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20 Awesome Haunted House Ideas in 2021


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People often ask, “how do you make a scary haunted house?” The idea behind a haunted house is to really get people spooked out.

If you put in enough effort, you will genuinely leave people wondering what’s real and fake.

You can sit a skeleton at your desk, replace your flowers with wilted, dead flowers. Takedown happy family photos and replace them with photos of vampires, dragons, or even dinosaurs.

Here are professional haunted house ideas for you to try out!

1. Place an urn on the mantelpiece


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You can burn some paper and pour the ashes in the urn for great haunted house ideas on a budget.

2. Light candles


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What is eerier than candles flickering in the darkness? Light some candles and place them on a table.

3. Burn incense


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Not only do you want your house to look haunted, but you also want it to smell haunted. Burn some incense to make your haunted house smell spooky.

4. Hang some bats upside down


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You don’t have to get real bats; fake ones work just fine.

5. Construct a coffin


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If you have time on your hands, go all out and construct a coffin. Nothing says spooky more than a box for dead bodies.

6. Leave a bloody trail on the carpet


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What a haunted house without blood? Run down to the store, grab some fake blood and get to work!

7. Prop a scary lurker in the corner


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Few things are scarier than a figure staring at you from the corner.

8. Cover an old skeleton in webs


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The old skeleton from your science project works just fine for this.

9. Get flickering lights


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Every haunted house has lights that flicker; yours should be too.

10. Slime


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You can put some of this in a jar for the “evil professor” effect.

11. Get a huge spider


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Your haunted house needs a huge spider!

12. Place some zombie skeletons out on the lawn.


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Let the spooky start from the outdoors. Line up a couple of skeletons to get visitors started.

13. Pose skeletons in creative ways


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You want your skeletons to give people chills. Place them in the most unique and unsettling ways.

14. Get some creepy old music


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What is better than a creepy old tune to set the mood? Grab your old cassette player and get the party started.

15. Bloody a baseball bat


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Splash some fake blood on an old baseball bat and place it in the corner.

16. Make a skull pile


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With some hot glue, plastic skulls, snakes, and other critters create a spooky skull pile.

17. Roll out the cursed dolls


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Remember how almost every scary movie manages to have a scary doll in it?

18. Blood on the mirrors


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Make creepy inscriptions on your mirrors with some fake blood.

19. Fog up the place


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Nothing says haunted more than some fog!

20. Set up a witch's table


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Set down some potions and poisons for an even scarier haunted house!

What should you not do in a haunted house?

After all, you’ve read about how to create a great haunted house, have you ever wanted to head over to someone else’s haunted house, but keep in mind that no matter how safe you feel, a haunted house is, it would help if you remembered it is still spooky. You can never be too sure, so there are certain precautions to take while in a haunted house.

Some things you should not do in a haunted house include:

1. Avoid visiting a haunted house alone


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No matter how much of a tough guy you are, visiting a haunted house alone is a terrible idea. Ideally, it would help if you went to a haunted house in groups. Remember, there are safety and strength in numbers.

Make sure you do not separate members of the group and try not to sleep in different rooms.

2. Lock all outside doors and windows


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Ensure that you lock the doors and windows that lead outside immediately you get into the house. Avoid lingering to enjoy the view outside; besides, the chances are high that no view outside a haunted house will be of interest to you.

3. Wear comfortable shoes


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Being a haunted house requires a lot of activity. You want to move around as quickly as possible so ditch the high heels and don some comfy sneakers.

4. Avoid visiting a haunted house alone


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No matter how interested you might be, avoid investigating any strange sounds. If you hear the floors creak, baby cries, or even wolf howls, remain put. These are very typical of a haunted room and are a ploy to draw you out of the safe place you have managed to find in somewhere so creepy. Do not give in!

5. Avoid the basement and the attic


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In almost every scary movie, the things that haunt emerge from the basement. Stay away from the basement of a haunted house. The attic is also a no-go area. Attics are usually musty, dark, and filled with secrets and cobwebs. You don’t want to discover any ‘secrets’ in a haunted house.

6. Do not look in the mirror


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Mirrors are very hard to resist and easily overlooked. Although the pull of vanity might be strong, it will do you more harm than good to resist looking in a haunted house room mirror. Mirrors in spooked houses usually serve as a gateway for unpleasant being to trade places in their world with you. Cover the mirrors with fabric or turn them towards the wall. Remember to be careful with the mirrors, as breaking them is an evil omen.

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