Velociraptor Costume-A new design never seen before

Velociraptor Costume-A new design never seen before

On May 6th, USA friends Cardona & Andrew visited our factory again. The friendship between us started from their last visit in 2016, looking for special Customized Dinosaur Costume. But this time, they came as clients.

USA clients check dinosaur costume

After one year preparation, they plan to start a dinosaur theme event business in San Antonio, USA.

Cardona introduced his plan about the dinosaur event business. The company – Jurassic Promos provides dinosaur themed events such as birthday party, grand opening, festival, holiday, etc.

USA clients discuss dinosaur costume with feathers

The first step is a velociraptor costume. As an artist, Andrew painted a paper-design to give us as a reference. We confirmed the dino outline, texture and colors of velociraptor costume during the meeting. This is a totally different SPECIAL velociraptor. Only Dinosaurs Production likes challenges. Can’t wait to see it when complete.
USA clients discuss dinosaur costume with feathers-2


They are very confident and ambitious to provide the best dinosaur theme event in San Antonio. After the first velociraptor costume gets fame, Jurassic Promos will invite more Dinosaur Costume, such as T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops for more dinosaur themed events in San Antonio.

Good luck! Jurassic Promos!

USA clients discuss dinosaur costume with feathers-3

Good Luck Jurassic Promo

  1. How much do these costume dinosaurs cost

  2. I would like to know if you have a price list of the dinosaurs

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