21 Best Dinosaur Comics & Webtoons

7 Funny Dinosaur Comics You Can Read Online


( Source: by Umanoide on Unsplash )

Compared to the traditional dinosaur comic books whose focus is on adventure, the themes surrounding these dinosaur comics revolve around slap-stick humor and light-hearted comedy.


They’re also really short breaks because most of them are comic strips, short enough to make you laugh and bring some humor to your day.

1. Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North


( Source: by Ryan North on Qwantz )

This series of comics starring talking dinosaurs is brought to life by Ryan North with static art and jokes you can relate to everyday questions in life. The humor fits the constant images in the panels where:

  • Panel one is a conversation between dinosaurs about questions they have in life,
  • Which transitions into the plot evolving and the main character (a T-Rex) nearly stepping on a log house beside a blue car,
  • The last panel ends with the main character winning the conversation in a giddy pose. It’s the same sequence in every comic strip, but the jokes make it fresh and pair well with the static art.

You can read comic books like this online at Ryan North’s Qwantz website.

2. Dinosaur by dinosandcomics


( Source: by dinosandcomics on dinosandcomics )

Dinosaur by Dinos and Comics differs in its art in that the stars of the comics are innocent-looking and seem to cute dinosaur puppets. The conversations they have are also mostly about dealing with the challenges of life and finding support in each other. 

Far from sad, the comic strips are funny and punny at the same times, a little sweet, with a few lines of wisdom underneath the humor.


Enjoy this free comic book at the dinosandcomics website, Facebook page, or Instagram account. Lastly, just be mindful that there are words in the comic that should be filtered.

3. Bob The Dinosaur in Dilbert by Scott Adams


( Source: by Adam Scott, July 19-20, 1989 )

Bob is a funny vegetarian dinosaur (he likes eating carrots) who’s one of the Dilbert comic strip’s secondary characters. The humor Bob brings to the storyline is his representation of the low-tech lifestyle. But he still tries to keep up with the times by trying out technology. He also has punchlines that are dinosaur-related but fit with the office satire of Dilbert.

Dilbert comics were printed in newspapers back in the 80s-90s, and now are available for online viewing. Browse through Bob’s moments at the Dilbert official website, you can enjoy this free comic book.

4. Todd The Dinosaur by Patrick Roberts


( Source: by Patrick Roberts, Jan. 20, 2021 )

It’s funny how dinosaurs are often portrayed as either fierce, funny, a little sarcastic, or child-like. Maybe it comes with the actual nature of the dinosaurs or how we perceive them because of the way they look.

Todd the Dinosaur is one example of this portrayal. He’s a child-like dinosaur who’s sharing the modern-day home living like family’s kids. Kind of like Clifford the big red dog but this time, it’s a blue T-Rex.


The daily adventures of Todd at home or around the neighborhood are fun for a good read. You can head on to the Comics Kingdom or AZCentral for more of Todd.

5. RAWR! Dinosaur Friends by Hannah McGill


( Source: by Hannah McGill )

RAWR! Dinosaur Friends leans a bit more on paleontology humor which dino enthusiasts would appreciate. Hannah McGill uses black and white art for her comics with a freely transitioning story panel. Meaning, you won’t find the usual comic book style there, it’s a punchy way of transitions but the reader doesn’t get lost in the process. Have fun reading her dinosaur comics at RAWR! Dinosaur Friends.

6. Poorly Drawn Dinosaurs by Henrik Tomenius


( Source: by Henrik Tomenius )

This is reminiscent of the humor in late 2000’s memes, the ones with a picture in the middle of a black background with the punchline at the bottom. These dinosaur comics are best for more mature readers who understand the other side of comedy. It’s not all dark as there are also light ones.


The roles the dinosaurs play involve daily life, famous events, and even movies. Examples of these are the first day of school, landing on the moon, and The Sound of Music. You can find these on the Poorly Drawn Dinosaurs Facebook page or on Tapas Media.

7. Dino Fun


( Source: by Dino Fun )

Now these are dinosaur comics for kids, little ones will appreciate and enjoy their humor. The comics stories are similar to the everyday events in a child’s life, such as going to the zoo, visiting the beach, and playing with friends.


Additionally, the endings are often ironic as Dino Fun’s website states. Adult can explain the implication to children, and help them better understanding the stories.


Dino Fun also has simple dinosaur video games on the website which kids can checkout. We advice having an adult look through before letting them play just to be on the safe side.

7 Classic Dinosaur Comic Books In Print


( Source: by Jia Ye on Unsplash )

Nothing beats holding printed dinosaur comic books in your hands, doesn’t it? The experience is different compared to just viewing it from a smartphone. It may cost more than internet as you have to buy a copy of your own. But it’s worth if comics are really your matter. So here’s a quick list of classic dinosaur comics that are worth getting in print.

1. Age of Reptiles by Ricardo Delgado


( Source: by Ricardo Delgado)

This is a classic amongst all dinosaur comics because of its plot and art created by award-winning writer & artist Ricardo Delgado. The Age of Reptiles is a series of comics that have been compiled in one volume. It brings together a grand story arc that covers the main dinosaurs’ lives in the Mesozoic era.


The titles of the compiled miniseries will tell you what you’ll get as opening: Tribal Warfare, The Hunt, The Journey, and Ancient Egyptians. Each one was published in different years from the 1990s to the 2010s.

2. Super Dinosaur by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard


( Source: by dinosandcomics on dinosandcomics)

As the name implies, the heroin Super Dinosaur is a heroic T-Rex who fights off the bad guys with advanced weaponry and robotics. They are comic books for kids as the authors intended to read them with their children when creating.


Robert Kirkman even described the comics as “Pixar on paper“. With this kind of branding, Super Dinosaur can be a great gift for kids who love comics and dinosaurs.

In addition, if you’re interested to dress up to be a dinosaur, play, and fight with your friends, here are some awesome dinosaur costumes you can try.

3. Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz


( Source: by Mark Schultz)

Xenozoic Tales is not your regular dinosaur comic book. It’s a different artistic style, storytelling, and perspective which the author set the heroes in a world that’s dominated by dinosaurs and other fearsome creatures.


The heroes survive and thrive in the new adventure. And they’ve found themselves with their grit, wit, and skills. If you like action, cadillacs, ferocious dinosaurs, and a thrilling storyline, Xenozoic Tales is for you.  

4. Gon by Masashi Tanaka


( Source: by Masashi Tanaka)

Gon is a well-known dinosaur comic book from Japan, which features a small yellow T-Rex. Its adventures are vividly depicted by its writer and artist. Gon stands out because he’s the only dinosaur in the storyline who survive from the extinction. He befriends creatures from the Tertiary period and shows a strength that’s beyond his size.

5. Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby


( Source: by Jack Kirby)

This series of dinosaur comic books from Jack Kirby published by Marvel stars. The protagonist is a crimson dinosaur with an uncanny intelligence. Its ability comes from a mutation that was activated by a traumatic event.


The iconic red dinosaur partners with a primitive called Moon-Boy throughout the series. Devil Dinosaur is a cult classic for Jack Kirby’s fans because of its art and storyline.

6. Rexodus by James Farr


( Source: by James Farr)

This is dinosaur and science fiction at its best. The dinosaurs in this comic book aren’t the usual roaring rampaging ones. They’re advanced creatures whose technology and abilities are enough to save the world.


Another twist in this book is that the dinosaurs weren’t resurrected from fossils, they’ve been alive all this time. They never got a taste of extinction because they were able to leave Earth and survive. The rest is up to you to discover, we won’t share any spoilers in advance.

7. Science Comics: Dinosaurs: Fossils and Feathers by M.K. Reed


( Source: by M.K. Reed)

Science comics volumes are more similar to novels than dinosaur comics. What lends to comic-feels is the style of art used in its pages, which also contributes to the fun learning experience for readers when studying dinosaurs.


You’ll get to learn important milestones in the history of paleontology and more interestingly about the dinosaurs. On top off the art, the script is great as well which sets the bar high for educational materials.

7 Fun Dinosaur Webtoons


( Source: by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash)

Now let’s move to another interesting medium where we can find dinosaur comics. According to Wikipedia,  “Webtoons are a type of digital comic” which use a vertical style of publishing rather than the classic horizontal layout. The purpose is to make it mobile-friendly since most people use smartphones to view and read articles or comics.


Another features of webtoons are possible animations and music because of being published on a digital medium. Check out this list of webtoons you can enjoy.

1. Dinosaur Kid by Jimmy Grist


( Source: by Jimmy Grist)

Dinosaur Kid is a modern day comic strip of the 80s & 90s which is classic and found in the newspapers. It involves conversations about life with a touch of humor, creativity, and a little sweetness.


The main characters are a dinosaur, an octopus, a turtle, and a skunk. They are different personalities mirror a little bit of the everyday person. That makes the comic relatable and touching at the same time.

2. Movies...with dinosaurs by Rik Carranza


( Source: by Rik Carranza)

This is similar to the concept of Poorly Drawn Dinosaurs. The characters are portrayed in movie settings. What makes this dinosaur comic different is light sense of humor and focus on movies. The dinosaurs are always in the scene but mostly play a supporting role rather than being the heroes themselves. Get more movies with dinosaurs like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Black Panther at Webtoons.

3. Ninjas and Dinosaurs by Jose Perez III


( Source: by Jose Perez III)

Ninjas and Dinosaurs is a webtoon set in the prehistoric era when dinosaurs existed. The webtoon’s prologue shows ninjas in spaceships that dropped off one ninja on Earth, this explains how the ninja came into the picture. It’s a relaxed webtoon showing the adventures and misadventures of ninjas and dinosaurs coexisting together.

4. The Lost Planet of Dinosaurs by Bobby Peet


( Source: by Bobby Peet)

This webtoon has a Guardians of the Galaxy style, it is a group of heroic outlaws fighting the evil villains of the universe. The faithful sidekick of the main character is a T-Rex, who visualized with manga-like eyes and armory. You can read more about it at the Lost Planet of Dinosaurs. Checkout Webtoons for the episodes.

5. The Dreaded Dinosaur Man by Erik Hodson


( Source: by Erik Hodson)

Dinosaur Man is about a man who’s like Hulk, stuck between being human and being a monster at the same time. His stories are about finding a way to become fully human again, meanwhile also finding belonging despite he’s difference. Dinosaur Man has a warrior girl and a cat as his sidekicks, who are occasional goofy characters.


It’s the kind of webtoon that will remind you of comics in the 80s and 90s. If you’re unaware of those kinds, it will give you a glimpse of what classic dinosaur comics look like.

6. Did You Know Dinosaur by Dinosauria Comics


( Source: by Dinosauria Comics)

Did You Know Dinosaur is the webtoon counterpart of Science Comics. It’s a fun way to learn about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals for someones who prefer to learn through images than plain text. The dinosaurs in the webtoon are species well-known by kids like Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, and Brachiosaurus.

7. Rawrting Dinosaurs by If Dinos Could Read


( Source: by If Dinos Could Read)

Rawring Dinosaurs may interest kids more than adults as these are just simple dinosaur comics drawn on white paper and colored with crayons. The script is pretty interesting, quite funny, and they also have a viewpoint. So time isn’t wasted if kids read it.

The comics are also tagged under heartwarming and inspirational. If you don’t mind simple doodles, you can try these dinosaur comics. Rawring Dinosaurs has been given an average rating of 8.83 by people. It just might be worth your time, too.

So there you have it! We hope our suggestions of dinosaur comics will refresh you, make you laugh when you take a break. Enjoy!

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