12 Meters Long T-Rex Fossil Replica

12 Meters Long T-Rex Fossil Replica

After one month hardworking this summer, a new kind of Dinosaur Fossil Replica — 12 meters long, 4m high giant T-Rex fossil replica came into being in Only Dinosaurs Production’s factory.

Install T-Rex Fossil Replica

Install T-Rex Skeleton Replica

For perfect lifelike texture, it takes more than three weeks for our team to discuss, research & create it. When the texture work was done, our customers think highly of this fine “artwork”. It absolutely looks like a real fossil just unearthed.

Install Giant T-Rex Fossil Replica

Install Large T-Rex Skeleton Replica

Besides the texture work, we also spent nearly one week for fossil coloring. After painting fossil-looked colors, our fossil expert, gave high praise to this replica —–This T-Rex fossil replica can be exhibited in any world’s first-class natural & dinosaur museum.

Giant T-Rex Skeleton Replicas

Giant T-Rex Fossil Replica

T-Rex Skull Replica

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