20 Fun Ways To Celebrate On National Dinosaur Day


source by: Ruth Black

National Dinosaur Day is the best day ever for dinosaur fans young and old alike! It’s that day when we get to go all out and celebrate our favorite dinos on a special day just for them.

And did you know you can celebrate it twice? Yes, you can! National Dinosaur Day is celebrated every 3rd Tuesday of May and every June 1st. Or you can just pick one and celebrate on your chosen day.

We created a list of fun dinosaur activities everyone can have a good time celebrating National Dinosaur Day with. It’s a wide range of activities that will delight any dino-lover inside.


source by: Ruth Black

You don’t have to wonder what to do on National Dinosaur Day anymore. Just check out our list and take your pick from arts & crafts, baking, and movies. We even discovered virtual tours of dinosaur museums! Now you can explore the famed halls of those institutions from the comfort of your home.

So, are you ready for an epic day of activities on National Dinosaur Day? Let’s check them out!

Watch T. rex Videos For Kids


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Pop the popcorn in the oven and take your comfiest seat. These fun T. rex videos for kids are a great way to have some dinosaur fun on National Dinosaur Day. Check them out below.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #1: Movie Time With The Field Museum's T Rex

The Field Museum in Chicago is known for its amazing dinosaur exhibits. It’s most especially now known for Sue the T. rex who you can meet up close on National Dinosaur Day through the big screen of your home’s TV.

This movie explores the famous T. rex’s action-packed prehistoric life. You’ll get to know Sue from hatchling to grown-up through life events that include an incredible battle with a Triceratops. You can rent this T. rex movie for kids for $0.99 and enjoy the thrilling film that’s way worth more than what you paid.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #2: Dinosaur Fun With T-Rex Ranch

T-Rex Ranch is a YouTube channel that stars a family who loves dinosaurs. So much so that their adventures have over 2.15M fans on YouTube! I

f your kids haven’t watched them, they’ll surely have a great time following their adventures as you play their video on National Dinosaur Day.

This particular episode shows the park rangers riding on ATVs while exploring a dinosaur park. Learn more about dinosaurs and get to see the outdoors through T-Rex Ranch’s dino adventure.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #3: Sing-Along Dinosaur Songs With T-Rex Ranch

Now this one’s for the family who loves Sing-Alongs. This is one of those T. rex videos for kids from T-Rex Ranch where everyone can sing their heart out about dinosaurs.

No terrified screams here because of scary T. rexes on the loose. Just a fun time singing dinosaur rock songs with your family while watching your favorite dinosaur in the background.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #4: Cocomelon's Special Dinosaur Day

Did you know CoComelon celebrates National Dinosaur Day too? Yup! The wildly popular kids’ show has made an episode especially for that. Kids who are fans of the show will surely be thrilled to celebrate National Dinosaur Day with an episode from CoComelon.

This video shows a young boy who wanted to celebrate Dinosaur Day but it was sadly crossed out of the day’s activities. The episode has a happy ending where the young boy got to celebrate Dinosaur Day through a heart-warming life lesson from his dad.

Share a heart-warming lesson with your kids too as you watch this episode from CoComelon. You can use moments like this to impart life lessons to your kids that they’ll never forget.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #5: A Dinosaur Adventure By Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

What sets “A Dinosaur Adventure” apart from the other T. rex videos for kids is its unique storytelling. Imagine your favorite uncle sharing stories of adventure from his boyhood with you on a warm afternoon. That’s how this one is like. Entertaining, affectionate, and full of childlike wonder.

The narrator, Britain’s Got Talent star Ben Langley, will you through a story of family and adventure. You’ll also get to know how the Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure park sprung to life.

Kids can follow along with the story by using their own dinosaur toys and imagine that they’re part of the story. Then enjoy the good view of the dinosaur park in England at the end of the video. That’s a good story and field trip in one!

Play With Dinosaur Crafts For Preschoolers & Bake Cookies


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Good food is always an essential ingredient to good times. And don’t forget the art! That’s why National Dinosaur Day can’t be without those things too. If you’re also wondering about toddler dinosaur activities, you don’t need to look further.

Create your own dinosaur arts and crafts for a fun time to play with the kids. Bake cookies together too, so you’ll have delicious food that’s best enjoyed with each other.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #6: Bake Your Own Dinosaur Cookies


source by: Maddy D’s Cafe 

Food has a special way of bringing people together. Especially when the food’s prepared and made by ourselves. And it’s the same thing in baking cookies together for National Dinosaur Day.

The family gets to have fun bonding together over cookie dough, sweet icing, and toppings. Most of all, getting to decorate the cookies themselves! This is also one of those toddler dinosaur activities you shouldn’t miss.

Have fun baking your favorite chocolate chip or sugar cookie recipe this National Dinosaur. And take this chance to decorate it with your favorite dino movie or dinosaur species. There’ll be nothing like it! Here’s also a great list of 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #7: Dinosaur Coloring Pages From American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)


source by: Cool Teaching Stuff 

Do you want to teach your kids new dinosaurs on National Dinosaur Day? The AMNH has got your back with their dinosaur coloring pages that include 12 different species.

This dinosaur craft for preschoolers is a great way to learn about new dinosaurs while letting them get creative with colors at the same time. New dinosaurs kids will get to know are Ankylosaurus and Barosaurus among many. And of course, the fan-favorite T. rex is also included.

These are also free! Simply download the PDF from the AMNH website and print.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #8: DIY Dinosaur Finger Puppets


source by: Nurtured Neurons

Dinosaur craft for preschoolers that will be great for National Dinosaur Day is DIY dinosaur finger puppets. This arts and crafts activity will let your little ones color, cut, and paste their favorite dinosaurs together.

What’s also neat about finger puppets is how simple it is to do. It’s perfect for anyone whether they be toddlers or even kindergarteners. It’s simple to prepare too! So if you’re looking for a chill activity for Dinosaur Day, this one’s for you.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #9: Create Your Own Dinosaur Feet


source by: Rainy Day Mum 

Do your kids want to dress up as dinosaurs on National Dinosaur Day? Complete their out feet with DIY dinosaur feet that will give them a stomping-good time.

It’s also easy to do that you can include this in the day’s activities. Set aside a time for arts and crafts a then enjoy what you made during playtime. Little kids will surely enjoy this dinosaur craft for preschoolers!

National Dinosaur Day Idea #10: 360 Virtual Fossil Hunting, Natural History Museum, Kensington, UK

Now here’s a unique activity on National Dinosaur Day — fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast in the UK! The kids can go on a virtual trip abroad with the Natural History Museum and observe what it’s like to actually find dinosaur bones.

To make the fossil hunting more personal, you can create your own dinosaur sensory bin where your kids can dig up dinosaur fossils of their own. It’s one of those easy toddler dinosaur activities that can make your young ones feel like a real paleontologist as you celebrate National Dinosaur Day.

Adopt A Dinosaur & Dinosaur Games To Play


source by: Play Party Plan 

Now here are more interactive activities that will need creativity, a big heart for dinosaurs, and space to play. Some will need an internet connection too. Read on to learn how you can celebrate National Dinosaur Day with games and adopting a dinosaur.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #11: Adopt A Dino From Dinosaur Protection Group By Universal Studios


Universal Studios got creative and decided to celebrate National Dinosaur Day with a website dedicated to Jurassic World when it launched. The website lets visitors symbolically adopt a dinosaur and receive a certificate right after.

How cool is that, right? You don’t get the opportunity to adopt a dino every day. Your family can make it special by adopting one on National Dinosaur Day. You can even adopt as individuals and save more dinosaurs from Isla Nublar.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #12: Scavenger Hunt At Dino Hall, Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County


Have you ever tried going on a scavenger hunt at a dinosaur museum? Try this simple and fun dinosaur game to play this National Dinosaur Day with NHM LA’s Dinosaur Hall.

A scavenger hunt template is provided by the museum which you can download from their official website. You can go on their virtual tour and play the scavenger hunt game at the same time. Spot the dino while touring online or use the Google Maps link available on the template for a 3D experience.

On the other hand, you can print out the dinosaurs that come with a template and hide it around the house for a fun scavenger hunt at home.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #13: Dino-Mite Dino Walk Game


source by: Michelle Stewart 

Here’s a dinosaur game to play that doesn’t require the internet. All you need is fun party music, kids eager to have fun, and some dinosaur feet cut-outs. It’s similar to a stop-dance but with a twist. Games like this let the family have a good time and help build their relationship with each other through fun moments.

So, here are the simple things to do to enjoy this dinosaur game:

  • Prepare fun party music.
  • Prepare awesome dinosaur prizes.
  • Prepare a jar with numbered papers equal to the number of players. You’ll be drawing out a number every time the music stops.
  • Print out dinosaur feet and number them according to the number of players.
  • Apply the cut-outs to your playing area.
  • Get ready to play! Turn on the music and let the participants follow each footprint until you press stop.
  • After the music stops, each player must move to the dinosaur footprint that’s closest to them.
  • Take a number out of the jar and whoever is standing on the footprint with that number wins a prize!
  • Then repeat until everybody wins.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #14: The Field Museum's Mission To The Mesozoic


source by: The Field Museum

The Field Museum’s created an interactive game that’s perfect for kids who are eager to learn more about prehistoric periods in time. It’s called Mission to the Mesozoic“. On National Dinosaur Day, this will be a good game to teach kids about the setting in which their favorite dinosaurs lived.

It’s a simple dinosaur game to play online that brings players 237 million years back. The mission players need to complete is to take snapshots of animals and the environment from the Late Triassic, Jurassic, to Cretaceous Periods. The snapshots taken also provide information that will teach young dino lovers more about prehistoric creatures.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #15: Dress Up A T. rex Game At OLogy by AMNH


Museums are now into interactive dinosaur games to play that kids will surely have a fun time with. The AMNH has a website for kids called OLogy that has games like Dress Up A T. rex.

It’s an online game that lets young paleontologists recreate the famous dinosaurs using different colors, feathers, and eye shapes. Kids get to learn more about the T. rex as OLogy provides short bits of info at the bottom of the game.

Make learning fun on National Dinosaur Day with games like this from the AMNH.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #16: The Fighting Dinos Game At OLogy by AMNH


The AMNH has another dinosaur game to play up its sleeves that is going to make learning fun on National Dinosaur Day. At OLogy, the AMNH lets kids play a game called, “Fighting Dinosaurs”.

The Fighting Dinosaurs game lets kids see the fossils up close through an interactive picture of the fossil. It’s no ordinary picture though because it has insights from the museum paleontologists that will teach kids more about the specimen.

Another feature is exploring how the Fighting Dinosaurs may have died. And lastly, a matching game about fossils that teach players more about ancient creatures.

Virtual Tours of Dinosaur Museums


source by: Ray Harrington

Make things different this National Dinosaur Day and go on online museum tours instead. You’ll get to explore museums around the country and even across the globe all from the comfort of your own home.

This is one way to go on an adventure without needing to spend on a plane ticket. Check out these virtual tours of dinosaur museums that will surely make your day on National Dinosaur Day.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #17: Dinosaur Hall Virtual Tour, Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC)

Explore the award-winning Dinosaur Hall of the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles Country (NHMLAC) on National Dinosaur Day. It’s a wonderful way to tour the Age of Dinosaurs on a day when you’re actually celebrating them.

The virtual tour shows different parts of the Dinosaur Hall and paleontologists working on specimens that will pique your curiosity. You’ll get to see dinosaur fossils and replicas up close as if you’re really there.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #18: Meet Dinosaurs From American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) With Google Arts & Culture


source by: Pinterest

Have you always wanted to visit the AMNH’s Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs but never had the chance to? Now you can make that visit come true this National Dinosaur Day with the AMNH’s exhibit via Google Arts & Culture. It’s a virtual tour of dinosaur museum that you can’t let pass!

Explore over 926 high resolution images from its Earth science collection and enjoy highlights of the museum that have been curated in one incredible collection. You and your kids will get to see a Titanosaur  and a T. rex among many. On top of that, explore the museum’s other permanent exhibit that’s also available on Google Arts & Culture.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #19: Virtual Tour of National Museum of Natural History


The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offers dinosaurs fans a different experience when it comes to online museum tours. This time, it’s an experience that lets you explore the museum as if you’re walking around inside.

Go from exhibit to exhibit as you enjoy this self-guided tour on National Dinosaur Day. You can even get a close-up look of the dinosaurs on display using its zoom features. There will be so much to see on this tour! It’s definitely going to be a day full of wonder as you go on this virtual tour of dinosaur museum courtesy of the Smithsonian.

National Dinosaur Day Idea #20: VIrtual Tour of The Natural History Museum, Kensington, UK


Did you know you can enjoy online museum tours across the globe? Google Arts & Culture makes it possible through its partnership with the UK’s Natural History Museum. It’s going to be a real treat  as you celebrate National Dinosaur Day because you’ll get to explore a dinosaur museum from abroad.

Check out the prestigious museum’s dinosaur collection which includes the famous Diplodocus, Dippy. You can also check out fossils of Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and so much more. Other exhibits from the museum are also available for you to enjoy after your walk with the dinosaurs.

National Dinosaur Day: Fun, Laughter, and Good Times


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What do you think about the activities we just shared? Which one will you try out first? We hope this inspired you and got you pumped up for National Dinosaur Day. There are so many things you can do fill your whole day with fun, laughter, and good cheer with the whole family.

You know what will take the celebration up a notch? It’s a realistic dinosaur costume for the perfect outfit for your online museum tours. A dinosaur puppet would be awesome as well for storytelling and playtime with the kids.


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Have fun this coming National Dinosaur Day!

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