Walking Dinosaur Costume Prank

Walking Dinosaur Costume Prank

According to the feedback from OnlyDinosaurs’ fans, we figured out top 2 popular events, which involved our Dinosaur Costume. First one is dinosaur themed birthday party for kids. The other one is the most popular Dinosaur Costume Prank.

Walking Dinosaur Costume Prank

Normally, our naughty dinosaurs would hide in a “surprising” place, such as staircase of underground parking, store in shopping mall, backstage of the newsroom, etc.

Dinosaur Costume Prank Show

VelociRaptor Costume Prank

People are unaware of this. Then the dinosaur prank begins. Naughty dinosaurs suddenly appear in front of them with lifelike roars and thrilling movements. These people who suddenly encounter “dinosaur attacks” tend to scream or run away. Meantime, hiding cameras are recording… These images become the most “fun moment”.

It makes our team very proud that one of our clients, SA Wardega, successfully pranked “Chris Pratt” – “Hollywood Star of Jurassic World”, with T-Rex Costume & Velociraptor Costumes produced by OnlyDinosaurs.

The video is funny. You’d never miss it.

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