Walking Dino Ride

Custom Design WALKING DINOSAUR RIDE! Funny riding equipment and easy control!

(1). Type: Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and Styracosaurus  is Hot-Sales
(2). Dimension: 3 meters long and 1.2 meters high
(3). Movements: Head moving, tail left to right, walking. (All can be control by hand)
(4). Production Lead time: 30 Days, depends on final order quantity
(5). Accessaries: Fiberglass Seat, safety belt, storage battery and charger
(6). Price: Depends on final order quantity

Walking Dinosaur Ride Banner

Operation of Walking Dinosaur Ride

Making Process of Walking Dinosaur Ride; Animatronic Metal Frame

Walking Dino Ride Animatronic Frame

Sculpture Work

Sculpture Work of Walking Dinosaur Ride

Silicone Skin-Grafting

Dinosaur Ride Silicone Skin

Finished Walking Dinosaur Ride Product (Ankylosaurus Style)

Walking Ankylosaurus Ride

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