15 Delightful Christmas Stories For Kids + Storytelling Tips

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The holidays are just around the corner and Christmas stories for kids are just the perfect thing to prepare! Why?

Because nothing warms a child’s heart on Christmas Eve like stories about love, joy, and laughter. These teach little ones to be thankful for what they have and the family they share life with.

And that’s what prepares them to gleefully open presents on Christmas morning because their hearts have been prepared the night before. Imagine them excitedly marveling at their presents and lovingly thank you for them.

So, we’ve rounded up the most wonderful Christmas stories you can tell your kids in the coming holidays. We’re also sharing five simple ways you can tell stories better this year.

Check them out and take your pick for a delightful holiday season with the kids.

I. Christmas Eve and Other Stories

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Here are Christmas stories that are all about the night before Christmas. Stores about fir trees, elves, and one beloved story as told by Charlie Brown.

#1 Twas The Night Before Christmas - Clement Clarke Moore

What Christmas Eve would be complete without the anticipation of gifts to open in the morning? This classic poem written in the 19th century is all about building up the excitement of what presents one gets to receive on Christmas Day.

And of course, that mysterious visitor who drops presents inside the Christmas stockings. Can you hear his jolly old laugh and his reindeer neighing?

You and the little ones will surely have fun reading through this timeless Christmas story for kids!

#2 The Nutcracker and the Mouse King - E.T.A. Hoffman

Do you remember those tall red toy soldiers set up under garlands inside trendy Christmas shops? Those brightly-colored figurines star in this whimsical Christmas story for kids.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King is all about the enchanting Christmas Eve experience of a little girl and her stately nutcracker and his army. And not to mention a greedy army of mice!

It’s a wonderful story of sweet victories, gingerbread, princes, and a young girl’s courageous heart. It’s a great story to light up your child’s imagination and teach them how kindness is always rewarding. A happy ending awaits those who read this wonderful tale to the end!

#3 Christmas Every Day - William Dean Howells

Have your kids ever enjoyed Christmas so much that wished it was Christmas every day? They’re going to enjoy and learn a lot from this Christmas story for kids if so!

This is a story about a little girl who asked her dad to tell her a story just a little after Thanksgiving. The father went on to tell an interesting tale of what life would be like if every single day was Christmas.

It’s exciting during the first few days. But the enjoyment doesn’t last when good things – even Christmas – become too much. Christmas Every Day is a lovely tale to teach young ones to cherish what’s at hand and to be content with it.

#4 A Charlie Brown Christmas - Charles M. Schultz

Would you like to read Emmy and Peabody Award-winning Christmas stories? Look no further than this 60s classic from Charles Schultz.

Spend Christmas eve with Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy in this story set in a little neighborhood. The characters go through experiences like sadness, joy, and finding the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s a relatable plot that your children or even their friends may have experienced. Reading this with the little ones will help you understand their thoughts about Christmas a little better as you bond through Peanuts’ lovable characters.

#5 The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree - Gloria Houston

This classic Christmas story set in the Appalachian mountains during World War I has become a beloved annual Christmas read for many since its publication in 1988. It’s a story of family, sacrifice, and hope at a time when things were scarce and uncertain.

Yet hope glimmers through hardship like a light at the end of the tunnel. And it shows us all what matters most during the Christmas season. Get ready for warm hugs and tears as you and your little ones read this heartwarming Christmas story for kids!

II. Reindeer Christmas Stories

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On Dasher! On Prancer! On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen!

Who could resist a reindeer during this Christmas season? We know we couldn’t and feel like you wouldn’t too!

That’s why we included these delightful Christmas stories starring the season’s beloved reindeers. Come on and let’s browse through the selection below.

#6 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Rick Bunsen

What better story to read on Christmas Eve than with Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer? The timeless Christmas song in story form won’t fail to delight young ones. It’s a tale of playful reindeers, being different, and an adventure with Rudolph’s best friend.

Make your bonding even more delightful with a visual aid like a realistic reindeer puppet. Let your kids play along with Rudolph in his snowy adventure and how he became the hero of Christmas Eve.

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#7 Reindeer Christmas - Mark Kimball Moulton

What would you do if you found one of Santa’s reindeer tired and weary in your backyard? Reindeer Christmas is a poignant Christmas story for kids about two children and their grandmother who unwittingly found one of Santa’s reindeer.

Just like we might do if we found one, the heroes of the story showered their unexpected new friend with love and care. So much so that it was nursed back to full health, ready to help Santa deliver presents!

A wonderful gift awaits them from jolly old Saint Nick on Christmas morning showing how one act of kindness can only beget even more kindness. Make your Christmas season a Reindeer Christmas with this sweet story.

#8 Olive, The Other Reindeer - J. Otto Seibold

Little dogs and reindeer are sure to be a hit this Christmas especially if you have one at home! Olive, The Other Reindeer is about a little dog who thought she was a reindeer.

All because she heard the lyrics “all of the other reindeer” as “Olive, the other reindeer” from the song “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Cute, right?

Parents will find that funny as the kids will be entertained by a little dog who was surprisingly as good as any of Santa’s reindeer. Dreams do come true for those who believe! Just like little Olive who dared to believe on Christmas Eve.

#9 The Little Reindeer - Nicola Killen

Have your kids ever dreamed of having their own reindeer friend? The Little Reindeer will thrill your little ones as they go on an enchanting ride with Ollie on Christmas Eve.

The excitement builds up from the beginning as the main character discovers a reindeer in the forest. She returns him to his rightful owner and gets treated to a star-lit ride into the night. This Christmas story for kids beautifully ends as Ollie and her new friend part.

The Little Reindeer also has bright pops of festive red amidst silver tones and cut-outs in its pictures. This will give your little ones the sweetest dreams made of reindeers on Christmas Eve together with its delightful text.

III. Funny Christmas Stories

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Deck the halls with bows of holly and your family time in the living room with funny Christmas stories! These cheerful tales will surely bring in the Christmas cheer. Read all about them below!

#10 How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - Dr. Seuss

This story about a fuzzy green creature with a grouchy attitude towards Christmas will bring on the laughter because of its funny illustrations and rhymes. The kids will be laughing even more when they see the funny attempts of the Grinch to keep Christmas from happening at Whoville.

Additionally, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one of those funny Christmas stories with a heartwarming touch. Why? Because you’ll get to see a surprising change happen in the Grinch’s own heart.

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!” – The Grinch

#11 Christmas Wombat - Jackie French

Have you ever wondered what Christmas is like for little creatures like wombats? It’s an entirely different perspective for sure, especially when it involves carrots!

This charming book is about an Australian wombat who, after a mundane day, surprisingly finds itself in Santa’s sleigh. And on top of that, discovers that its favorite carrots can be found all over the world as Santa delivers his presents.

This Christmas story for kids is a fun and silly read. Perfect for a light Christmas Eve!

#12 Pig the Elf - Aaron Blabey

If you’re looking for something that’s simply funny and silly look no further than Pig the Elf. This lovable grouchy, albeit too much in love with presents, pug will surely cheer the kids up!

Will Pig get all the presents he asked for from Santa? Find out in this funny Christmas story for kids!

IV. Short Christmas Stories

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Ready to tuck the kids in bed early? These short Christmas stories are your best bet for something short but sweet right before they sleep!

Disney has always got the best bedtime stories and Pinkfong has sweet videos too. Learn more in the next section!

#13 Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories - Walt Disney Company

Short Christmas stories only as short as five minutes? You bet!

Disney made sure each of the 12 stories are can be told in five minutes and are sweet, adventurous, and enchanting. Follow Mickey, Mike and Sully, Peter Pan, and more to see how each of your favorite Disney characters celebrates Christmas.

#14 Pinkfong Christmas Stories: The Mitten

What happens when the cutest forest animals find a big red mitten during winter? They make it a home and a shelter from the freezing winter in this short Christmas story for kids by Pinkfong.

But what happens when there are too many to fit in? A mole, frog, rabbit, fox, wolf, bear, and baby mouse find out the hard way. A surprise guest comes in at the end of this entertaining Christmas story and they all find out whose mitten they were using!

#15 Pinkfong Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

Pinkfong’s made a cheerful adaptation of Charles Dicken’s famous story, A Christmas Carol. It’s a musical version of the classic tale teaching adults and kids alike the value of relationships in the present and future. It also teaches us how our past has a big impact on the way we celebrate Christmas today.

Have fun with Pinkfong learning about the value of relationships through their Christmas story for kids!

5 Storytelling Tips to Make Storytime Better This Christmas

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Now, you must be wondering, “How do you share a Christmas story with kids?” We understand that sometimes it takes more than simply reading to catch your kids’ attention.

So, try out these simple tips to make storytime more effective this Christmas season. Get ready to have some fun too as you’ll enjoy telling your kids stories even more as you make the stories come alive.

Tip #1 Role-Playing

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Have your kids play the characters from the story and make it even more fun by playing a character yourself! You can also let your spouse or an older child who’s able to read narrate the plot so the whole family can enjoy Christmas stories together.

Tip #2 Modulate Your Voice

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Use different tones and pitches when reading Christmas stories for kids. This way, your children will enjoy the tales’ emotions even more as they feel it through your voice. Pace it accordingly too, use pauses to let the story’s events sink in.

Tip #3 Use Interactions to Make a Connection

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You can interact with your kids through the Christmas stories’ events like these, for example:

  • tickling your child when a character laughs
  • swaying them when there’s going to be a sleigh ride
  • or covering their eyes when the setting changes.

These are little things that children enjoy because it lets them connect with you and the story you’re reading.

Tip #4 Visual Aids

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Visual aids take time to craft but they’re always worth it when you see your children’s eyes light up with wonder. Effective visual aids for Christmas stories can be:

  • costumesyou can conjure from your wardrobe
  • animal puppetsfor that magical sleigh ride into the night
  • colorful cut-outs of objects that are part of the story
  • set the storytelling atmosphere by lighting up your living room lamps to create a Christmas Eve glow

Tip #5 Videos

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Last but not the least are videos. There are plenty of fun and educational channels on YouTube that creatively tell Christmas stories for kids. But don’t forget to make it personal by still interacting with your children while the video plays.

The Goal of Christmas Stories for Kids

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You’ve just seen how there are plenty of Christmas stories to tell and the many ways you can tell them. But what’s the goal of all these?

The goal is to use this time of the year to create wonderful memories with your kids that you can only make during Christmas time. Stories are a great way to teach and impart life lessons to them too, so make sure to make the most of every moment.

Now it’s your turn. Which Christmas story for kids will you try first? Feel free to connect with us and let us know. Merry Christmas!

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