20 Best Toys for Kids in 2021 – Fun Toys For Boys and Girls


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Do you want to surprise your baby boy or girl at his or her birthday party? We are here to help you.

Given below is the list of highly entertaining and funny toys for kids boys and girls. Based on their popularity and user ratings, these are the best toys for kids in 2021 that can bring them joy and keep their minds and bodies moving.

The information presented in this article has been collected from highly credible resources to help you choose the best toys and give your baby boy or girl a surprise they can remember forever.

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Let’s check out these fun toys for the kids of 2021.

Best Toys for 4-year-old kids

1. Pony Farm

Price: $48

Rating: 4.7

Features: Bendable figures, 194 pieces related to a pony farm

Manufacturer: PLAYMOBIL

Seller: Walmart


Time to have some fun and establish a well-decorated pony farm. Buy this thoughtful gift for your 4-year-old boy and girl to encourage him or her to explore and learn. The toy comes up with 194 accessories including three ponies, a wheelbarrow, drinking pond, barn, adjustable fence, two beautiful cats, and three figures.

Its story-based playing experience is invaluable for child development, which is why pony farm is one of the best toys for toddlers’ educational learning and mental growth.

2. Playfoam Combo

Price: $8.99

Rating: 4.5

Features: Non-toxic and gluten-free squish

Manufacturer: Educational Insights

Seller: Amazon


If you are looking for the best toys for toddlers, the playfoam combo can be the best choice for you. This non-toxic and gluten-free squish enables 4-year-olds to express their creativity and sculpt things again and again. Besides, this squashy playfoam is 100% safe as it neither dries out nor sticks to any surfaces.

The whole package comes with eight different pods of diverse colors and offers an everlasting squishing experience.

3. Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Price: $26

Rating: 4.8

Features: 484 lego pieces, 3” long & 6” wide green baseplate

Manufacturer: LEGO

Seller: Amazon


Experts believe playing with legos fosters spatial awareness among children and enables them to develop creative skills. This classic medium creative brick box contains LEGO bricks in 35 different colors, 18 tires and toy wheel rims, and windows. Children can create different toy trains or tiger figurines with this medium-sized building kit.

The whole package is a special gift for your kids and can foster their creativity by allowing them to use their imagination practically.

4. Adorable Baby Dinosaur

Price: On request

Features: Four different MP3 format sounds, customized creation, moving head & mouth

Manufacturer: Onlydinosaurs

Seller: Onlydinosaurs 


Is your kid suffering from autism? If yes, you need to give him or her something special and pleasing. Regarded as one of the best toys for kids with autism, an adorable  baby dinosaur  can entertain your toddler and leave him or her in good mood.

Some of the fascinating things about this cute little dinosaur are its ability to roar, blink its eyes, move its head, and spit water.

5. Dinosaur Research Station

Price: $99.99

Rating: 4.7

Features: 33 interactive pieces, tranquilizer guns, easy to assemble

Manufacturer: Schleich

Seller: Amazon


The dinosaur research station is a 33-piece high-value toy set made by Schleich as a part of prehistoric dinosaur toys and playsets. It contains a command center, tranquilizer guns, crane and dinosaur figurines, an outer fence, and a viewing platform.

The complete set increases the 4-year-old kids’ interest in paleontology by enabling them to study dinosaur figures by using different tools and equipment.

Best Toys for 5-year-old kids

6. Magic Clay

Price: $20

Rating: 4.7

Features: Tutorial book, 24 air dry clay colors, giftable package, clay tools, sealed bags

Manufacturer: Sago Brothers

Seller: Amazon


When it comes to creativity, there can be no better option than this magic clay. This soft, less messy, and nontoxic clay gives children a nice feeling upon squeezing. Besides, the complete set comprises 24 different shades, small accessories, a 72-page idea book, and different cutting tools.

Magic clay is an opportunity for 5-year-old girls and boys to make their things and show their creativity by mixing different colors.

7. Outfoxed

Price: $23.22

Rating: 4.8

Features: Whodunit units, Contains rules of play in English and Spanish

Manufacturer: Gamewright

Seller: Amazon


Being one of the most liked child’s board games with the highest repay value, Outfoxed is a cooperative whodunit game. It allows the children to uncover a series of clues through a process of elimination that improves their decision-making ability. Besides, kids work as a team and cooperate  to find the guilty fox.

The game’s interactive features and collaborative nature build the kids’ critical thinking ability and teach them how to execute plans as a team to achieve their desired goals.

8. Invent JNR Toolbox

Price: $150

Rating: 4.6

Features: 366 pieces, foldable cardboard building block, safe-saw, screw-driver

Manufacturer: Makedo

Seller: Amazon


Invent JNR Toolbox is a versatile and strong creativity fun box that opens the door to imaginative play. The gift box contains different tools that allow learning new things by experimenting such as building castles, rocket ships, and different structures with cardboard boxes.

The gift can perfect for use in collaborative environments that involve a lot of teamwork and provide the kids with an opportunity to show their creative skills.

9. Walkie Talkies

Price: $27

Rating: 4.2

Features: LCD display, 2-mile range, built-in flashlight, call alert function

Manufacturer: Pai Technology

Seller: Amazon



In today’s faced-paced digital age, cellphones have become a necessity for everyone. If you want your kid to learn the basics of a cellphone, this pair of walkie-talkies is an ideal gift. With its child-friendly and lightweight design, the set is loaded with unique features like crystal clear sound, LCD , and push-to-talk button akes walkie-talkies a source of both fun and learning.

Besides, the gift comes with three different channels and can be used to communicate with others within two miles. Certainly, one of the best gifts you can give to your kid this birthday.

10. BOTZEES AR Coding Robots

Price: $99.99

Rating: 4.4

Features: 130 uniquely-shaped blocks, 1 sensor, 2 motors

Manufacturer: Pai Technology

Seller: Amazon


Pai Technology has designed this 6-in-1 augmented reality robot kit for 5-year-old kids to grasp technology easily. This award-winning STEM toy allows kids to control physical robots with a tablet app and interact in digital space. Besides, these AR coding robots act like motorized pieces that creations to life.

BOTZEES kits are very useful for STEM education and enable both little girls and boys to learn the basics of programming.

ls and equipment.

Best Toys for 6-year-old kids

11. Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Price: $45.98

Rating: 4.1

Features: Robot, starter guide, washable markers

Manufacturer: Educational Insights

Seller: Amazon


Artie 3000 Robot is an ideal gift for 5-year-old kids who are interested in computers and like learning programming languages. Your child can display his or her efforts and learn different coding languages.

The most inspiring feature of this robot is its pre-programmed designs that enable both beginners and advanced coders to drag & drop and learn Python and JavaScript coding languages.

Magic clay is an opportunity for 5-year-old girls and boys to make their things and show their creativity by mixing different colors.

12. Roller Coaster Challenge

Price: $32.99

Rating: 4.6

Features: Game board, roller coaster car, 36 posts, 39 tracks, 40 puzzles

Manufacturer: ThinkFun

Seller: Amazon


Probably, the best toy you can gift your 6-year-old on his or her birthday could be the one that could develop critical skills. This Roller Coaster Challenge puzzle is a fun box that promotes STEM learning and enables children to construct their roller coasters.

Once the design is complete, the roller coaster car is placed on the tracks that give a memorable playing experience.

13. Solid Wood-Building Blocks

Price: $66.12

Rating: 4.9

Features: 60 smooth-sanded hardwood blocks, easy storage, natural-finish

Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug

Seller: Amazon


Building blocks; both wooden and concrete; appeal to kids from all age groups and interests. This set of natural-finished solid wooden-blocks encourage imagination and creativity. Similarly, their open-ended design teaches 6-year-olds what is the cause, effect, and balance. By using these blocks, children can use their creative skills to build a wide variety of structures like ramps and bridges.

So, add this toy to your wish list today before it’s too late.

14. Magic Set

Price: $35.4

Rating: 5

Features: Classic locking rings, card tricks, magic coins

Manufacturer: Thames & Cosmos

Seller: Walmart



Does your kid want to be a magician? If yes, this magic set would be a surprise gift for him or her this birthday. The complete box includes 150 different magic tricks that not only enhance the child’s creativity but also offer a lot of fun.

Kids, both girls, and boys, like what’s inside in the pretty packaging of this magic box. Besides the set’s great staying power makes it a good hand-me-down toy.

15. Tree Climbing Holder Kit

Price: $39.90

Rating: 4.8

Features: 6 Ratchet straps, 6 climbing rocks

Manufacturer: Autofonder

Seller: eBay


Although indoor games are critical for the child’s brain development, outdoor games play a key role in building their physical endurance. Considering the importance of playing outside, Autofonder has designed this tree climbing holder kit for remote-school screen time kids.

This kit would give your kid a memorable playing experience and boost his or her confidence while playing outside.

Best Toys for 7-year-old kids

16. Mini ATM Savings Piggy Bank Machine

Price: $59.99

Rating: 4.5

Features: Card, Coin Reader, Motorized Bill Feeder, Digital Safe Box, Balance Calculator

Manufacturer: Fishboy

Seller: Walmart


In today’s digital age, there has been a growing demand to teach school-going children a good fiscal policy. Considering this need in mind, Fishboy has designed this battery-operated mini ATM that enables 7-year-olds to learn how to save money, deposit bills, manage their budget, and use their pretend debit card.

The gift is very entertaining, enlightening, and educating.

17. Realistic Raptor Shoulder Puppet

Price: On request

Features: Four different MP3 format sounds, customized creation, moving head & mouth

Manufacturer: Onlydinosaurs

Seller: Onlydinosaurs


Another high-quality and realistic dinosaur puppet, Raptor Shoulder Puppet can be used both for fun and school education. Comes with the quality assurance of Onlydinosaurs, this toy enables the children to experience a real Baryonyx and impress their friends.

If you are interested in exploring the best dinosaur puppets of all time, visit here.

18. Melody Doll

Price: $140

Rating: 5

Features: A houndstooth A-line dress, melody’s accessories, patent shoes, socks, ribbon headband

Manufacturer: Americangirl

Seller: Americangirl


Being one of the most popular and admired toys of 2020, Melody Doll has a realistic appearance and comes in an authentic 1964-style outfit. You can also create a baby doll similar to your baby girl portraying her involvement in the 1960s’ Civil Rights movement.

19. Juniorscope

Price: $89

Rating: 5

Features: A compound microscope, blank dishes, forceps, test tube, glass slides, dropper, a slide kit

Manufacturer: Omano

Seller: Microscope



While scientific developments have revolutionized our lives completely, it’s the high time you build your 7-year-old kid’s interest in science. This small compound microscope with three magnification levels and different science-lab accessories is an incredible set of exploration.

This gift can take your child to a world of scientific exploration and make him or her a young scientist.

20. Magnetic Dollhouse Building Set

Price: $200

Rating: 5

Features: Long and short magnetic blocks, magnetic cubes, 64 wooden sections

Manufacturer: Smart Wood Toys

Seller: Etsy


Is your kid interested in civil and construction engineering? If yes, gift him or her this magnetic dollhouse building set. It allows children to design different structures and snapping the pieces magnetically. The building set also has precut tongue-and-groove attachments that offer imaginative play and boost the kids’ intellectual abilities.


Kids of all genders and age groups like playing with toys. Experts believe toys improve the children’s intellectual abilities and enable them to exhibit their creative skills. Additionally, STEM toys promote learning through experimenting that allow kids to learn and explore new things with fun and excitement.

This article presented toys for 4 year, 5 year, 6 year, and 7 year old kids. You can buy these toys online by visiting the buyer’s official link and give a memorable surprise to your baby boy or girl on his or her birthday.

If your kid is a dino-lover, visit our website and explore a wide variety of dinosaur toys for kids. Our products are trusted by customers worldwide and encourage STEM learning.

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