birthday Cake with Triceratops


Source by: Cindy Cranmer on Pinterest

Bold red and black colors make this dinosaur cake pop! Not to mention the triceratops toy and dinosaur shadow designs that bring it all together.

3. Adorable Jurassic World Blue Baby Raptor Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Mother Mousse Bakery on Pinterest

We can’t pick who’s cuter, this dinosaur cake or this baby raptor dinosaur puppet? These two just gave us the baby fever!


Source by: Only Dinosaurs

4. Epic Blue Jurassic Park and T.rex Dino Cake


Source by: Cakes For Fun on Pinterest

We love the contrasting colors of the cake and dino toys. Most especially the huge T. rex toy on this cake!

5. Huge Jurassic Park Dinosaur Birthday Cake with T. rex


Source by: Marci Bodenhausen on Pinterest

How about an outdoor dinosaur birthday party complete with a Jurassic Park cake? We love the outdoor set-up, wafer sticks, and giant T. rex on this one!

The Good Dinosaur Cake Ideas


Source by: Lake City Cakes on Pinterest

Now here’s another set of  birthday inspiration from the movies. These dinosaur birthday cakes are Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. Lights, camera, animation!

6. Simple the Good Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Lulu Goh on Pinterest

Neat lines, bright greens mixed with neutral browns, and the realistic Arlo and Spot fondant figures make this dinosaur birthday cake a winner!

7. Arlo & Spot-Shaped Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Partyrama.co.uk on Pinterest

Why not make a dinosaur-shaped perfect homemade birthday cake instead of using plastic dino toys or cake toppers for a change? This awesome dino cake even has a recipe which you can check out here.

8. The Good Dinosaur Cake with Modern Design


Source by: P A T O S H E R I E on Pinterest

This dinosaur birthday cake’s modern design really catches the eyes of birthday child!

9. Chocolate the Good Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Sprinkle Some Fun on Pinterest

Kids love chocolate and this dino chocolate cake doesn’t disappoint. Want to make it extra special and make it yourself? Sprinkle Some Fun shares the recipe here.

10. Modern White the Good Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Kulik Ova on Pinterest

The white fondant makes the details on this dinosaur birthday cake contrast nicely, don’t you think? Arlo and Spot’s features are nicely done too!

Dinosaur Cake Ideas for Boys


Source by: Hello Fashion Blog on Pinterest

Boys love anything roar-some. And what would be the icing on the cake on their birthday is none other than a dinosaur birthday cake! The meaning of dinosaur cake for boys is just like the Barbie cake for girls. So scroll down and see the dinosaur cake ideas you can’t miss for his party.

11. T. rex Dino Cake with Stegosaurus & Volcano


Source by: Cakes From D’Heart on Pinterest

If your little one can’t get enough of the T. rex, this relevant dinosaur cake will surely make his day. The roaring T. rex on the top layer is awesome!

12. Roaring T. rex, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Birthday Cake


Source by: SmartieBox Cake Studio on Pinterest

How cool is this dinosaur cake? You don’t get just one but three dinosaurs! Now that’s what you call a party!

Did you know you can make the birthday party even more fun? You can make it extra fun by inviting the dinosaurs! A realistic dino costume for adults or this lifelike T. rex costume your kids can ride will do the trick!


Source by: Only Dinosaurs

13. Roaring Waterfall Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Valerie Wrensted on Pinterest

Dinosaurs are enough to bring in all the action but a waterfall like this takes a dino cake to the next level!

14. Chocolate Drip Dinosaur Cake with Blue Velociraptor and Stegosaurus


Source by: Butter Fingers Bakery on Pinterest

This dinosaur birthday cake just makes us want to say, “clever girl”! The chocolate drippings, dino toys, and green details are nothing but pure awesomeness boys will love!

15. Dinosaur Birthday Cake with Exploding Volcano


Source by: michaelai91 on Pinterest

A dino cake with an exploding volcano is going to be epic! Interested in volcano cakes? Check out the inspiration here.

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes for Girls


Source by: Keri Calabrese on Pinterest

Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess on her birthday. But for some, it’s to be a princess and celebrate with her favorite dinosaur. Make her dream come true with dinosaur birthday cakes for girls! Here are pretty-in-pink dino-mite ideas to get you started.

16. Pretty Pink T. rex With Tiara Dinosaur Birthday Cake


Source by: Kraftyish on Pinterest

A pretty-in-pink T. rex dinosaur birthday cake for the birthday girl at the party is just perfect. Happy birthday to your princess three-rex!

17. Soft and Sweet Dino Cake


Source by: My Two Sweetie Pies on Pinterest

Sweets for your sweets? This soft pink dinosaur birthday cake can’t get any sweeter!

18. Cute Jurassic World Dinosaur Cake for Girls


Source by: Silvana Dri Cakes on Pinterest

Who says Jurassic World is only for boys? This dinosaur birthday cake says otherwise! It’s pink, Jurassic, and a whole lot of cute things your little girl will surely love.

19. Colorful Dinosaur Birthday Cake with Rose Design


Source by: Alana Jones-Mann on Pinterest

Isn’t she lovely? It’s amazing how two simple elements like colorful roses in buttercream and a white dinosaur can make a beautiful dino cake! Your lovely birthday celebrant will be thrilled with a cake like this!

20. Unique Dinosaur Cake with Unicorn Design


Source by: Bloominghills on Pinterest

Beautiful flowers, a pretty unicorn, and cute dinosaurs make up this beautiful dinosaur cake. It’s a beautiful delicious cake fit for a princess!

Simple Dinosaur Cake Ideas


Source by: Butter Be Good on Pinterest

Sometimes, you just want something simple. That’s why we looked up what the easy dinosaur cakes looked like. Here are dinosaur cake ideas that make their mark as awesome with simple designs and colors that are easy on the eyes.

21. Simple Green Drip Dinosaur Cake


Source by: Cremma Pasteleria on Pinterest

Notice how the green color scheme plays out beautifully with the gold dinosaur and gold dino footprints on this dino cake. Don’t forget to take a picture before you dig in!

22. Bursting Dinosaur Simple Dinosaur Cake


Source by: The Butter End Cakery on Pinterest

The simple color of cream white and cocoa of this dinosaur birthday cake is made alive by a bursting dino. It’s a pleasant surprise, don’t you think?

23. Marble Beige Dinosaur Birthday Cake with Smiling T. rex


Source by: Mirtha’s P-arty Cakes on Pinterest

The marble beige colors and Jurassic Park logo are really eye-catching! What makes this simple dinosaur cake even more appealing is the cute T. rex smiling at you while you blow the candles.

24. Simple White Dinosaur Cake with Bright Dinosaur Cookies


Source by: Anna Gonda Photo on Pinterest

This dinosaur birthday cake is downright adorable! The cake’s white base is bright and neat which makes the perfect canvas for the colorful dinosaur cookies decorating the sides.

25. Simple & Chic Dinosaur Birthday Cake


Source by: matography5 on Pinterest

Are you going for a simple and chic dinosaur celebration? This modern dinosaur birthday cake is on theme!

Dinosaur Cupcake Cake Ideas


Source by: Lola’s Cupcakes on Pinterest

Why do people love cupcakes? Lifestyle writer Alicia Fannin shares 7 things why at AllWomensTalk:

  • cupcakes are pretty
  • they’re small enough to satisfy sweet cravings
  • flavors and more flavors
  • frosting
  • affordable
  • easy to make (or buy)
  • irresistible

Sounds like your birthday boy or girl? Then this list of dinosaur cupcake cake ideas is for you!

26. Smiling Green Dinosaur Cupcake Cake


Source by: Lola’s Cupcakes on Pinterest

Bright green and yellow together with a smile will truly make any birthday bright!

27. Simple Green & Red Stegosaurus Dinosaur Cupcake Cake


Source by: My Cake School on Pinterest

We love the bright red spines on this stegosaurus dinosaur pull apart cupcake cake and his bright party hat! Check out the recipe here.

28. Movie-like Dinosaur Cupcake Cake


Source by: Ashley Arscott on Pinterest

How about creating dinosaur movie scenes using cupcakes? This one with a T. rex and cars on top is realistic! And for sure, your kid’s birthday will be too with this one to blow his or her candles on.

29. Triceratops Tropical Dinosaur Cupcake Cake


Source by: Dee Ragsdale on Pinterest

This dinosaur cupcake cake is a fun alternative to cakes because of its bright blue Triceratops, fun green leaves, and white icing clouds. It’s a good bluey cake ideas.

30. Mighty T. rex Dinosaur Cupcake Cake


Source by: MINIgirl on Pinterest

The T. rex design on this dinosaur cupcake cake is incredible!

How Do You Make an Easy Dinosaur Cake?


Source by: Merriment Design Cake on Pinterest

Do you want to make a birthday cake more special by baking one yourself? We got you! Here are five easy dinosaur cake ideas (recipes & video tutorials) that will show you how.

31. Easy How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Instructions (With Erupting Volcano)

32. How to Make a Dinosaur Cake (DIY Recipe)

33. How to Make a Dinosaur Cake with Buttercream (Easy to Follow Video)

34. How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Without Special Pans (Cute Triceratops)

35. Easy to Follow Jurassic World Dino Cake Tutorial

How Do You Decorate A Dinosaur-Shaped Cake?

Decorating a dino cake seems daunting at first. But there are techniques you can try to help you learn. Techniques like the star fill-in and the drop string. Check this useful tutorial video from expert cake decorator, Wilton, to show you how.

Dinosaur Cake Ideas: The Best Ingredient to Make Any Party Dino-Mite!


Source by: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

What do you think about the awesome dinosaur cake similar ideas you just saw? There’s no running out of ideas when it comes to dinosaurs because of the many ways you can bring them to life. You can also share similar ideas popular  like pokemon cake ideas with us.

Whether it be through cupcakes, Jurassic Park themes, action-packed cakes for boys, or pretty pastels for girls. Or even the 26th birthday cake and the 50th birthday cake ideas. The possibilities are endless and the joy in any party, boundless.

We hope this “lookbook” of dinosaur birthday cakes will serve you well. Have fun!

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