10 Ideas For The Best Jurassic World Birthday Party

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Whether you have a fan of dinosaurs in your home or are looking for a fun birthday party theme that will be popular with all kids, a Jurassic World birthday party is a great option!

You don’t have to be a paleontologist to love Jurassic World and you definitely don’t have to be one to throw the perfect Jurassic World birthday party. All you need is a little bit of Jurassic world party supplies that you might want to place at your party.

This post provides 10 ideas to make your child’s Jurassic World-themed birthday party a roaring success. Whether you want to go all out with decorations and games or keep it low-key, we’ve got you covered. So, take your notes for the Jurassic world party supplies list, and let’s get this party started!

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1.Get Some Inspiration from Jurassic World

Before you start planning, it can be helpful to get some inspiration from other people’s parties or even the Jurassic Park movies themselves.

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Decorate your party space to look like Isla Nublar from the Jurassic World movies. A Jurassic Park gate will become a good start to the dino theme party. It will make your little ones and friends feel like entering the world of dinosaurs.

2. Invitations for Jurassic World Birthday Party

The first thing you need to do when planning a Jurassic World birthday party is to send out awesome invitations!

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Start by creating some amazing invitations that will really get your guests excited about the party. Invitations that look like ancient scrolls will be a good choice for the special day. For added authenticity, roll them up and tie them with a string or ribbon.

You can make your own with construction paper and some markers, or you can purchase pre-made ones online. Be sure to include all the details of the party on the invite, such as the date, time, and location.

3. Jurassic World Party Supplies For Decor

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Once you have the perfect invitations, it’s time to start thinking about decorations!

Decorate with Jurassic World posters, dinosaur-themed banners, balloons, and tablecloths for a truly prehistoric look. Adorn your venue in green and blue streamers to resemble a jungle, and play some jungle-themed music in the background.

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Some realistic dinosaurs around the room will add effect to the party. For example, children will love this life-size Velociraptor Blue from Jurassic World. It will make your occasions the world of dino.

Place some party favors for your guests to take home. Do not forget to put these party favors in your Jurassic World party supplies list. In addition to that, a dino-themed party pack with candy will be favored by your little guests.

4. Create a Jurassic World Photo Booth


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Create a Jurassic World photo booth complete with props and backdrops.

Put together a photo booth with props like fake trees, vines, and of course —— Dinosaur Egg! Your guests will love taking fun photos to commemorate the occasion.

5. Baby Dinosaur Costume for Jurassic World Birthday Party

Start with a big bang by having the birthday boy or girl dress up as their favorite dinosaur character as they enter the party area. Your little ones will love pretending to be their favorite characters and dinosaurs while celebrating their big day.

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The baby dinosaur costume allows children to wear it just like they are riding on a super cute dino. The child’s legs will be placed on the hind legs of the dinosaur to control the dinosaur to walk. The dinosaur had two fake child legs on its back. Parents can find these costumes online at the Only Dinosaur store.

6. T-rex Footprint for Guiding

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Make a big impact by setting up dinosaur footprints leading up to the party venue. You can create these yourself using plaster of Paris or purchase ready-made ones online.

For example, the T-rex footprint made by Only Dinosaurs will bring joy to any occasion with prehistoric dino style.

7. Food for Jurassic World Birthday Party

As for food, you could serve anything from pizza to chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaur bones to hungry children. Just have fun with it!

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Jurassic Park-themed birthday cake is a must. You could even hire a professional baker to create a realistic replica of one of the film’s iconic scenes or make it look like Isla Nublar or one of the iconic scenes from the movie.

Want to make a Jurassic World birthday cake? You can get 35 unique dinosaur cake ideas by clicking.

8. Dinosaur Egg hunt for Jurassic World Birthday Party

Have a dinosaur egg hunt! Hide plastic eggs around the party area and let the kids go on a hunt for them.

A Dinosaur egg hunt is a perfect activity for young explorers in training! This can be done inside or outside space, depending on the size of your party area.

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Inside each egg, have some small gifts or candy for your little ones to find. For an extra special touch, number each egg so you can easily keep track of who found what.

Put together a treasure box filled with dino-themed prizes or crafts such as plastic dinosaurs, t-shirts, books, etc.

9. Dino Dig for Jurassic World Birthday Party

Set up a fossil digging station where kids can dig for replica fossils using tools like small brushes and hand picks.

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Then, let your kids go wild digging them up! T-rex skeleton digs will make kids have loads of fun and dig them up like paleontologists! They’ll have a blast pretending to be real archaeologists uncovering long-lost dinosaur remains. Plus, it’s a great way to burn off all that extra energy.

Have a dino-digging competition! Bury small T-rex accessories or toys in a sandpit or backyard, and see who can find or search the most in a certain amount of time. The winner could get gifts —— maybe a small dinosaur toy?

10. A Visit from a Real Live Dinosaur

A visit from a real live dinosaur would be the ultimate birthday surprise to celebrate such a special day!

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Have one parent or adult be the ‘T-Rex’ by wearing the fierce Jurassic Park costume. Jurassic World dinosaurs will be a great way to get everyone involved in some fun dinosaur-themed birthday party!

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Of course, renting a dinosaur for a budget-friendly party will be a more affordable choice.

If you are also looking for dinosaur theme ideas, they are also suitable for various occasions, such as summer holiday parties, wedding parties, product promotions, etc.

After reading the 10 ideas for the Jurassic World birthday party, you might be more clear about what you want to put in your Jurassic World party supplies list. Well, most of them can be found in the shop of Only Dinosaur.

Hope you enjoy this post about those dino theme party ideas.

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