15 Props To Build Your Own Jurassic Park Experience

Three brown striped velociraptors in the tropical jungle

Welcome, fellow adventurers, Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the iconic franchise or simply a curious explorer, prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure. With our carefully curated list of 15 props, you’ll have all you need to craft your very own Jurassic Park experience.

Behind the Gates: Understanding the Allure and Popularity of Jurassic Theme Parks

The original “Jurassic Park” movie was a massive box office success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing film of its time. The popularity of the movie franchise led to the creation of themed attractions across various Universal Studios parks globally, including:

Jurassic Park: The Ride: Opened in 1996, this popular water-based ride remains a major draw at Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida.

Jurassic Park: The Ride: Opened in 1996, this popular water-based ride remains a major draw at Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida.

Jurassic World – The Ride: This newer iteration of the ride features updated technology and a different narrative, further solidifying the franchise’s presence within the parks.

jurassic park river

The “Jurassic Park” franchise maintains a strong online presence with dedicated fan communities, social media engagement, and consistent online searches. You can explore more about the Jurassic Park series on the Jurassic World YouTube page.

15 Props to Build Your Own Jurassic Park Experience

Are you ready to bring the awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs into your park? Look no further than Jurassic Gate Props – your gateway to prehistoric adventure and imagination! If you have not seen the Jurassic Park film series, you can learn about some of the key elements in the creation of Jurassic Park from this video.

Captivating entrance gate props for your theme park

1. Jurassic Gate

If you are a huge fan of Jurassic Park and you dream of owning one of the most classic Jurassic Park gates from the film, give yourself the most realistic and exciting adventure through the gates. Our classic Jurassic Park gate replica is a must-have for fans of all ages. Whether you are reliving fond memories from a movie or creating a new adventure for you, the results are surprising.

​But if you want to create eye-popping and innovative scenes in your Jurassic theme park, or if you want to set up a curious entrance decor for one of the park’s recreation areas, the Dinosaur Gate and T-Rex Head Entrance are eye-popping options.

2. Dinosaur Gate

3. T-Rex Head Entrance

Unparalleled animatronic dinosaur to give your park a Jurassic feel

Imagine curious visitors entering your Jurassic theme park. They looked up and saw pterosaurs gliding across the sky. Then, as they turned their eyes downward, they could see the Brachiosaurus craning its neck to eat a leaf that had just sprouted on the tree. Further on, a Tyrannosaurus rex suddenly barks at you. Let your visitors experience the same thrills of New Jurassic World Dominion Running. What a profound experience this must have been.

4. Small-Sized Hanging Pterosaur Prop

Made of high-quality materials, including high-density foam, high-purity silicone, and international standard steel, this realistic animatronic pterosaur hanging decor is a vivid imitation of its real-life counterpart.

Hanging Pterosaur Prop in jurassic park

5. Roaming With The Animatronic Brachiosaurus

The Animatronic Brachiosaurus is a lifelike replica of the prehistoric creature, standing at an impressive 7 meters high. Standing tall and majestic against the backdrop of lush greenery, the lifelike movements and realistic features of the animatronic Brachiosaurus instantly transport visitors to a world where dinosaurs once roamed freely.

6. Roaming With The Animatronic T-rex

Incorporating an animatronic T-Rex into our outdoor Jurassic theme park is a surefire way to inject an electrifying dose of fear and excitement into the atmosphere. Towering over the landscape with its razor-sharp teeth bared and thunderous roars echoing through the air, the animatronic T-Rex commands attention and instills a sense of primal terror in all who behold it.

Of course, if you want to make your Jurassic Park more diverse, you can also choose different dinosaur species. OnlyDinosaur’s animatronic dinosaurs can have an unexpected effect on your theme park.

Add surprising details to your Jurassic Park with decorative props

7. Realistic Iguanodon Dinosaur Bench For Park

These charming benches not only serve as functional seating options but also evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia, transporting guests into the world of dinosaurs with every sit. As visitors take a moment to rest and admire the surrounding attractions, they are enveloped by the playful ambiance created by these dinosaur-shaped benches, fostering a deeper connection to the prehistoric theme of the park.

8. Vivid Fiberglass T-Rex Skull

Placing a replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil skull in our Jurassic theme park offers visitors a profound sense of time and an enhanced realism within the park’s environment. As guests encounter the vivid replica, they are transported back millions of years, vividly imagining the ancient world in which these magnificent creatures once ruled.

9. Realistic Dinosaur Eggs Decoration For Park

Placing a dinosaur egg replica decoration in our Jurassic theme park adds an enchanting decorative touch that captures the imagination of visitors young boy and old. As guests encounter these meticulously crafted replicas nestled among the foliage or displayed in thematic exhibits, they are immediately transported to a world where the wonders of prehistory come to life.

10. Realistic Big-Winged Animatronic Mosquito

These lifelike replicas of prehistoric insects would infuse the landscape with a sense of vibrancy and realism, mirroring the diverse ecosystem that existed alongside the dinosaurs millions of years ago. As visitors wander through the park, they encounter these animatronic insects buzzing and fluttering among the foliage, adding movement and vitality to the surroundings.

5 props to enrich live events in the park

The performance features two carnivorous dinosaurs the Velociraptor costume and Giganotosaurus  at the Jurassic Island theme park event promises to be nothing short of spectacular. As the Velociraptor bursts onto the scene, held securely in its holster, guests will be on the edge of their seats, captivated by the agility and ferocity of this iconic predator. hunting prowess, leaving spectators in awe of its primal power. Meanwhile, the towering presence of the Giganotosaurus will command attention as it roams the landscape, its sheer size and menacing demeanor evoking a sense of awe and reverence.

11. Jurassic Raptor Dinosaur Costume

12. Realistic Giant Giganotosaurus Costume

13. Jurassic Baby Blue Raptor Dinosaur Hand Dinosaur toys

As skilled puppeteers bring these lifelike replicas to life, guests will be transported back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Children and adults alike will be mesmerized as they witness the Velociraptors interact with each other and their surroundings, creating a sense of excitement and wonder.

14. Realistic Simulation T-Rex Fossil Digging Toy

Integrating dinosaur fossil digging tools into our Jurassic theme park event serves as an ingenious way to enhance visitor engagement and interactivity. As guests wield these specialized tools, they are transported into the shoes of paleontologists, embarking on their own exciting fossil excavation adventures. The thrill of uncovering ancient treasures buried beneath the earth ignites a sense of curiosity and excitement, encouraging visitors to delve deeper into the mysteries of the past.

15. Wonderful Dinosaur Egg Craft For Photo

These captivating props provide the perfect backdrop for memorable photos, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the prehistoric atmosphere and capture the magic of the moment. By providing unique photo opportunities that evoke a sense of wonder and excitement, the dinosaur eggshell props not only enhance the event experience but also amplify its reach and impact on social media platforms, generating buzz and excitement that extends far beyond the park gates.


In conclusion, building your own Jurassic Park experience with these 15 props is an exhilarating journey into the world of dinosaurs and adventure. From lifelike animatronic creatures to interactive fossil excavation tools, each prop adds a unique element of realism and excitement to your themed event or personal collection. You can even set up discover hidden dinosaur activity in the park with these props. You can even use these props to do some fun activities, such as the discover hidden dinosaur activity.

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