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We create the Most Realistic Dinosaurs, which brings so much fun and excitement to all ages and occasions. Whether you are, the owner of a park, a shopping center, a playground, or a museum, Our realistic dinosaurs will bring a memorable Jurassic dinosaur experience to your customers!

Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturer Expert

Only Dinosaurs is the leading Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturer in the US and Europe. And we are globally recognized for high-quality, life-like dinosaurs, giving everyone the natural scary but exciting feeling of live dinosaurs at a moderate cost.

These realistic dinosaurs are restored in a life-like manner. What’s more, they are artistically designed to turn birthday parties, theme parks, art exhibits, movie theaters, and recreational facilities into extravagant Jurassic wildlife. They can bring so much fun and excitement for neighborhood playground, party themes, or Halloween.

We aim to create unforgettable Jurassic experiences for all visitors, making family events and special occasions unique and entertaining to everyone.


Select among our wide selection of dinosaur/beast products which can be manually-operated or electronically-operated. What’s more, we can also fabricate your creative juices and movie inspirations.

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Create a buzz at your event, party, or business with our Realistic Dinosaur Costumes.

Kids love Dinosaurs. Meet our adorable Baby Dinosaur, which will delight all children.

Our magnificent Dragon Costume will bring mythical magic to your event!

A station service of museum-class animatronic dinosaurs for your perfect exhibition or event.