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Our Animatronic Dinosaur is main character for Dino/Jurassic Parks without any doubt. These dinosaurs with real roaring sound and movements add brilliance to the parks’ present splendor.

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Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs are decorated at Dinoparks around the world, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, South korea, Taiwan……

Balttour Dinosaur Exhibits Latvia

Balttour Dinosaur Festival Latvia

Living Dinosaurs UK
Dinopark in Dominican Republic

Amazing “Real Dinosaurs” are also available of decoration at more Dinosaur Parks in the world

Dutch Wonderland Exploration Island
Dinosaur Park in Thailand

Amazing Adventure Experience, You have never been!

Dinosaur Park in Portgual
Jurassic Park in Brazil
Palmersaurus Dinopark
Dinopark Ankara Turkey
Dinopark in Slovenia
Dinopark in Croatia
Dinopark in Sweden

We will have more Animatronic Dinosaur projects for Dinosaur Parks in the world. If you want to know more, inquiry us at any time

Dino Land in Edaville USA
Jurassic Park in Teheran
Dinosaurs Island in Philippines

Amazing Tour of Dinosaur or Jurassic Park.

Dinosaur Adventure in Russia
Dinosaur Park in Wales

To be continued……

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