25 Creative Outdoor Christmas Games That Your Kids Will lOVE

a beautiful christmas tree with some socks on the wall in a warm room

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That time of the season is here again; the time tamed with a lot of fun, opening presents, giving, and as well, lots of feasting and winning; Christmas is here!.

And while you’re getting ready for your home for your guests and family, you might as well start thinking about how to get your little ones occupied and entertained. The truth is, your kids are the highlights of the seasons. 

They want to explore and have the best fun during the yuletide, and that makes it a little demanding deciding on how to keep them entertained and not just food alone; after all, they won’t eat all day. So, what else? Games? Yeah, you guessed right!. 

Christmas games are perfect ways to keep your little ones busy for hours, and what’s more interesting is that these Christmas outdoor games are just as easy to make as they are easy to play. 

So, if you are wondering how you can savor the wintry weather for one of the best Christmases ever? Keep reading to learn all about 25 outdoor Christmas games for kids and loved ones you can enjoy during the Yuletide.

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

Source by: Walmart

Chances are you’re familiar with the classic ring toss game, but you, probably, might not have played reindeer antler ring toss. Guess what, that’s where all the fun is. Well, this Christmas game is also quite similar to ring toss, just like the holiday version. 

To play this Christmas game, you will need at least one headband of reindeer antlers that everyone can share, or you can purchase multiple ones so that people can play at the same time. You’ll also need a bunch of plastic lightweight rings to toss at the antlers. 

One person puts on the headband, while the rest tries to hook the ring onto the antlers. To win this outdoor Christmas game, each team of two people, thrower and catcher, has to get as many rings on the antlers as possible within a specific time frame.

A smaller window of time, such as 60 seconds, will amp up the excitement.

Christmas Wrapping Race

A girl in red dress is wrapping a Christmas gift

Source by: Southernliving

Don’t like reindeer antler ring toss? The Christmas wrapping race is another fun game you kids can enjoy this Christmas. Basically, it’s a game of how fast and well they can wrap a gift.

So, instead of fretting about how lovely their talents are covered, you could gather some Helper Elves and see who does this wrapping thing better and faster

This is one of the best Christmas games for kids. And the beauty is that it removes pressure off the perfectionist among your little ones, although you might not precisely save paper this way.

Christmas Family Trivia


Source by: icebreakerideas

This game is quite different from the many Christmas outdoor games out there. It not only entertains your kids and loved ones but also increases family bonds. 

You ask everyone on the table to write a not-so-known fact about themselves in a piece, then read them out, probably during a Christmas party or after dessert, and ask everyone to guess which fun fact belongs to who.

This fun Christmas game allows you to know the faces around the table even better. It’s a fun and bonding Christmas game.

Christmas Heads Up

Christmas Heads Up 1 1

Source by: YouTube

Here is another Christmas game for you. Unlike other Christmas games, this seems the easiest. You write a Christmas character on sticky notes, then have each player paste it onto their foreheads without looking at what’s written on it.

Then, everyone helps each other to guess the name on their foreheads without saying the word. One thing is sure about this outdoor Christmas game; it’s going to leave your kids rolling on the floor laughing so hard.

Christmas Mad Libs

Christmas Mad Libs

Source by: Amazon

What’s better than having fun? Learning and having fun at the same time. That’s precisely what Christmas Mad Libs entails. To play this fun Christmas game, you put all of your nouns together into a verb and a super adjective.

The silliest, most creative, or just downright weird wins the day. This is one of the many Christmas games that build your kids’ vocabulary.

Christmas Guess Who

Christmas Guess Who

Source by: Adventure-in-a-box

Give the iconic game of Guess Who a festive twist by making cards with pictures of family members. Polaroid photos would give it an easy, vintage twist. To get your competitor to guess the correct person, use holiday prompts like, “Who makes her signature Christmas dessert?” or “Who’s celebrated the most holidays in our family?

When you’re finished playing, incorporate the pictures into your décor. This is a Christmas game for friends and family; everyone gets to participate.

Christmas Dance Freeze

Christmas Holiday Dance And Freeze

Source by: Pin

What’s more fun than turning a dance around the Christmas tree into a competition by holding a holiday dance-off? That’s another way to have a fun Christmas with your kids and loved ones. 

So, please turn on the music and get your kids grooving while they dance around the Christmas tree, then shut it off suddenly, and shout Freeze. The last to stop moving is out of the game. Don’t worry; it’s a laugh-fest.

Oven Mitts Game

Oven Mitts Game 2

Source by: Groupgames101

Have you ever tried opening a Christmas gift while wearing oven mitts? It’s just as hilarious as it is hard. You should try it if you haven’t. But this time, do it with your kids and have so much fun with this Christmas game. 

Well, you can add some perks to it by unwrapping an element of difficulty to make everyone slow down and enjoy the moment when opening presents on Christmas morning. And as well, you might take some enjoyable photos to make the period a memorable one. 

That’s another Christmas game for kids for you this yuletide.

Playing Christmas Movie Bingo

Playing Christmas Movie Bingo

Source by: One to Nothin

It’s Christmas, and it’s the period when kids want to enjoy all the movies they’ve always wanted to. But guess what, you could turn that Hallmark movie marathon into a more collaborative activity.

This outdoor Christmas movie bingo will turn into a fun family activity that everyone would love and so much enjoy.

Snowman Bowling

Snowman Bowling

Source by: AliExpress

Snowman bowling is another interesting Christmas game you should try with your kids. For a few weeks before the big day, save a stack of uniform-sized containers like tissue boxes or shipping packaging.

Then, paint them white and attach a paper hat and nose, painted-on eyes and a mouth, pom buttons, and some sticks for arms. Grab a ball, and you’re ready to bowl! Not only is it an adorable and easy activity, but it also helps recycle some boxes.

Christmas Family Feud

Christmas Family Feud Game

Source by: Pin

Talk of endless, timeless fun, Christmas family feud is just the perfect classic game to offer you that. Unlike many Christmas games that get old faster, family feud only becomes better with time. Family feud is not not only for adults but also, it is kid-friendly. 

To get into the spirit of the holiday season, you can make the topics all about Christmas trivia. Instead of struggling with making your questions and answers for the game, you can save time and easily download a pre-made PDF

For this game, you’ll need to divide your family into two groups. Afterward, one person from each team will have to face off at a time. The host will read a question, and one of the two feuding family members will have to buzz in as quickly as possible before the other does.

It’s that easy, although there are some rules, that’s much of it. Family feud is one of the Outdoor Christmas games that will leave you with a memorable holiday season.

Snowball Tag

A woman is playing with snow 3

Source by: Thesource4ym

Well, while the weird snowball right might be a little too chaotic for a Christmas game, a snowball tag will never be old-fashioned as an outdoor Christmas game. Snowball tag is the best way to get everyone’s blood pumped. 

However, it’s essential to make sure the snow used isn’t too hard or has a rock hidden inside of it, for instance. If you don’t have snow or want to be extra safe with this game, you can use a soft white ball instead. Either way, this excellent activity is like a game of dodgeball, except it’s off the court! 

Snowball tag never goes wrong, and it fits just perfectly with the yuletide season.

Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo 4

Source by: Play Party Plan

Bingo makes a great family Christmas game because pretty much everyone can play, from the little ones right on up to great-grandma (the real expert). Print out a handful of free Christmas bingo boards to put the whole crew in a holly jolly mood.

Use red and green candy pieces for markers so you can reuse the games again and again.

No one is left out in this fun outdoor Christmas game; get on with it and have a wonderful holiday.

Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread House Competition

Source by: Food & Wine Magazine

The Gingerbread house competition is another beautiful Christmas game to enjoy with your kids this holiday. Quite entertaining and straightforward, up the ante on your gingerbread house project to keep even reluctant builders engaged.

Challenge each construction team to construct a replica of their own home, an iconic favorite from a Christmas movie or the zaniest structure they can dream up. Just don’t eat too many of your materials before you’re done! The results will double as décor. 

Ugly Sweater Decorating Contest

Ugly Sweater Decorating Contest

Source by: Redbubble

One can never go wrong with arts and craft activities, as they are always sure to hurt your loved ones’ ribs with so much laughing.

For this Christmas game, you will have to gather some plain sweaters (inexpensive ones will do) as you can if you’re expecting a big turnout, or you can split people up into small teams so that they can work together on their monstrous clothing creations. 

Afterward, the eyesore fashion show can start! This is particularly more fun when it’s during a Christmas party. For extra laughs, the judges can hold up numbers when rating each sweater, but the twist is that the lower the number, the better the score. 

This is one of the best outdoor Christmas games and has some added perks; family members will have a humorous souvenir they can take home. You should try it!

What's in Santa's Hat

Whats in Santas Hat 5

Source by: The New York Times

For this Christmas game, you don’t need any special requirements or material, just a Santa hat and your imagination. Yeah, that’s simple and easy!. Okay, you will need some toys or maybe some figurines. 

So, what to do? Place some toys or figurines in the hat and ask players to suss it out by feel. 

This is a perfect Christmas game for kids, not leaving out the older ones too. If you can’t get a Santa’s hat, a Christmas stocking will do just fine.

Candy Cane Hunt

Candy Cane Hunt 6

Source by: Esty

Christmas is here, and definitely, you must have some candy canes lying around. Well, that’s about half you need to play this fun Christmas game. 

So, what to do? Hide some portions of candy canes around the house or the yard if you live in a warm climate. 

However, ensure you conceal them in places they can be easily found, and provide you don’t forget any. Else, you might wake up to some sticky surprises in a few weeks.

Cookie Decorating Contest

Cookie Decorating Contest

Source by: Amalgamated sugar

You could as well turn your holiday cooking chores into a fun Christmas game. Your kids are going to love it so much. This game, most of the Christmas games discussed, is for the whole family.

This Christmas game is quite fun to play; whoever bakes and decorates the best cookies wins. 

You can spice the game up by including some categories like the messiest, most creative, and other categories, as you will. 

All participants get to eat their cookies at the end, so in a way, everybody wins.

The Ornaments Game

The Ornaments Game 7

Source by: Purple Hues and Me

This toddler-appropriate sorting Christmas game will help your little one work on their categorization skills while getting into the holiday spirit.

Use some sturdy card stock or poster board to make a cardboard tree with circular colored cutouts, and then ask your kiddos to put the ornaments through the appropriate spaces. 

Holiday Charades or Pictionary

Christmas Holiday Charades Game

Source by: Buggy and Buddy

The next on our fun Christmas games shortlist are the Holiday charades and Pictionary. Whether your Christmas gathering is filled with amateur artists or theater buffs, you can add a holiday twist to everyone’s favorite acting or drawing games.

Just swap out your charades or Pictionary prompts for holiday movie titles, songs or objects to turn it into a topical activity. 

The exciting part about this Christmas game is its simplicity and utmost fun. It’s a game for kids and adults.

White Elephant Christmas Game

White Elephant Christmas Game

Source by: Kickstarter

Well, this Christmas game goes by many names. Although it’s more of a gifting activity, whichever name you call it, it’s just fine. It’s simple, everyone gets a gift and places them in a pile. And then you write numbers to decide who goes first. 

Whoever picks the first number grabs a present from the pile, then the following players can either “steal” a gift from someone else or take one that hasn’t been chosen. You can either unwrap gifts as you go or at the end to keep them guessing.

This game, like some other Christmas games, is not only fun but also about giving. It would help if you tried it at a Christmas party. 

Camp Story Fire

Camp Story Fire

Source by: Axiom Communications

Christmas seasons are usually a period of cold, and as such, there is nothing more fun than a cozy campfire and huddling up with loved ones to warm the body and soul. 

Apart from roasting marshmallows over the fire, it’s also a perfect time to tell exciting stories. Everyone gets to tell an interesting story and also break away from the complex technology that has become so ingrained in our lives.

There are quite a few stories to enjoy this Christmas game. Some which include; 

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss
  • The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern
  • The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Lucy Wheelock

For this outdoor Christmas game, you need plenty of red solo cups and white pom-poms. This Christmas game is quite suspenseful, and you have to arrange all the red-cups on one another and then keep on stacking on Santa caps until the tower topples over. Whoever stacks more hats wins. 

This Christmas game is an easy and fun way to enjoy the season. 

Snowman Slam Game

Snowman Slam Game

Source by: Flingers party shop

This quieter, softer tabletop version of snowman bowling will keep the kids occupied while the grown-ups get dinner ready. Decorate white Styrofoam cups with adorable felt snowmen faces, pile them into a pyramid, and toss a pom-pom “snowball” at them to see who can get a strike.

Snow Painting Game

Some paint bottles

Source by: Pin

Even those who live in cold climates don’t have to sequester inside all day. These super-vibrant “snow paints” Christmas games only require food dye and water, so you probably have the goods on hand.

Try a friendly family art competition or a chilly game of Pictionary outside. Then, set up a hot cocoa bar inside to thaw out.

Christmas Cup Tower Game

red cup towers with a white background

Source by: Odditymall

Finally, on our shortlist of outdoor Christmas games is a Christmas cup tower game. Grab some green plastic cups and stack them on one another. Make sure the stack is high enough to look like a Christmas tree without knocking the whole tower. 

Whoever stacks the highest cup wins the game.  

There you have our shortlist on outdoor Christmas games to enjoy this time of the year. And more so, do well to check out our animal or dinosaur puppets to give your little one a surprise.

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