Fiberglass Item


Fiberglass T-Rex Head Decoration

Customizing Cartoon Dino Chair, T-Rex Head Chair, T-Rex Head Slide.

Fiberglass Dinosaur Products

Customizing Dinosaur Style Bench, Digging Table, Dinosaur Footprint……fiberglass-made items.  

Fiberglass-Made item

Customizing Cartoon Figure Statues!


Fiberglass T-Rex Head Decoration
Fiberglass T-Rex Head Decoration

Fiberglass Animal Model



We customize Fiberglass Animal (Cartoon Style is very popular) as theme decoration. Interactive fiberglass animal landscape is hot sale because it  brings interaction to visitors especially children. These theme fiberglass decorations can be customized interactive rides as entertainment equipment.









Fiberglass Panda Statue



According to customization and theme, we can manufacture all kinds of fiberglass animal. Depend on characteristic of fiberglass, these animal statues are wearable and durable as indoor or outdoor decorations. People can touch the items intimately for taking photo!!!








                          Fiberglass Dinosaur Customized


Fiberglass Dinosaur Statue is popular decoration for dinosaur park and jurassic theme cafe. Except for life size animatronic dinosaur, we customize decorated fiberglass dinosaur landscape for years. With the decorations, making visitors come to dreamy dinosaur land.

According to customization, we produce various fiberglass theme dinosaur decoration!

Like picture shows, the powerful dinosaur warrior rides our custom fiberglass dinosaur as dinosaur kingdom’s guard!

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